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The One
9th August 2016, 08:56
This is how to REALLY get away from it all: Family live on an incredible pink and green self-sustained floating fortress miles from civilization

Wayne Adams and Catherine King live in the 12-platformed structure, built in 1992, off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia.Dubbed 'Freedom Cove', the home consists of wooden structures, green houses and living spaces connected through a wooden pathway.The couple gather their own water from local sources and grow vegetables.Electricity is supplied to the home through solar panels and photovoltaic energy generator.

A Canadian couple have ditched busy city life to live on a colorful off-the-grid float-home and garden they've dubbed 'Freedom Cove'.
Wayne Adams and Catherine King created a completely self-sustainable float home consisting of 12 platforms that houses wooden structures, green houses and living spaces all interconnected through a wooden pathway. The magenta and turquoise floating structure, off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia, was built in 1992, and the couple, who have two children, live in the home year round.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/06/2778C99900000578-3035438-Wayne_Adams_and_Catherine_King_live_in_their_turqu oise_and_magen-a-9_1428816982748.jpg
Wayne Adams and Catherine King live in their turquoise and magenta float house off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/06/2778C99500000578-3035438-The_twelve_platform_structure_consists_of_wooden_s tructures_gree-a-7_1428816982656.jpg
The twelve-platform structure consists of wooden structures, green houses and living spaces, all connected with wooden pathways

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/07/277B0C0A00000578-3035438-King_left_and_Adams_right_have_lived_on_the_struct ure_for_more_t-m-117_1428818920339.jpg
King (left) and Adams (right) have lived on the structure for more than 20 years. Between King's love of gardening and Adams's passion for carving the pair have created quite the artistic euphoria in their floating home.

During winter months, the couple collect rainwater for drinking and in the summer they collect drinking water from a nearby freshwater waterfall across the bay, according to Collective Evolution. They have several greenhouses in which the family grows fruit and vegetables year round. Electricity is supplied to the home through solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators.The home also has a lighthouse, a myriad of pots filled with plans and flowers, and a collection of art made by its artistic owners, according to Tofino Time. A hen house also used to reside on the structure, but the couple decided to give up on livestock when they realized how many predators had easy access to the hens. The couple told Tofino Time that the floating home they've lived in for more than 20 years has been an on-going and ever-changing project since it's beginning.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/06/2778C9A100000578-3035438-The_home_is_self_sufficient_with_solar_panels_prov iding_electric-a-4_1428816982491.jpg
The home is self sufficient, with solar panels providing electricity and the couple gathering water from nearby freshwater sources. They also grow fruits and vegetables in their greenhouses

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/06/2778C99D00000578-3035438-The_structure_is_off_the_coast_of_Tofino_British_C olumbia_a_town-a-5_1428816982615.jpg
The structure is off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia, a town on Vancouver Island of a little under 2,000 residents. King and Adams said that their home is an ever-changing project

Adams and King, who is a former ballerina, live in a lively ecosystem with deer, wolves, otters and numerous coastal birds, according to the Plaid Zebra.
One type of animal in particular - 30lb rats - seem to be the couple's biggest problem. Wayne said that the creatures often gnaw at the foundations of their floating home.But that doesn't keep the couple from doing the hobbies they love - making art and maintaining their beautiful gardens. Adams is primarily the artist in the family and King gardens. King did, however, apprentice for Adams in carving and eventually grasped the art and grew to create her own style, according to Vanguard Divers. Their carvings, which are usually formed out of fossilized ivory and mammoth tusk, but wood and other materials as well, have been displayed in shops and museums across British Columbia. Many of their carvings and candles are on sale in the town of Tofino, which is about a half-hour boat ride away from their home. King and Adams love visitors and give tours of the home to those who want to learn about the couple's journey of self-sufficiency.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/06/2778C99000000578-3035438-Adams_and_King_constructed_the_home_in_1992_and_ma ke_and_sell_ca-a-6_1428816982636.jpg
Adams and King constructed the home in 1992 and make and sell carvings and candles in the town of Tofino, about half an hour boat ride away

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/12/06/2778C9A600000578-3035438-The_couple_enjoy_having_visitors_to_the_home_and_e ven_host_tours-a-8_1428816982683.jpg
The couple enjoy having visitors to the home and even host tours in which visitors must travel by boat to the structure


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Gale Frierson
9th August 2016, 09:10
A beautiful way indeed to get away from it all.

9th August 2016, 11:56
Indeed, be nice to have neighbours, not in sight though, in my dream lol.

9th August 2016, 12:16
Indeed, be nice to have neighbours, not in sight though, in my dream lol.

Trees or bushes as borders allow for that. Our world is not overcrowded in my view but, humble land requirements allow for reasonable populations for the forming of communities. All cities are overcrowded, as they are unnatural for our species. Social insects show a good example of working together but, they live a little too close for me and most. It is all about balance and not so much the binary thinking of either/or, which limits cognition and contributes to cognitive dissonance.

9th August 2016, 13:20
I went to Stockholm once. There's an archipelago and so many of the islands have houses on them. They're summer houses for people mostly but they certainly would make for a nice getaway. They have flagpoles and people fly them when they're resident. I heard that sometimes people won't fly the flag when they don't want visitors. :ninja:

It's just gorgeous.