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11th October 2013, 05:34
The Universal Healing Energies

Since many on TOT received the energies for healing from me over the last year, I figured maybe I had better give you a list of what you received, and some explanations, because although put up before in different places, the new start may mean you no longer have access to that information. I have tried to put up as much as I can find, but I believe many of you may have received information from me in P.M.'s that may have been lost in the changeover, but others may have put the information into a document folder or printed much of it out. If this is the case if you have something I have not included here, you may just be able to add bits and pieces to this to add to the help some might need. In fact use this as an information page to help others who just may want to either obtain the energies, or want to heal others, but were not quite sure what to do.

These Energies are for the preparation of the body, and the emotions. In order for the energies to work as they are meant to, it is important to allow a brief adjustment period before taking in the next higher spectrums of energy. These will usually be the first energies given to you, unless it is obvious that you are capable already, of taking in the higher energies at the beginning in which case you will receive these, as well as the Higher level Energies.

The Gold Healing Spectrum Of Light.
The Blue-Green Healing Spectrum Of Light.
The Turquoise Healing Spectrum Of Light.
The Rose-Blue Purple Spectrum Of Light.
The Rose-Cyclamen Spectrum Of Light.
The Golden-Green Spectrum Of Light
The Blue-Purple Spectrum Of Light.
The Red-Purple Spectrum Of Light.

The Tectonic Energies

The Earth Energies
The Antarctican Energies
The Atlantean Energies
The Celtic Energies
The Hebrew Energies
The Japanese Energies
The Indian Energies
The Islamic Energies,
The African Energies,
The Australian Energies
The Mayan Energies
The Chinese Energies
The Tibetan Energies
The Native American Energies
The Kahuna Energies

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11th October 2013, 05:37
Every colour in the visible spectrum has Lights available to be taken in by the body, either for purposes of healing, power or the fulfilment of a spiritual need to return to the Creator in Eternity.

All the Lights are from the same source, from the Creator Above, however, they each have their own purpose and direction.

You may know that all the colours of the visible spectrum will add together to create White Light. White Light is often considered to be the most pure and clear light. Archangels are always surrounded by White Light. So, it can be considered, that if a person is able to take through their own selves, colours from all areas of the spectrum, then they will become illuminated from many areas of Life and Love Itself, and if all these Lights can co-inhabit the self, in harmony, then the self is gradually being illuminated into a Spirit of Harmony, Balance, Love and Peace, such as all the Scriptures speak. As the self, then takes in all manner of the Creator Above’s Lights, they will be lifted by the Creator to the highest Illumination they can attain, and will gain their own fulfilment, which is the dream of so many at this time.

All of the Lights are the Lights of Love Itself, all bring the Creator closer to you, just by the simple act of wishing for help and of being willing to accept from your own free will.

The Creator Above has said that, all who come to him shall receive. He will always supply the needs of those who come to him with love in the heart. He does not always supply in the way that you ask, nor necessarily what you ask for, nor maybe in the time limit in which you ask, but he will always answer your call and supply your needs.

To be filled with the Lights is often the best result you could ever wish for, for then you can be lifted up in ways it is difficult to explain. Some people may find that these words have little meaning for them, and this is fine, it may indeed take a long, long time before it can mean much.

Some older methods are now outdated for the Aquarian Age, and you may have participated in these in past ages, and this helps you to be able to receive now. Trust your intuition, you will be drawn to the right way for you. If you only remember to ask for help, or guidance and are willing to follow your inner self, that will help you to know the way for you. Everyone must trust their own guidance, their Soul knows what to do.

11th October 2013, 05:40
These are the next energies to be give and with these an Archangel will come who is trained in how to help you use them and will allow you to give them to others in a way similar to a Reiki Master, except that the Angel will do the tuning through of the energies and it will only take a couple of minutes. Each person can only take in the level that their body is able to cope with at that time. They can however, ask for upgrades later on

The Lights of the Universe are Infinite in range and quality. As they are the means of sustaining Creation in all its forms, it is not surprising that all the experiences we have are due to the nature of Universal Energies.
The Light that shines in and through all things, exists as an Energy which has its origins at the very first instant of the Initial Creation, incomprehensible Eternities ago. It was at this time that the purpose of the energies were defined and put into the natural order of Creation's processes. Each Universal Energy has its own colour spectrum, sound quality and shape, also its own atomic number and so on. Coupled with this is the wondrous fact that each Universal Energy has its own unique Intelligence and range of feelings that go along with them.
The different Energies are for specific functions and purposes, and as such it is essential that a correct understanding is reached, so that when you receive these Energies it will assist you much more effectively in your understanding of the nature of the Energies that comprise the whole of your being.

The Universal Healing Lights Energies

Yellow Gold Means All Yellow Through To The Gold Lights.
Red Blues.

The Higher Octave Spiritual Healing Energies,

The Gold/Purple Healing Energies.
The Rose-Cyclamen/Purple Healing Energies.
The Kahuna Blue/Purple Healing Energies.
The Chinese Red/Purple Healing Energies.
The Native American White-Gold/Purple Healing Energies.
The Celtic Blue-Green /Purple Healing Energies.
The Australian Green/Purple Healing Energies.
The Atlantean Peach-Rose/Purple Healing Energies.
The Antarctican Red-White/Purple Healing Energies.
The White-Violet, Turquoise/Purple Healing Energies.
The Christ White-Gold, Turquoise, Wisteria/Purple Healing Energies.
The Apricot, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Wisteria, Aquamarine/Purple Healing Energies.
The White-Gold, Scarlet, Rose-Pink Violet, Aquamarine, Tyrian Purple/Purple Healing Energies.
The Carmine Pink, Incandescent Apricot, Electric Blue, Deep Sapphire Blue, Moss Green, Rose Violet, Deep Amethyst Purple Healing Energies.
The Gold, Red Blue, Emerald Green, Deep Green, Lilac, Royal Purple Healing Energies.
The Arctic White, Rose Pink, White-Wisteria, Indigo, Saffron, Mauve-Violet, Opalescent Purple Healing Energies.

The Master Teacher Healing Energies

The Kahuna Blue/Purple Healing Energy.
The Gold Healing Energy,
The Rose-Cyclamen Healing Energy.
The Celtic Blue-Violet Healing Energy.
The Celtic Rose-Aquamarine Healing Energy.
The Gold-Apricot Healing Energy.
Blue-Purple Healing Energy.
The Luminescent White-Gold Healing Energy.
The Gold Luminescent-Tyrian Purple Healing Energy.
The Green Healing Energy.
The Deep-Sea Green Healing Energy.
The Archangelic Red-Purple Healing Energy.

11th October 2013, 05:43
All energies are different, each sound available to Medicine Men is an energy. Different healing methods have come from a certain colour range: Reiki is from a Gold range, Ki from a Red, the Kahuna healing energy from a Blue/Purple range, Acupuncture from a Green range. To have one of these only advances your development in that particular area of your life, not as some believe, to complete you wholly.

Reiki was only 1 level of the Golden Lights, the 21st level, whereas the whole range covers from 1 to 1,000. In fact, as mentioned before, there are 15 levels within this range of colour, and Reiki in any level, is but a basic start along the way. If you have only done the first level of Reiki, do not think that you cannot be given any other levels or colours of energy.

You have now allowed the opening process to begin for your Soul Pathway and because of this you may now be ready to accept the full 2,000th level even at Master status, and only your Soul will know where the level stops within you.

If you like call it Intuition, but listen in case you hear a thought coming to you saying something you know you could not possibly have thought for yourself. Then it is more than likely your Higher Self coming to tell you what to do. At this time, it is expected, that all people will be commencing the task of learning to contact spiritual help whether it be a Spirit Guide, your Higher Self or your Soul, so it is best to start listening for this other voice now. It may come in the form of a picture, or as a feeling, as a thought, or as a voice, depending on the mode you most usually use to function in life.

11th October 2013, 05:46
To use these energies

Simply place the palms of your hands face down and together, with fingers, close together, if they are apart, part for the energy will dissipate and you will not receive all that you could. The energies are automatic and intelligent and you may find yourself needing to move them to another part of your body. Unlike Reiki you do not need to cover the whole body for your body to be balanced, just 10 minutes will balance your entire bodily energies. Ask if you need more explanation. If given these energies, please use them. I have found that some people think that if they did not pay for anything they did not get anything and do not use them. It's up to you. Please enjoy!!!

There is another way to use these energies - absent healing.

Put your hands in front of you in the praying position except about 8 inches apart (I think you might know about inches) until you feel energy passing from one hand to the other. Ask yourself to put into a sphere between your hands, the parts of your body needing help. Then place your hands palms down, flat and fingers together on your body, anywhere that is comfortable for you - you may feel the energy as pins and needles working on these parts. In a serious problem the more energy you can give to your body, the more you can be helped. Just in case you feel energy going from the outside of the fingers to the shoulder don't be alarmed, that is a diagnostic tool to tell you the place your hands are healing has a chronic condition.

11th October 2013, 05:59
They include the following energies at the level you are capable of taking in - if master level or the first level : It may take a while to notice any effect, but the energies will be there. Try putting your hands on the shoulder of another person - if they feel warmth, you know the energy is working. Don't waste this opportunity, the more you use your hands on yourself , others, animals, plants etc the more your awareness will grow.

For those who were given the energies and an Archangel to help you to use these energies.

Question :These different energies (the blue/violet Kahuna energy, the blue/violet Kahuna Higher energy and the Rovenami energies, the Isofomi energies, the Crystalline energies (are these from all the crystals, e.g. Amethyst, Quartz, etc.? and the Tectonic Plate energies sound interesting. What should I do?


OK, first of all, now you are able to switch off every energy except the one you wish to feel. You can do this yourself, you don't need to ask anyone to do this for you. It is simply : you tell yourself “I am now switching off all energies”, then follow by saying “I am now bringing through the blue/violet energy of the Kahunas”, have your hands on yourself and sit back to feel what that one feels like, you can then when finished switch that one off as well and then tell yourself I am now bringing through the higher blue/violet energy frequencies, and feel that one. The crystalline ones do incorporate the crystals we have here, but will also have the higher frequencies from the energies coming from the higher realms, of which the list goes into pages and pages of single energies, let alone the mixes which together will create a specific type of development.

The tectonic plates – of which there are 15 are also extremely specific.You can also do the same thing with the tectonic plates, just turn everything else off, and let just one plate at a time come through to you. This is the difference between being a Master of one particular energy and being a Master of Energies, because with this you have the benefit of all the energies I have brought through me, excluding the “Force” which you had to have studied in the places where the Force is taught & that is no where in this Universe. However, if you personally have studied it anywhere else you will have the benefit of that coming through you as well. A Master of energies is also one who can take in any of the energies which come through to us from the Galaxial Centre, they then are able to transform, transmute and transmit it out for others to receive, and this is what I had to do with each of the energies you have now received. You must first take them into your own body to do all this. Have fun trying as many as you can out, its a lovely way to spend spare time, if & when you have any.

Question: Why do I need an Archangel with me to help me to use these energies?

Having received all these energies, you are now able to ask some one else if they wish to be given these energies. Since the whole process takes only a few minutes, you can give them to some one you meet who is willing to accept them. I never charge, because I asked for me to be given them, as a means of helping others to heal themselves, and to help in their own personal development. My personal Higher Self and Archangel (Ivan, the Archangel of the Star of David) and I worked out this method of giving the energies on the fly, so to speak, on ferries, buses, planes, on the street, to some one I meet and intuitively feel I should offer them to. Since then I have been offering them to people on TOT, hoping you too will help others by using these energies. For example, if someone asks for help on TOT, you can use the absent healing method and do the healing yourself, you can then ask the Archangel to give you the part(s) of the body they need to have healed, and have it put inside the sphere; or secondly, you can ask your Archangel to go to them and do the healing they need; stay some time if applicable; and/or give them the energies to help themselves after the Archangel leaves. Doing it this way you really do not need to know where they live, or yourself need to know the person (especially if you only have a vague reference to the person/animal/plant needing help) they can always find the one you send them to. And; as well they are there to help you and keep you well, so if you are ill and don't know the exact cause, then ask them to heal you till you no longer need it. In which case, you just might find yourself feeling energy on your head, or back or back of the neck, whilst they pump you full of energy(love). Or they can put the parts of the body in need of help into the sphere for you, then you can spend what time you have, helping yourself. You do not always have time to heal some one, so you can send the prayer,/thought/ feelings you wish to send to them, but also send your Archangel as well.

All you will have to do is to ask friends, family and people who you feel should be given these energies if they want them and then ask your Archangel- to do it for them. The Angels know what to do and they can do this task in a matter of no more than a couple of minutes. The energy is placed over the person in a bell shape and then quickly goes inside the Spirit, after that the only thing the other person needs to know is how to place the hands, no need at all to follow a pattern or know anything, everything is completely automatic, and the person takes in at whatever level they are capable of with each and every energy, up to the level of Master, Grand Master and Superior Grand Master.

This is what Ivan & I worked out. All these energies are complete in themselves, not like Reiki which is only half of the original energy and unless used in the way taught, the person can end up after treatment being unbalanced, but 10 mins of hands on, with any of these will leave the body fully balanced. As you can see this can be done at any distance, as your Archangel will be able to find them anywhere in the world and go there for you. Simple. I believe this should always be as simple as possible. I suggest finding someone who has never become a Reiki. to be your guinea pig.* It might be a good idea to ask them to put their hand on your shoulder before you start, to see if you feel any sense of feelings from the energies from them, ask your Archangel to commence, then after a short time, depending upon how long it takes for them (the person) to fill themselves first, it will then start to come from their hands onto your shoulder, probably as warmth and you may have other senses beginning to work as well.

Like Reiki, if you already have any psychic abilities, these should help you to improve on them. So if you actually could see before you may find some improvement in that sight. If you could never hear before, you may be able to give yourself the opportunity to see if you now can hear. How – when healing some one ask the body of that person what is the cause of the problem, emotionally and physically, and you may hear an answer telling you what is wrong. Don't listen for a voice so much as listen for thoughts suddenly coming of their own accord. If you don't hear, ask you Archangel to help you to achieve this in the best way possible for you (for the benefit of your Highest good).

Your hands will become intuitive diagnostic tools, so use them as much as possible. The more use you give them the better they will work for you and the more you will develop that instinct for what is going on.

The One
11th October 2013, 12:12
The Creator Above has said that, all who come to him shall receive. He will always supply the needs of those who come to him with love in the heart. He does not always supply in the way that you ask, nor necessarily what you ask for, nor maybe in the time limit in which you ask, but he will always answer your call and supply your needs

The Creator Above has said that, all who come to him shall receive mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i am on the fence with this.How do we know for sure that any of it is true.For me this is a belief system on what you believe in.We cant prove it.And if the creator is talking through you or sending messages through you can i ask why you were chosen

No offence intended its just we have to be very careful when speaking like this.We usually ask to for a link to the source but i think that would be impossible in this situation.

I need to make members aware Theonetruth do not endorse the information presented above and accepts no responsibility for psychological, spiritual or metaphysical effects either negative or positive to individuals who read these threads. User discretion is advised.

Some of your information is very helpful to members Cearna but discretion is needed to be advised on other bits.:hugs:

12th October 2013, 02:16
Thanks Malc, I will try to be more circumspect