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5th October 2013, 08:09
Hi All,

Thought I'd post about this amazing astrologer, Susan Miller. She is based in New York.

I've been following her monthly forecasts for years. And believe me, I've read just about every astrologer on the web. :tea: She is the real deal and uncannily accurate.

At the beginning of each month I go to her forecasts. Being the natural sceptic owl that I am, I always say to myself, 'yeah, yeah', then am continually blown away by how accurate her forecasts are.:belief:

Susan goes into great detail for every sun sign and spends a lot of time writing them up. I know, because often she's late in posting at the beginning of the month, because she wants to get it right.

I personally have been blown away, yet again, by how accurate this month forecast has panned out for me, and it's only early October! The damned woman could be sitting on my shoulder!

Be sure to read your sun sign as well as your rising sign (or ascendant as it's sometimes called).



5th October 2013, 08:37
Forgot to mention:

There is a full moon eclipse in Aries, 18 October.

Also, I like her comment in my forecast:

We can't control every event in our lives, but we CAN control our reaction to it.:winner:
I think we all need to be reminded of this. Especially me, lol....

Across the board, October is going to be an 'interesting' month for all of us and the world, I think.

Love to all you good people, members and lurking guests alike.