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  1. UFO Seen In Earths Orbit Near Space Shuttle, NASA Archive Photo ...
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    Expedition Bigfoot Episode 5 Human Bait

    The team plants tiny trackers around the clearing hoping they will cling to Bigfoot's fur; Mireya and Ronny return to where they heard whistles and saw glowing eyes; Mireya agrees to be bait in order...
  3. Drones in Nebraska and Colorado, viewer Q&A

    Streamed live on 8 Jan 2020.

    * SpaceX Starlink update
    * Unexplained drones swarming over Colorado and Nebraska
    * Windmill Angus Ranch drone recordings by rancher Alex Peterson

  4. The Bosnian Pyramids and a Forgotten Frequency

    Meet the valley of the pyramids in Visoko, a place that could be described as ambivalent and controversial as the scars of war have left an impact on both environment as well as its inhabitants and...
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    Code the Wild the Alaska Triangle

    Chris and Casey Keefer enter the Alaska Triangle to explore new leads into the 1972 disappearance of a Cessna airplane carrying government officials Hale Boggs and Nick Begich.

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    Expedition Bigfoot

    About The Show
    An elite team of investigators use an advanced data algorithm to analyse five decades of Bigfoot sightings to pinpoint when and where to find the elusive beast.Every year hundreds of...
  7. Dr. Michael Masters – UFOs Could Be Us From the Future – October 29, 20

    Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. He received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Ohio State University in 2009, where he specialized in...
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    Tim McMillan on The Nimitz UFO Encounters

    On November 14, 2004, about 100 miles off the coast of San Diego,...
  9. Villagers spooked by huge glowing oval-shaped UFO in the sky over Krasnodar, Russia

    A strange phenomenon has been filmed in the sky above a field by two friends while driving in a rural area in Krasnodar Region in Russia on November 27, 2019.
  10. Chris Marx on Skinwalker Ranch, AAWSAP and Possible Human Experimentation

    It is a mystery that stretches across about 1,000 acres of land.

    It was first...
  11. Linda Moulton Howe on the Bismuth and Magnesium-Zinc Metal

    On July 25, 2019, an organization called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science,...
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    Every little helps

    If you find this platform useful or you feel inspired by the information being shared here, then please support The One Truth
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  14. Former Area 51 Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public

    Space technology expert and former Area 51 rocket designer David Adair will show you visuals and graphics of what the Aerospace Community had intended to build in space with the Shuttle program....
  15. The Phoenix Lights Incident, March 13th, 1997


    I have decided to use the description from Wikipedia to explain the case...
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    Teresa Tindal on Federal Lobbying & UFOs nBBQ6G5jdLsxyBEokE

    The Black Vault Originals

    Teresa Tindal joins me to speak about her work as a...
  17. NASA says a new comet is likely an 'interstellar visitor' from another star system — the second ever detected
  18. Erica Lukes on The Skinwalker Ranch and The Hessdalen Lights

    Full Biography:

    Erica Lukes’ passion for the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects dates back to her early childhood. After a series of personal UFO...
  19. US Soldier Who Witnessed “Britain’s Roswell” Comes Forward

    Important new information has emerged concerning the famous “UFO” incident at Rendlesham Forest.A military eye-witness has reported that scientific data was planted into his mind, the second RFI...
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    Together we make a difference :smiley hug: If...

    Together we make a difference :smiley hug:

    If you find this platform useful or you feel inspired by the information being shared here, then please support The One Truth
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