View Full Version : Geologists Discover "Brazilian Atlantis"

5th March 2016, 21:27

This article is in Portuguese so I'll post the Google translation here:

Brazilian geologists announced on Monday (6) were found, 1,500 km from the coast of Rio de Janeiro, indications that there would be a piece of the continent that sank during the separation of Africa and South America, a time came the Atlantic Ocean.

According to Roberto Ventura Santos, director of mineral resources of the geology of Brazil Geological Survey (CPRM), two years ago, during dredging service one (seafloor taken for analysis) in the region of the Rio Grande Rise - a mountain range maritime in Brazilian and international waters - granite samples were found, considered continental rock.

He explains that initially raised the hypothesis that the collection of such samples out mistake or accident. However, last month, an expedition with scientists from Brazil and Japan aboard the submersible equipment Shinkai 6500, noted the geological formation that is in front of the Brazilian coast, and from an analysis has considered that the region can contain a piece of the continent that was lost at sea for millions of years.

"It may be the 'Atlantis' in Brazil. We are close to be sure, but we need to strengthen this hypothesis. The final certification should take place this year, when we go to drill in the area to find more samples, "said Ventura to G1.

The director of the CPRM did not specify the age of these rocks, however, said that the continental crust pieces that have been found are older than the rocks found on the ocean floor, the name given to the Earth's surface that is below the level of the sea .

According to Ventura, the next step will be to send the Brazilian government a request for the country to claim the area, which is in international waters, with the International Maritime Funds Authority (ISBA, the acronym in English), linked to the Organization of United Nations, to be held in place prospecting of mineral resources and studies related to the environment.