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15th February 2016, 22:58

"Could there be a singular answer to the mystery of the MEGALITHIC STRUCTURES around the world? Is there a pattern, a construction method, OR A CLUE left by these ANCIENT BUILDERS that can tell us more. Could they have been creating a network of power centers that we are only discovering today? Much of the information on the GIANTS and the Ancient NEPHILIM is now coming to light, but many questions remain.

In this 6th Volume of The WATCHERS Series, we began our search for one more spot, one special location, where UNSPOILED EVIDENCE still exists. WATCHERS 6 will take us on an unprecedented look into an ancient race that may have been part of the Nephilim, as reported in Genesis 6. The WATCHERS team of experts converged in Lima, Peru and by the end of the film you'll see that elongated skulls and unexplained beings can still be found. What we don't know is how much longer this evidence will be available."

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes


16th February 2016, 00:45
Damn, so now Peru is closing off their public exhibits of the elongated skulls. Next we'll hear that they've put the skulls in storage somewhere, and then they won't be able to find them anymore. Just like the Smithsonian in the US.

16th February 2016, 01:06
Damn, so now Peru is closing off their public exhibits of the elongated skulls. Next we'll hear that they've put the skulls in storage somewhere, and then they won't be able to find them anymore. Just like the Smithsonian in the US.

Apparently so, yes, or at least, on account of the public museums. The private ones still have them on display, and will even cooperate with anthropologists — as you could see in the video.

But then again, it may just be a delay of execution, because the bureaucrats could always — and probably will — come up with some reason to stop private museums from displaying those skulls (and skeletons), even if it means that they must ultimately outlaw privately owned museums altogether. You know, something along the lines of "Private museums cannot provide for the appropriately acclimatized atmospheric conditions required for protection against the contamination of such old artifacts, so they must be put under government care", or something similarly lame.

I can see it happening already... :fpalm:

16th February 2016, 02:20
At this point they are just incriminating themselves as being blatantly part of a cover up more than anything. These have already gathered a lot of attention, they've been measured, studied by anthropologists and biologists, even if independently, not to mention photographed and video recorded, and I think DNA studies have already been carried out on them too. These are obviously not cases of cranial manipulation because there is a single plate on top of these skulls where there should be three in humans as we know them to be.

The Smithsonian has been taking and hiding dug-up remains of giants from "Native American" burial mounds since the 1800s, and then later they claim that they can't find them anymore, or never received them, or threw them away because they weren't important. Some mounds were just bulldozed flat without any kind of archaeological work at all. As time goes on and we see this stuff continuing to happen right under our noses in countries like Peru, with officials burying their own country's heritage, it's going to take a fool to continue to think that they aren't doing it on purpose to hide our history from us.

Whoever is ultimately responsible for this, along with Zahi Hawass, and others, ought to be defending themselves in court over these kinds of things some day soon. Not only is this unprofessional and unethical, but the improper handling of important artifacts is probably illegal. There have been laws in the US since 1906 protecting archaeological sites and artifacts. I don't know about Peru but I would be surprised if they didn't also have protections, considering how many pre-historic sites exist there.

16th February 2016, 11:22
They have discovered that people are waking to the fact that the skulls in Paracus and Peru are not human! The facts are quite incontrovertible in that the skulls they have there that are documented are 2200 to 2550 cc brain capacity skulls> You do not increase mass by 25% and weight by 60% by cranial deformation so the idea that this is a human when a human is 1440 cc is absolutely ridiculous to suggest. Add to the fact that some of these skulls exhibit further, a 13th cranial nerve as opposed to 12 seen in any human being reading these words or living today and you have further proof this is something other than a man! Add further still the mid line suture missing on many of them in the skull as well as no midline at all seen in the Vomer bone like it is in a human and more all indicate further that they have covered up a species or made serious mistake they now want to hide.

One way or the other though its too late. Technology has documented, doctors have seen it, I know six dentists off the top of my head that have seen and held the skulls in question and confirmed in private with myself that it is in fact not a human being! The scholars lie. They are scared stiff of peer review and kiss each others back sides so religiously that you cannot tell where one begins and the other ends!

Let me tell you first hand that no good ole boy is going to scrap 10 or more years of his work, his thesis, his PHD or his dig just because some amateur named Forester or Hatcher Childress or anyone else made a discovery that invalidates his or her life work! They'd sooner keep their own stuff legit in any way possible and cover up the other for investigation at a later time. The process will be swift and they will be there one day and gone the next taken by the "PROTECTIVE OPERATIONS DIVISION" for their 'SAFE KEEPING" because even though they have been in the public there for many years now, well you can't be trusted with them. They have to protect them from you! Ask them that is what they'll tell you. Its for theirs and the knowledge protection. And if you believe that you probably believe Scalia died a natural death too! There is no hope for you.