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The One
3rd October 2013, 20:55
The Da Vinci Code has raised questions about religion art and faith across the globe. Now take a 2000 year journey through time to examine the surprising truths and controversial ideas set forth in Dan Brown's worldwide bestseller. Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene? Have their descendents been protected by a secret society from the Dark Ages all the way up to the present? Did the Church deliberately mislead its followers for two millennia? Was the whole truth brilliantly encoded in Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpieces? Drawing on the pages of Brown's bestseller the Bible and commentary from esteemed scholars from around the world this documentary investigates these questions--and more--in a close and balanced look at the foundations of Christianity. Radical thought provoking and utterly compelling , this is a multifaceted analysis of the issues raised in The Da Vinci Code that gives viewers the opportunity to decide the truth for themselves.