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5th August 2016, 08:49
After a long period of intensity with Mars (aggression, motivation) in Scorpio, retrograding back and forth and generally bringing up hidden rage and drama, Mars will move into happy Sagittarius on August 2nd. This should lighten the mood significantly and help us to broaden our vision and make it easier to become unstuck.

Saturn and Neptune are very close to an exact square formation, an alliance which is fraught with conflict. Saturn demands structure and boundaries, and Neptune dissolves that structure and instead asks that we look beyond the material world to find our reality. These two gods are uneasy allies, and under the influence of this square we need to find a way to integrate our sense of reality (Saturn) with our love of magic and dreams (Neptune).

Mercury (mind, communication) has just moved into its own sign of Virgo which helps to clarify our experiences on the mental realm and facilitates communication. Mercury will turn retrograde on August 30th for three weeks. This can be a period of challenging communication and equipment breakdown so it's good to be prepared! Mercury retrograde periods are excellent for looking back to the past and making changes to help with a more successful future. They are not ideal for beginning new endeavours and if you have to make a major decision try to ensure that you have considered all possible details.

The energy of our lives flows pretty freely during the first few days of the month. A Leo New Moon seeks to open the heart into full self expression and joy, and a harmonious trine from Saturn helps to make our dreams a reality. With five planets in fire signs now there is a great deal of manifestation energy which we can harness if we put our mind to it. A harmonious Venus/Uranus trine brings new and unusual experiences and people into our lives, if only for a day or two.

Venus (relating) enters modest Virgo on the 5th where she will remain until August 29th; in Virgo Venus becomes more modest and less emotional - more concerned with the details and with helping others than engaging in the realm of passion and drama.

From August 6-8 there are a few days of potential confusion as Mercury forms challenging alliances with both Saturn (limitation) and Neptune (imagination). To one degree or another, part of us feels drawn to the stars, filled with creativity and a yearning for the divine; part of us feels bogged down by hard work and the fear of failure. At the same time there is conflict between our own needs (Mars) and the needs of our relationships (Venus), but just for a day or two. By the 8th these influences have settled down.

An interaction between Jupiter and Chiron (opposition) on August 12th can open up a buried wound (Chiron) in order to facilitate its healing. Still, the emergence of a hidden painful place can be a surprise if you're not ready for it. This influence will last between August 5th and 17th or so.

Venus is quite active between the 13th and the 17th which will affect all of our interpersonal interactions. We may find ourselves experiencing some conflict between our need for soul contact and our need for separation, yet still we are drawn towards a transformational connection during this time. A fortunate solar aspect to Uranus helps us to open the doorway of intuition and rise above petty reactions so that we can easily experience these interpersonal reactions in their highest form.

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 18th is a partial eclipse so it will be a bit stronger than your typical Full Moon. The Aquarius influence continues to enhance our intuition and raise our vibration so that we may more easily move through the small events of our life without becoming stuck in detours that take us off the path. This Full Moon is full of creativity and the potential to open our hearts with Venus aspecting the Lunar Nodes.

The mind takes centre stage immediately after the Full Moon. We are able to use the enhance intuition we've received to cut through old wounds on the 19th and to formulate big dreams on the 22nd just as the Sun enters Virgo.

The 24th brings a day or two of confusion as Mars attempts to make peace with both Saturn and Neptune. This can bring on irritation and frustration as our efforts to exert our will (Mars) are thwarted, so its best now to find a flow and honor the rhythms that are at work over these few days. There could be a flare up of anger which causes hurt feelings but this can easily be wiped away on the 27th with a harmonious meeting of Venus and Jupiter, the two "benefics."

The last few days of the month are more harmonious and easier on our partnerships and dealing with others. Venus moves into equanamous Libra on the 29th which helps us to achieve greater interpersonal balance over the next few weeks.

I hope you find this information useful!


5th August 2016, 08:55
Astrological Musings

The role of the Ascendant in defining ourselves

Posted: 02 Aug 2016 04:05 AM PDT

The Ascendant and the Sun sign are often confused and I blame this on Sun sign astrology (so-called “horoscopes” that you see on the web and in newspapers which claim to predict the future based on the sign your Sun was in at the time you were born). Sun sign astrology claims that the Sun describes your personality but this is actually the job of the Ascendant (also called the rising sign because it was rising on the horizon at the time you were born). The Sun sign reflects our soul’s purpose this time around – astrologer Liz Greene calls the Sun sign the Hero’s Quest. I like to think of the Sun sign as the “mission” that we were assigned when we came to earth. This is not always visible to others, but the Ascendant, since it reflects our personality and the way we appear to others and the way we live our life, IS visible.

An acquaintance of mine popped into my office the other day. She had always thought that she was born in the morning, but she found her birth certificate and discovered that she was born at night! So instead of her Ascendant being the sign of Cancer, which she had always believed, it apparently was Sagittarius, a very big difference. This mind blowing discovery coincided with a big change in this person’s physical appearance which had inspired numerous personality changes such as becoming more outgoing and confident, both Sagittarian traits.

Not only that, as a result of this increase in confidence she has begun to make changes in her personal relationshipsÂ(the Ascendant is the cusp of the First House of personal identity, and it is opposite the Descendant, the cusp of the Seventh House of partnerships.

I haven’t delved into her chart to see what kind of influences were at work for this kind of personal transformation to occur but I’ve been thinking about it because of the confusion over Hillary Clinton’s birth time. I’ll be covering this in more detail over the next few weeks as my research continue.

In the case of my friend, the interior changes began first and were followed by the discovery of her transformed Ascendant so we can’t ascribe these changes to belief. But the efficacy of “self-fulfilling prophecy” has been known for a long time, and there’s no doubt that if we believe something about ourselves, or about our astrological chart,we are likely to act as if those things are true when in fact they may not be.

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14th August 2016, 10:53
This week’s full moon: eclipse or not?

Posted: 13 Aug 2016 05:58 AM PDT
August 18 2016 eclipse
August 18 2016 eclipse (click to enlarge)

It depends on who you ask. This week’s lunation does not appear on quite a few sites listing 2016 eclipses, and in others it is noted as a “penumbral” (or “almost”) eclipse.

Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon are in relatively close aspect to the lunar nodes (the points where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun). Wikipedia says “A lunar eclipse may occur if there is a full moon within 11° 38′ (Celestial Longitude), of a node, and a solar eclipse may occur if there is a new moon within 17° 25′ of a node.” The closer the lunation (Sun/Moon event) is to the nodes, the more total visually the eclipse will be, and the stronger the eclipse effect.

In astrological terminology, the lunar nodes represent our evolutionary journey. The descending (South) node, sometimes called the Dragon’s Tail, represents the past and the ascending (North) node, the Dragon’s Head, represents the future. So when the peak lunar cycles combine with the Nodes of Destiny, these tend to coincide with relatively significant personal events.

The chart for the Aquarius Full Moon on August 18th shows that the nodes are more than 16 degrees away and in different signs than the Sun and Moon, so this is not really an eclipse at all and will not appear as an eclipse and will have little astrological effect other than the typical full moon effects (combined with current planetary alignments).

The only planet directly triggering the lunation is Uranus which is trine the Sun, this is helpful for energy work, and the opposition from Jupiter to Chiron right now is helpful for all kinds of healing.

The Aquarius influence continues to enhance our intuition and raise our vibration so that we may more easily move through the small events of our life without becoming stuck in detours that take us off the path. With Venus aspecting the Lunar Nodes, this Full Moon is full of creativity and the potential to open our hearts .

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15th August 2016, 10:54
Sunday inspiration: Why me?

Posted: 14 Aug 2016 06:14 AM PDT

I have two good friends with cancer, so this question is coming up a lot these days. And recently I did a reading for someone who was taken ill with pneumonia and since then suffered a seemingly never ending series of health problems and pain. I’ve had clients who have been in terrible car accidents that paralyzed them. Horrific abuse as children. Being fired from a job at which they excelled.

These events may seem terrible on the surface, and it would be easy when undergoing a drastic and terrible time to feel like Job in the bible on whom Jehovah visited a never ending series of trials. But, hidden in nearly all of these events is a kernel of magic that can transform our viewpoint and the way we see our world.

Cancer has been much on my mind lately because of my friends. The last thing they want to hear from me is that there is a gift of magic hidden in their cancer. I’ve never had cancer, so how do I know? And is that really helpful? What if they can’t find that gift, does that make them somehow a lesser person? And yet there are many stories of people with serious illness who have found a new way of looking at their lives that completely transformed them.

Nine years ago I wrote this article about “the bright side of cancer.” In this article I quote a number of people, including Lance Armstrong who said Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me, he said. "I know why I got the illness, but it did wonders for me, and I wouldn't want to walk away from it. But clearly, not everyone is able to look at their life from that perspective as you can see here.

We typically see these dramatic events under the influence of Pluto or Uranus. Pluto is, after all, the planet of death but also rebirth – the regeneration that comes when we must leave behind every known aspect of our life and emerge into the Sun, naked and alive, transformed by the power that comes when we face the end of consciousness that we call death. Uranus is the Awakener – he brings events to shock us out of our sleepwalking through life and bring us into a heightened state of consciousness.

Tony Robbins always says “If you’re getting the wrong answers you’re not asking the right questions.” The question “Why me?” will only serve to anchor us into a spiral of negativity. Better questions may be “What can I learn from this experience?” “What practices will help to heal me?” “What do I need to change in my life to promote healing and remove fear?”

When we examine our lives from inside of ourselves, all we can see is the story and feel punished by life. But there is a different story unfolding at every moment – the story of a personal journey of inner transformation.

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21st August 2016, 05:26
Neptune in Pisces and extreme flooding

Posted: 17 Aug 2016 05:03 AM PDT

The sudden increase in floods over the past few years is being attributed to climate change by many scientists.

Climate change is never going to announce itself by name. But this is what we should expect it to look like.

That's what many scientists, analysts and activists are saying after heavy rains in southern Louisiana have killed at least 11 people and forced tens of thousands of residents from their homes, in the latest in a series of extreme floods that have occurred in the United States over the last two years.

That increase in heavy rainfall and the resultant flooding is consistent with what we expect to see in the future if you look at climate models, said David Easterling, a director at the National Centres for Environmental Information, which is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Not just in the U.S. but in many other parts of the world as well.

The flooding in Louisiana is the eighth event since May of last year in which the amount of rainfall in an area in a specified window of time matches or exceeds the NOAA predictions for an amount of precipitation that will occur once every five hundred years, or has a 0.2 percent chance of occurring in any given year.

Louisiana joins five other states, most of them in the South, that have experienced deadly flooding in the last 15 months, including Oklahoma,Texas, South Carolina and West Virginia.

In the last three months alone, floods in Maryland, West Virginia and Louisiana have combined to kill dozens of people and damage tens of thousands of homes and vehicles.

The National Weather Service reports that parts of Louisiana have received as much as 31 inches of rain in the last week, a number Dr. Easterling called pretty staggering, and one that exceeds an amount of precipitation that his centre predicts will occur once every thousand years in the area.

read more here. Climate change is real and this article is not meant to debunk that fact. However, this surge of major flooding around the world is unprecedented in our lifetime and seems to coincide with the time that Neptune, the planet that rules the oceans and water as well as spirituality and creativity, entered its own sign of Pisces in 2011-2012, the year Sky News said was one of the wettest years ever in the UK. That year also saw record breaking flooding in Japan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan and Minnesota to name only a few.

The record breaking rains and flooding have continued since then and will likely continue until Neptune leaves Pisces for Aries in 2025. Since Pluto will be entering Aquarius in 2023-2024 and drying out the planet, these rains and flooding could be a real boon to humanity if the water they are generating are handled properly.

Meanwhile I see this as one more way in which astrology continues to explain the unexplainable.:h5:

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28th August 2016, 12:52
The limits of positive thinking

Posted: 22 Aug 2016 04:36 AM PDT

positive thinking While Pluto was in Sagittarius (1995-2008) optimism and positive thinking (Sagittarian traits) rose to an art form. Pluto tends to bring a compulsive drive to any sign that it travels through, and while a certain degree of optimism and positivism is a good thing, the benefits of this kind of thinking end when other feelings are pushed into the underworld of the psyche.

Having worked a great deal to perfect my own positive thinking apparatus, I know very well how powerful changing your thought patterns can be. When Pluto entered the more dour and practical sign of Capricorn in 2008 many found it difficult to maintain the habits of positive thinking and started to fall into fear and despair as the life they knew during the economic downturn began to spiral down along with the economy.

What I have learned in my own journey to transform my life is that along with changing our thought patterns we must honour and release the negative emotions that cloud our lives. We can’t just ignore them or pray them away. These old hurts and sadness and frustration and rage linger in the body until they can be processed through the psycho-emotional system and released. These emotions and feelings are our teachers. They are the debris that remain after painful experiences which we would just as soon forget so that we can more fully understand what happened to us. This is the role of Chiron in the birthchart – to trigger these old feelings so that they can be processed and healed. Chiron’s archetype is the mentor – the teacher who having undergone great trials gains great understanding and is able to impart wisdom to others. These skills come after the healing of the wounds by which Chiron is well known.

My sister told me the other day that her book club is reading a book called Positivity so I looked it up. The author proposes that if your ratio of positive emotions to negative emotions is 3-1 you will flourish and achieve success in the world. This makes perfect sense and there is no doubt that cultivating positivity from the outside in, “acting as if” to change your thought and habit patterns, is a powerful step to change. But this kind of system fails to provide a tool for reaching the darkness in the psyche and transforming the painful places that keep us from being able to embody that positivity in a real sense.

The author of the Positivity book was involved in some interesting research:

The varied good outcomes empirically linked with positive affect support the broaden-and-build theory, which asserts that positive emotions are evolved psychological adaptations that increased human ancestors odds of survival and reproduction (Fredrickson, 1998). The theory holds that unlike negative emotions, which narrow people's behavioral urges toward specific actions that were life-preserving for human ancestors (e.g., fight, flight), positive emotions widen the array of thoughts and actions called forth (e.g., play, explore), facilitating generativity and behavioral flexibility. …

The theory holds that in contrast with the benefits of negative emotions which are direct and immediately adaptive in life-threatening situations the benefits of broadened thought action repertoires emerge over time. … Positivity, by prompting approach and exploration, creates experiential learning opportunities that confirm or correct initial expectations. By contrast, because negativity promotes avoidance, opportunities to correct false impressions are passed by (Fazio, Eiser, & Shook, 2004). These findings suggest that positive affect by broadening exploratory behaviour in the moment over time builds more accurate cognitive maps of what is good and bad in the environment. This greater knowledge becomes a lasting personal resource.

Although positive affect is transient, the personal resources accrued across moments of positivity are durable. As these resources accumulate, they function as reserves that can be drawn on to manage future threats and increase odds of survival. So experiences of positive affect, although fleeting, can spark dynamic processes with downstream repercussions for growth and resilience.

Despite the fact that this research has been “debunked,” I have no doubt that this is true. Seeing a silver lining in every cloud is tremendously beneficial for moving through difficult life experiences. However, in attempting to live this way we often fail to face our demons and challenges which can hold us back in the long run. In my Visioncrafting work we seek out that darkness and those negative emotions so that we can transform them into a framework of positivity rather than ignore them, avoid them, or stuff them in a corner of the psyche.

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31st August 2016, 04:42
Mercury retrograde alert! August 30-September 22, 2016

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 06:39 AM PDT

Planets don’t really move backward, but astrology observes the movement of the planets from our perspective on earth so we sometimes see their apparent motion reversing. We call this “retrograde,” and every planet in the astrological pantheon will reverse its direction now and then. When a planet is retrograde, its influence can become stronger and more pronounced as it retraces its steps over our psyche to better make its point known.

Mercury is the ruler of communication and the mind, and its realm also include communication technology as well as short distance travel. Â When Mercury is retrograde all of these things become more difficult and don’t always work the way we would like them to. There is a greater tendency to experience communication snafus, equipment breakdowns, travel problems. These periods are typically not ideal for beginning something new because our attention is turned away and we may not be as attentive to details as some ventures require.

Mercury retrogrades on the 29th degree of its own sign of Virgo, just before the Virgo New Moon on September 1st (Eastern time zone). This is a triple whammy of Mercury/Virgo focus on the details of life, which makes it critical right now to be as attentive as possible. Slow down the speed of your life, use your powers of observation to be sure all ducks are lined up precisely in a row before taking action.

Mercury is retrograde for three weeks four times every year and we can’t put our lives on hold while we wait for Mercury to reverse its course and head direct again. Signing contracts, accepting new jobs, scheduling surgeries – these things must often happen during Mercury retrograde periods. If you must begin or plan something new, and it can’t wait, take some extra time to gather your thoughts and be as certain as possible that everything has been considered and factored into your plan.

Mercury retrograde periods – especially in Virgo! – are perfect for clearing out the debris of the past, for renovation, remodeling, repairs. They are wonderful times for retreat and renourishment of the body, mind and psyche.

I like to think of retrograde periods as being the ebb cycle of an ocean wave. Everything in life ebbs and flows, and that is the natural rhythm of existence.

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2nd September 2016, 06:52
September 1 2016 solar eclipse: A Fiesta of Virgo

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 04:22 AM PDT

The Virgo New Moon on September 1st is part of a stellium of four planets plus the North Node in Virgo. A lunar event is said to be an eclipse when it occurs close to the lunar nodes, the points at which the Moon crosses the path of the Sun, and this is astrologically significant because the nodes represent the evolutionary movement of the soul from the past (South Node) to the future (North Node). This is why eclipses are often linked to significant events – there is a sense of fate with the nodes that comes through in an eclipse.

Today’s eclipse is an eclipse of the Sun at the New Moon – the solar conscious principle is eclipsed by the lunar instincts. It’s a total eclipse and very significant astrologically since the North Node is just three degrees from the Sun and Moon. However, because the Moon is farther away from the Earth than at other times, this is called an “annular” eclipse rather than a “total” eclipse.

The energy of this eclipse is powerful. First of all, the intense concentration of Virgo precision impels us to seek improvement in all areas of our lives. The details of our human existence are paramount right now and for the next week or so as the eclipse peaks and winds down. Mercury (the mind) has just turned retrograde and is aligned with Jupiter (confidence and optimism) to expand our sense of what is possible.

The lunation (Sun/Moon/Node) is opposite Neptune (spiritual yearning) which aligns with the South Node to add a nostalgic touch and force us to address karmic patterns from the past that are holding us back. There is a tension now between the eclipse at the North Node and Neptune at the South Node that will force us to choose a side if there is a major decision facing us right now.

This dynamic is locked in a challenging square with Mars (aggressive force) and Saturn (restriction), both in the expansive sign of Sagittarius. There is a desire (Mars) to flee (Sag) that is being hampered by Saturn (discipline) which asks that we slow down and not skip any steps along the way.

Fortunately, powerful Pluto (personal transformation) harmonises with the Sun/Moon/Node to facilitate the pathway and shine the light of wisdom and understanding to keep us moving forward.

New Moons, eclipses are not, are always times for new beginnings. In Virgo, the sign of order and detail, this is the perfect time for planning and organisation as well as, on the higher level of experience, ritual and daily magic.

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8th October 2016, 05:07
Jupiter in Libra 2016-2017 brings blessings of beauty and love

Posted: 07 Oct 2016 05:48 AM PDT

Jupiter in Libra Jupiter moved from the detail-oriented mental sign of Virgo into the relationship-oriented sign of Libra on September 9th 2016 and will remain in that sign until October 20th 2017.
Jupiter, the Great Benefactor

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system – filled with expansive gases and generating twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun, it is a powerful influence that demands attention. Everything about Jupiter is big. It has more moons than any other planet in the solar system (60!) including Ganymede, the solar system’s largest moon. It has the strongest gravity of any solar system planet, and a faster rotational speed.

Jupiter has sufficient mass and power that it was almost a star – just as the astrological Jupiter is in some ways like a second Sun. We must honour the energy of the Sun in our charts to feel nourished and alive; we must honour the energy of Jupiter to feel whole and to give our lives meaning. Jupiter is called the “greater benefic” – inspires confidence and faith, it inspires us to expand the boundaries of our mind to break down limitations and gain greater understanding. It can bring good luck and good fortune and so can Venus, the “lesser benefic” and ruler of Libra, so the next year offers the potential for expansion and great positivity in our lives.
Libra, balance and harmonious connection

Libra is the sign of balance, harmony and justice. While it is known as the sign of lovers and relationships, that association is not like the water element which promotes emotional connection but more of an intellectual idea. The Libra focus on relationships asks “How can I enhance myself through my connection with others? How can I balance my needs against the needs of my partner?” While as individuals we must find balance within ourselves. there is a need under the Libra influence to find balance with a partner as well. The downside to this need for a personal mirror is the danger of looking only in the mirror, and failing to look within and develop the interior self.

The balance that Libra seeks doesn’t happen automatically. It often comes as the result of a swinging from one extreme to another in order to find the balance in between.

Libra also is concerned with matters of aesthetics – beauty and the harmony of all that we can touch, feel and sense. But Libra is an air sign – it relates to these matters of sensation from an intellectual point of view rather than an actual sensation perspective such as Taurus would have. It’s more about the idea of relationships, partnership, beauty than the actual experience of these things that guides Libra.

Jupiter, as the planet of expansion, tends to enlarge the matters of the sign that it travels through. For example, while Jupiter was in Virgo, the sign of organisation, the Bullet Journal (arguably the most detailed and thorough way to organise your life) took on a cult following. Jupiter in Libra is already calling attention to the ways in which we perceive beauty in our culture, such as the emergence of Ashley Graham, a plus (Jupiter)-sized model who has taken the world by storm. The last time Jupiter was in Libra, back in 2004, saw the launching of Facebook which has arguably created more relationships around the world than any other single event in history. Libra is famously diplomatic and able to see both sides of every question, yet the world is currently in a turmoil of oppositional battles. Can Jupiter in Libra help us to overcome this global stress and find greater diplomacy?

During Jupiter’s journey through Libra it will be challenged by Pluto (mid-November to mid-December) which could knock the winds out of our sails for a month or so and deflate any of our dreams that may have become a bit too glorified and unrealistic. Jupiter will then oppose Uranus, creating a cycle of dramatic change and potential upheaval that will be super exciting but not always comfortable. The Uranus/Jupiter cycle will last from mid-December 2016 through mid-March 2017 due to the retrogrades of both planets, and then again in October 2017 just before Jupiter leaves Libra.

Questions to help you get the most out of this Jupiter in Libra cycle:

Where do I need to change my interactions with others so that they offer more balance and harmony? Have I been giving too much or too little? When Jupiter moves into Scorpio these questions will begin to blow up relationships, so finding that balance now will be helpful.
Jupiter often acts as the “Great Liberator,” and it’s not uncommon for relationships to end under a Jupiter transit, especially if they aren’t really working the way they need to be for true satisfaction. Are you involved in a friendship, business partnership, or family dynamic that isn’t working, and if so, is it worth the effort to bring the partnership back into harmony?

How do I really feel about myself? Do I need to be surrounded by others in order to feel whole, and if so how can I regain my centre? In order to find balance in our partnerships we need to find the balance and affection for ourselves.
Part of loving ourselves is embracing and enhancing the way we look and feel. Where can we enhance our appearance in ways that will help us to feel better about ourselves in all ways?
Are we able to stop in the middle of an argument and see the other person’s point of view? Under Jupiter in Libra this will become more important and sometimes necessary.
Where do I need to find more balance in my life? What do I need more of, and where can I let the less important things go?

Potential pitfalls of Jupiter in Libra

Be careful not to become too complacent or lazy, especially where financial matters are concerned.
Avoid the temptation to be lost in superficial attractions or obsessions about looks that may drive us to seek unhealthy cosmetic enhancements.
It may become more difficult to make decisions while Jupiter is in Libra. Because of the airy quality of Libra it’s easy to be stuck in the mental need to balance the scales. Sometimes we have to allow our gut instinct to override the mind!

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15th October 2016, 05:46
Aries Full Moon on October 16th: Lock and load!

Posted: 14 Oct 2016 04:57 AM PDT

Aries is the sign of the warrior – the trailblazer, the adventurer, the lone gunman. Ruled by Mars, Aries acts through raw instinctual power and primal motivations. The Moon also rules instinctive behaviour and reactions, but through emotion rather than force, so this is not a time when cool heads and rational thought will prevail.

In the Full Moon the Sun is opposite the Moon, with the Earth in the middle. There is a need for finding balance between two zodiacal opposites, and here we have the Libra Sun seeking balance and harmony opposing the Aries Moon, urging us to find what’s real in our hearts and trust our instincts. However, Mars is aligned with Pluto now so the aggressive force is made even more powerful.

This is a Supermoon (TM Richard Nolle) – the Moon is closer to the Earth than at other times and its influence is more powerful. The psyche is deeply affected during the Supermoons, especially the Full Moons which tend to have a heightened abundance of emotional power anyway.

We can prepare for this infusion of warrior energy by becoming more aligned with our own warrior nature. Increasing your physical strength, finding your centre of power in the solar plexus, listening to hear where you may be holding anger in your body and finding ways to express that anger and release it – all of these are important tools for getting the most out of this powerful period.

To complicate matters, this Full Moon is aspected by Uranus – planet of radical reaction and revolutionary behaviour. If we are stuck in a pattern, relationship or situation, the rebellious force will be even more powerful over the next few days. With Saturn (tests and challenges) in a stressful square to the North Node (path to the future), decisions and changes made under this influence could affect us for quite a while to come.

After the Full Moon the Sun and Mercury both enter the sign of Scorpio between the 22nd and 24th and we are more easily able to access the depths of the subconscious and the emotional realms over the next few weeks. The chaotic warrior energy subsides but the quality of the intensity remains. This is not a time for superficiality – important work is going on here.

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15th October 2016, 09:10
When I was heading out west for a funeral a lady in the airport told me that it was a black moon. I'd never heard of one. I looked it up. It was a second new moon in September, a short month anyway. It's the equivalent of a blue moon which is the second full moon of a month.

A black moon in September. That must have significance.:eyebrows:

16th October 2016, 05:14
We are into the 16th Already, here. I looked through the kitchen window last night and the moon was very clear, full and close indeed. There are quite afew instances in this Astrologers writings that I have put up, both here and in the Current Astrology thread, that indicate a great deal of change taking place, especially from moon aspects over recent months.

I have my astrology done by Jim Lewis, onto a chart, of the map of the world, indicating the natal aspects of my own chart as they affect where I may be on Earth. Since I have travelled a lot in my life, I have been able after the event to realise how each of those planets affected me, when I was in a place in the world, that was particularly aspected by a planet. As it happened I was in Hokkiedo, in Japan, at Easter time, which is very emotional to many, and I have a moon effect on me at that place. It so affected me emotionally, to be there, I had to get out. I kept telling myself, I've got to go south as fast as possible, so I did, and several bullet trains later, I was in Kyoto, where I felt a great sigh of relief and I was OK. Some years later on, I discovered I had a sun influence in Kyoto.

All this told me as much as being in some of the other places under different planetary reactions, that there is something in Astrology, and we do react to the influences as they come along.

16th October 2016, 08:28
All this told me as much as being in some of the other places under different planetary reactions, that there is something in Astrology, and we do react to the influences as they come along.

You bet Colleen...and thank you for keeping us informed about it as we go along...

30th October 2016, 09:17
Scorpio New Moon at All Hallow’s Eve 2016 – what could be more perfect?

Posted: 29 Oct 2016 03:25 PM PDT

Scorpio New Moon The Scorpio New Moon occurs late on the 29th/early on the 30th depending upon your time zone. New Moons are widely heralded as times of brand new beginnings, and the sign that the New Moon falls in defines the energies at work as we reboot and begin again. The Scorpio New Moon demands that we find our passion – take a stand. This is not a time for superficiality; under the influence of Scorpio we must dive into the subconscious and unearth our most secret desires.

The planet Mercury, the messenger god, aligns with the Sun and Moon to motivate a greater understanding on the intellectual level. Traditional astrology calls a Sun/Mercury conjunction “combust” and assumes that the Sun weakness the energy of Mercury, but in my experience a Sun/Mercury alignment adds the light of consciousness from the Sun to the mental workings of Mercury to illuminate and add greater insight and awareness. At this time of year the veil that separates the planes of earthly existence from other planes grows thin, and Mercury, in its role of messenger, aids in communication between the worlds.

This New Moon has the potential to release creativity and magic thanks to a lovely trine to dreamy Neptune. Under the realm of Scorpio we can harness emotion in its purest form – raw, instinctive and potent. Neptune encourages us to open our hearts to a more transcendent magic.

This New Moon comes at the time when the veil between worlds is said to be thinnest, at All Hallows Eve, and the astrology is perfect for a powerful shamanic journey.

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The Astrology of 2017: An Overview

Posted: 31 Dec 2016 08:35 AM PST

The magic of astrology operates on a variety of different levels – at the microcosmic levels the movement of the planets affect our daily lives and define the trends that mark our passage through time. Those periods where we feel like everything is difficult? A Saturn cycle. The times when everything falls out of our grasp and we are forced to start anew whether we like it or not? Blame it on Pluto.

We are also affected on a global level, especially by the dance of the slower moving outer planets. The passage of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 marked a contraction in global thinking and economies, and the entrance of Uranus into Aries in 2010 sent a fever of revolutionary fervour around the world. The conflict between Pluto and Uranus between 2010 and 2017 has overseen political crises at a level not seen since the last Pluto/Uranus dance in the 1960s.

Uranus square Pluto, and Jupiter

The Pluto/Uranus cycle breaks down the established order of things, especially when there is weakness in the structures on which society depends. Planetary cycles don’t simply destroy for the fun of it: they tend to reveal areas of our lives where things are not working as well as they should be. Attention is required during these times so that we can determine how best to utilise these energies of great change.

Uranus and Pluto are no longer in an exact aspect, but Jupiter is interacting with each of them and acting as an intermediary to trigger the incendiary energy to activate more change. This dance will continue into September of 2017, so the recalibration both in our personal lives and in the world at large is likely to continue.

Saturn square Chiron

The other potentially difficult planetary cycle began at the end of 2016: a challenging square between Saturn (limitations and stress) to Chiron (wounding and healing). On a personal level, this cycle operates at the mindbody and spirit level to promote the healing of old wounds and improved health in all the dimensions of our being.

On a more global level, this heightened emotional sensitivity is likely to have an effect on global political situations as well and as long as Uranus and Pluto are connected in their dance through Jupiter, this will remain a somewhat incendiary time.

Saturn trine Uranus

Fortunately, there is a lovely harmonious planetary cycle between Saturn (discipline and focus) and Uranus (innovation and radical change) which could help to facilitate the changes and new patterns that are necessary in order to recreate our world in the new ways that are required for the future. Under this aspect the structures that we build under Saturn are energised by the ingenuity of Uranus. This aspect tends to make the idea of change seem more exciting than frightening as we look towards the future with new eyes.

Venus retrograde

Venus does retrograde this year between March 6th and April 15th. Retrogrades occur when our view of planetary motion causes the planets to appear to move backwards in the sky, and these retrograde cycles intensify the influence of the planets. Retrogrades are opportunities to look back and reflect, but they are not the best times for initiation. The outer planets are retrograde for half the year and Mercury retrogrades four times a year, but Venus only retrogrades every couple of years. The retrograde Venus cycle is not a good time to begin new relationships, but IS an excellent time for healing and transforming relationships, both current and past.

Heads up: Mercury retrogrades in 2017

Mercury retrograde cycles can make life more challenging with communication snafus and equipment breakdowns, but they are excellent for re-organizing, re-decorating, re-flection. Here are the Mercury retrograde periods for 2017:

January 1st through January 8th 2017
April 9th through May 3rd 2017
August 12th through September 5th 2017
December 2nd through December 22nd 2017

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Looking backward to look ahead

Posted: 01 Jan 2017 02:00 AM PST

The Romans celebrated the first day of the year as a festival to Janus, their god of gates, doors, beginnings and endings. They named the month of January after him, and portrayed him with two faces: one looking back and one looking forward. Janus presided over transition from past to future, the passage from childhood to adulthood and into old age. One of his faces was often portrayed clean-shaven with the other bearded.

Gates and doors are both portals from one experience to another. We enter through a gate and leave a part of ourselves behind; we enter the world of the unknown when we transition from one phase to another. Sometimes we seek change, sometimes we embrace it. Other times we fight it – holding on to the past for dear life. However we approach change it is, of course, inevitable. No matter how hard we wish for the day to remain, the night will come – followed by the next day of new beginnings.

For many, the first day of a new year is a day like any other, and to think otherwise is just a trick of the calendar. But a magical life is filled with symbols and meaning, and the passage through the doorway into a new year can be filled with the magic of transformation.

I love the African concept of “Sankofa,” which literally means “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” The word “Sankofa” comes from the Sankofa bird which flies forward while looking backwards. Sankofa teaches that we must look backwards to look forwards, reclaiming and preserving the past as tools for the future. In this way we can pass through the gateways without losing any part of ourselves in the process, achieving a wholeness and grace of spirit.

I wish you all a magical passage into the New Year!

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