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The One
4th October 2013, 21:49
William Buhlman


Five hundred years ago, a few courageous explorers crossed an ocean in search of a new land—a mysterious land hidden by an unexplored and uncharted ocean. Many people considered this journey a waste of time and resources. After all, modern civilization had flourished for centuries without this kind of exploration.Against all odds this handful of explorers ventured forward, their burning desire for discovery propelling them into the unknown. They abandoned the comforts of home to embark on a journey beyond the known horizons. Facing both their own and society’s fears and doubts, they continued their course, finally achieving their goal of discovery. Today we face the same kind of exploration—an unexplored ocean of energy waiting to be conquered by individuals who possess the foresight and courage to go beyond the limits of their physical horizons. As in the past, the explorer’s vision must extend past the physical shoreline. As in the past, the explorer must possess the internal drive and determination to travel beyond the known limits of society and science. He or she must travel alone, far from the masses who cling to the firm security of land.As in the past, explorers are driven by one thing—the need to discover for themselves, because accepting anything less than firsthand knowledge is settling for the beliefs and assumptions of the landlocked.Today each of us has an opportunity to go beyond the physical shoreline and become an explorer. This great adventure is available for all of us to share.


5th October 2013, 01:10
I have added this book to my home screen on my I pad so I can view it at my leisure.
I have been asking the universe for knowledge as of late, and so much has come my way.
So I will have to take my time and try to get through it.

Also with TOT 2 you get a memory re- fresh of all the things we looked at on TOT 1.