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Innocent Warrior
6th September 2016, 00:48
John A. Keel speaks about how he ended up in Point Pleasant and investigating the Mothman. The audio is a bit soft so you'll need to turn it up but the duration is only 7:27 and it provides some interesting background for anyone interested in reading these books.





Also published as The Eighth Tower and continues on from The Mothman Prophecies.


The Silver Bridge prior to collapse

Silver Bridge wreckage

Indrid Cold, AKA The Grinning Man

The Mothman

Credits for images; Silver Bridge photographs here (https://theclio.com/web/entry?id=263) and here (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=12441036), Indrid Cold (http://cryptidz.wikia.com/wiki/Indrid_Cold) and the Mothman (http://kaijucombat.com/community/index.php?threads/mothman-the-inspiration-for-azraels-creation.5692/).

6th September 2016, 13:19
I tried to look up the answer and didn't find it. Are there really prophecies involved in the sightings of the mothman?

6th September 2016, 14:36
I tried to look up the answer and didn't find it. Are there really prophecies involved in the sightings of the mothman?

Best to watch our woolens, for sure. I use a cedar spray for mine.

Innocent Warrior
7th September 2016, 01:20
I tried to look up the answer and didn't find it. Are there really prophecies involved in the sightings of the mothman?

It's been a while since I read it and there's a lot in there, so I could be forgetting something, but the Mothman itself did not make any predictions, as far as I remember. The many Mothman sightings began just over a year before the bridge disaster and ceased afterwards, so the Mothman itself is regarded as more like a bad omen of a coming disaster. The Mothman sightings coincided with a lot of other paranormal events in the area at the time which involved ET beings who did make predictions though.

The book is far more diverse and bizarre than the movie. The movie focuses on the Mothman, Indrid Cold and the bridge disaster. The book includes research, sighting and contactee reports and Keel's experiences regarding UFOs (the "living lights"), MIBs, ET beings and the Mothman sightings. Keel and other contactees received bizarre phone calls from beings making predictions and a lot of phone calls were just weird static, electric type sounds. Another example is when Keel would direct a question to one of the ET beings and then, immediately, a contactee would call Keel and give him the answer to Keel's question, which she received from the being.

For me, the beauty of the book is being able to follow Keel around while he investigates UFOs and bizarre paranormal phenomena in the sixties. There are a lot of little gems which have since been forgotten, like the followeing excerpt, for example -

"The U.S. government is being taken over by the space people!"

This rumor spread throughout the country in 1967, an updated version of the old devil theory. Actually it got its start in 1941 when James V. Forrestal, the brilliant secretary of defense in the Truman cabinet, went bananas and raced through the corridors of the Pentagon screaming, "We're being invaded and we can't stop them!" He was convinced that his phones were being tapped and some enormous conspiracy was underway. Soon after he was placed in a hospital he leaped out a window to his death. While the press blamed his paranoia on the tensions of the cold war, the UFO enthusiasts knew better. Air force Intelligence had compiled a Top Secret Estimate of the Situation following their UFO investigations in 1947-48. Their conclusion, according to the late Capt. Edward Ruppelt, was that flying saucers were extraterrestrial. Forrestal, so the story went, was one of the few to read that report before Air Force Chief of Staff Hoyt Vandenberg ordered all copies destroyed, and it blew his mind.

7th September 2016, 05:59
I have only watched the Movie, and found it intriguing. That was some time ago, at a later date, in fact this year, really, I was visited for some months by an entity and her mate, she called herself the hen and he the drake, and they said they came from a very early other reality, round about the time that the Angels were also created. She stated there were red elf/Angels who had six wings first of all in the creation cycle, then later came the Behemoth who have 4 wings, then later the Angels who have two wings. The Behemoths are supposed to be those who became what these stories of Mothmen were about, because they have very great seer like abilities.

She was there because the Gods were so upset that most of these earlier realities and the people from them, had almost disappeared, and the subsequent helix had been disappearing as well which came about as a result of the increasing of strands and genes in each new creation along the evolution of the helix. There was also, great concern that the people in this entire sphere is all that is really left of that life from before and we have now gone well beyond having the helix messed up, it is now beyond fixing up, because of the interbreeding of too many, races who did not have these particular strands of the helix. (DNA) However there were Gods here in this Universe who had different parts of the old Helix within them and together the entire Helix could be put together again. They discovered that Ivan and I were the only ones left with the Behemoth legacy in us, and I had other parts of the Helix in me, so these two Behemoth Gods set about trying to provide an entire new species of Human comprising of all the DNA these Gods and I possessed and they made this new species which I was allowed to witness the birth of. In all 2 billion 200 thousand new babies were created to be the next generation of Human once their Spirits eventually grow to full size. At the moment they are now about 10to 12 inches high , they started out about 4 inches high and they are astounding, so clever, so profound and so cute, completely self possessed already, but like most babies some of their sayings are a bit like our children - you know - out of the mouths of babies! So one day you might be lucky enough to meet the offspring of these Behemoth/ Angels/ Elf and goodness knows what else they have in them from other realities, when they eventually arrive here for their turn at life.

7th September 2016, 12:44
"She stated there were red elf/Angels who had six wings first of all in the creation cycle" I think Aragorn may know something about this.;)

8th September 2016, 01:42
Live not too far, maybe 100 miles from this monument.....interesting as I have visited this area.
Thanks for the reminders....