Welcome to all

TheOneTruth (TOT) is like no other on the Net

Here you may find the newest research on the oldest things as well as the oldest research on the newest things.
Here you will find individuals who are kind, thoughtful, intelligent and engaging.

Here you will also find support, kindred spirits, people who are interested in the things you are interested in, but who are also interested in co-creating a special and safe place in order to remark upon, discuss and wonder upon these things, together.

We endeavour to create a space of safety here for those whose stories might get them ridiculed and flamed elsewhere.

We encourage you to bring your friends who have been shut out elsewhere and who seek a place to talk about the spirit, about ancient truths and modern mysteries, about UFOs and mystical experiences, here, to TOT.

Even though we are not perfect we are seeking to do something just a bit different than you'll find elsewhere and all of you are a part of this experiment.

All of us, together, are co-creating a reality, a civil community where life can be explored, where voices can be heard, where even disagreement does not have to get ugly, where psychological or psychic warfare is prohibited and where the heart is more in evidence than the head.

What is that Message and Vision?
In creating this forum, we're encouraging all members to post information and participate in regards to awakening, spirituality, healing humanity, galactic and earth changes,geopolitics, new science, hidden history, ETs and disclosure,what we are not being told by those who might wish to control us - and much else.

Please be proactive in real time in the true spirit of theonetruth. However, we'd like you all to share more about these activities as it will lead to others becoming awakened.

A Message for All of Humanity -A Message of Hope