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    Astrology 2.0: Rise of the Rebellion
    "Sep 19, 2020 by RemovingtheShackles

    The Astrology Ladies and I sat down to discuss what's happening now and what's coming over the next few months in...
  2. Dark Journalist X-Series 97: The Wizard of OZ X Coronado Mystery School
    "19 Sep 2020 by DarkJournalist

    Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt takes a deep dive into the esoteric undertone of the famous...
  3. Tesla trump & the time capsule! Dark journalist x series iv
    "18 Sep 2020 by DarkJournalist

    Dark Journalist goes deep in this Breakthrough...
  4. NAP, you have had some very extraordinary...

    NAP, you have had some very extraordinary experiences. Some you know you need not question, you already know the answers. You had a friend who became a murderer merely because he fancied the...
  5. Charlie ward : Quantum financial system, Trump, financial reset - final version
    "Sep 17, 2020 by Project Camelot

    Charlie Ward has been receiving inside info...
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    26,870 "Sep...
    "Sep 16, 2020 by PowerfulJRE

    Scientist Lex Fridman researches human-centered artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles at MIT, and studies...
  7. This is the most absorbing explanation of what...

    This is the most absorbing explanation of what it'a like to fly an aeroplane and all the learning that it entails. David Fravor is an extremely humble soul. He describes his memory of his...
  8. Greatest plane ever made - David Fravor: UFOs, Aliens, Fighter Jets, and Aerospace Engineering
    "Sep 8, 2020 by Lex Fridman

    0:00 - Introduction
    7:13 - Top Gun
    12:06 - Navy pilot career
    24:14 - AI is the third brain of a jetfighter ...
  9. Kerry interviewed by Robert David Steele re secret space program, fires, ets and my book
    "Sep 16, 2020 by Project Camelot

    Kerry Cassidy is interviewed by the former CIA intelligence officer Robert David Steele. We talk about fires, the...
  10. Replies
    26,870 "Sep...
    "Sep 15, 2020 by PowerfulJRE

    Former CIA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden shocked the world when he revealed the misdeeds of the US...
  11. Nesara - Gesara How it works - explained with Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward (ReRun)
    "Sep 13, 2020 by Charles Ward

    Nesara - Gesara How it works - explained with Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward (ReRun)
    Original here: ...
  12. Merkel searches for way out of Nord Stream 2 - Navalny MESS she created
    "Sep 14, 2020 by The Duran

    Merkel searches for way out of Nord Stream 2 - Navalny MESS she created.
    The Duran: Episode 670.

    Via Reuters...
  13. Elon Musk's Question to AI: What's Outside The Simulation?
    "Sep 12, 2020 by Science Time

    Elon Musk thinks we are most likely in a simulation, because we exist. If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then...
  14. The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 65
    "13 SRP 2020 by George Galloway

    GEORGE GALLOWAY | With the Mother Of All Talk Shows. 7pm tonight. London time. "
  15. The Mayan Book So Controversial They Had To Write It In Secret
    "13 SEP 2020 by Matrix Wisdom

    Written in 1550, Popol Vuh is considered sacred by modern Maya and has helped decipher Maya stone carvings at several...
  16. "Sep...
    "Sep 13, 2020 by King of UK

    The Aramaic Prayer Song

    Released 13 September 2020

    Joseph Gregory Hallett Lyrics Copyright ©Joseph Gregory Hallett...
  17. Kangaroo Court? Exclusive interview with Julian Assange's father John Shipton (10Sep20)
    "Sep 13, 2020 by PublicEnquiry

    Julian Assange's father John Shipton on his son's global trial at London's Old Bailey - ##
  18. George Galloway | Julian Assange | The Trial of The Century
    "Sep 11, 2020 by RT UK

    Julian Assange revealing war crimes is the real reason for extradition.

    Unable to be convicted for journalism, he stands...
  19. "Sep...
    "Sep 11, 2020 by King of UK

    European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 is based on the 1688 Bill of Rights which was a Bill of Sale. Part 2. 11...
  20. "Sep...
    "Sep 9, 2020 by
    8.71K subscribers

    Well darlins, the global insanity has officially reached the next level. *dani...
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