View Full Version : A Reminder of How One Person Can and Did Make a Difference

4th May 2016, 16:52
While this poignant video is about the history of Mother's Day and a tribute to US woman who made a difference, I see it as a tribute to peace as well. I have always felt that it would take the mother's ( and other women) of the world to stop this madness of war and chaos that has ruled for far too long.

I also acknowledge the men who have supported their women both financially and emotionally in this battle.


Gale Frierson
4th May 2016, 19:15
Amen to the above. That's why I am reapplying to the US Peace corps, even though, I am 79 and they rejected me once earlier for health reasons. (Much longer history to this whole story, but let this suffice for now.)