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Divine Feminine
26th October 2015, 19:51
I've been wanting to start this thread for a long time...More and more I'm seeing signs of change that uplift my spirits because I know I'm witnessing a new reality shaping before our very eyes. Can you feel it? Are you noticing too? The purpose of this thread is to post positive articles that re-enforce changes taking place within our reality that promote a new foundation of higher vibrational behavior. The indications are present suggesting we are living in a time of Renaissance. But this time around it's a Renaissance of the collective and not the individual. It is a rebirth, a revival of humanity making different choices which in turn will catapult society in a new direction.

ren·ais·sance (rĕn′ĭ-säns′, -zäns′, rĭ-nā′səns)
1. A rebirth or revival.
2. Renaissance
a. The humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning that originated in Italy in the 14th century and later spread throughout Europe.
b. The period of this revival, roughly the 14th through the 16th century, marking the transition from medieval to modern times.
3. often Renaissance
a. A revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor: the Celtic Renaissance.
b. The period of such a revival.
adj. Renaissance
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Renaissance or its artistic and intellectual works and styles.
2. Of or being the style of architecture and decoration, based on classical models, that originated in Italy in the 14th century and continued throughout Europe up to the end of the 16th century.

Are you tired of living in world of fear? Than may I humbly suggest you can help by supporting some of the concepts which will be promoted within this thread. Vote with your dollars by reinforcing those who are stepping up to make a difference. And if you happen to be one who is endowed with good fortune, consider creating similar concepts in your own community. Do the best you can to stand behind businesses which promote the reality you want to live in. I see great opportunities to recreate a new foundation. It's a matter of looking at the old and making it better with a 'heart-centered' approach. I hope this thread offers ideas to inspire and motivate others to help influence a future foundation built on love and peace.

One more thing before I post some examples....Not too long ago I noticed in my own reincarnation case that we were going backwards! This was reinforced again by another researcher I contacted who had independently come to the same conclusion as myself and had noticed the same in his own reincarnation cases. Which matches what I said long ago, "The past is your future."

You too will begin to observe the 'backwards phenomenon' is some of these articles.....When you start to research advanced civilizations from long ago, these can offer clues to what you're future may become! I see many business opportunities just waiting to be re-discovered(Notice I didn't say 'discovered',...why? because you're going backwards)! Please join me in thought by posting links to articles you come across that demonstrate a shift, a rebirth of ideas that help build a future based on a foundation of higher vibrational contributions. May this thread endow you with hope that a new reality is just around the horizon.

One of the biggest hurdles for humanity is the financial sector. I've already posted this story once before, but feel it's suited for this thread as it's a sign that we're starting to 'come around.' I thought this article was exciting and it's the first I've seen offering promising potential and momentum towards dealing with our monetary debacle.


"Jesus College, Cambridge hosted, once more, the world’s leading Symposium on Economic Crime, and over 500 distinguished speakers and panelists drawn from the widest possible international fora, gathered to make presentations to the many hundreds of delegates and attendees.

What became very quickly clear this year was the general sense of deep disgust and repugnance that was demonstrated towards the global banking industry.

I can say with some degree of certainty now that a very large number of academics, law enforcement agencies, and financial compliance consultants are now joined, as one, in their total condemnation of significant elements of the global banking sector for their organized criminal activities.

Many banks are widely identified now as nothing more than enterprise criminal organizations, who engage in widespread criminal practice and dishonest conduct as a matter of course and deliberate commercial policy."

Divine Feminine
26th October 2015, 20:03
Here's another article that got me excited, check it out! And hey....it's another example of going backwards. Introducing Ronald Weiss!


"After taking care of some of Hudson County’s sickest residents for 25 years, internist Ronald Weiss says he’s figured out how to make people healthy — and it’s not by writing prescriptions or ordering surgery.

Weiss would rather recommend a daily dose of what’s growing on his 348-acre, 18th-century farm in Long Valley. And next week, this city doctor will get that opportunity when he launches New Jersey’s first farm-based practice, rooted in the philosophy that the right food — fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, beans and seeds — is medicine."


Divine Feminine
26th October 2015, 20:13
And how about this remarkable person, Ty Bollinger! What he and his family have done to eradicate cancer is amazing and a step in the right direction. More like a leap if you ask me.

If you haven't had a chance, please sign up on his www.truthaboutcancer.com website to watch and participate in getting the word out that no one has to die from cancer anymore. He has gone to great lengths to educate the public on 'the truth about cancer' as well as offering solutions and protocols that are saving people from the genocide of our mafia run medical industry. Supporting his work would be the best compliment this humble man could ever ask for.


Divine Feminine
26th October 2015, 20:29
Vani Hari is another individual who deserves accolades. If you haven't heard of her, she's known as The Food Babe. She's put a lot of pressure on several corporations, bringing attention to their horrid practices of basically poisoning people with their chemical food additives. Thanks to her, Subway Sandwiches pulled a well known chemical out of it's bread. I think I even read recently that they are going to start using antibiotic free meat. Thanks Vani! You can visit her site www.foodbabe.com


Divine Feminine
26th October 2015, 20:41
How about Mike Adams, The Health Ranger? Did you happen to catch his recent article?

"Health Ranger To Unveil Plan For Bankrupting Monsanto Using Free Market Principles Driven By Informed Consumers... action report broadcasting Thursday on TalkNetwork.com"


Thanks Mike, you rock!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/051624_bankrupt_Monsanto_free_market_principles_su pply_and_demand.html#ixzz3phj78wps

Divine Feminine
26th October 2015, 21:18
While we're on the topic of Monsant-NO I just read about this recently....Wahoo Greece and Lativia!!! Way to go!
European Countries Ban GMOS

I know there are good things taking place in other parts of the world, those of you who live outside the UNITED STATES, help me out here with what's happening in your respected countries by sharing your positive accomplishments.

I just came across this website that might be a good source of information to watch for GMO free regions:

In case you're wondering where Lativia is:

I hope this gives you some ideas....I'll post more later. I'm looking forward to what others have come across too! :dan:

26th October 2015, 23:28
The last 15 minutes of this interview are more in line with the thread and although from 2011, very relevant now and positive >


27th October 2015, 01:22
I'm convinced that in the future this era really will be looked back upon as a kind of Renaissance. In western history, the Renaissance at the end of the Middle Ages has nothing on the kind of information explosion happening in the world today.

Divine Feminine
27th October 2015, 06:27
I agree bsbray...it's like the ultimate Renaissance of Renaissances, lol, nothing like we ever seen. Just posting all these individuals accomplishments begins to put it in perspective that this Golden Age has just begun. I have about 11 more different topics to post and I'm sure I'll find many more as time passes as will others. And though we still could experience rough times ahead, nothing is going to stop the momentum being generated by the expansion of consciousness.

Aianawa, I'm not familiar with Ralph Ring. I started to listen to the first interview, not sure if I will have time for the second. It would be interesting to know more about who he is.

27th October 2015, 12:17
Divine Feminine, thank you for all the positive info, it's quite the antidote to all the fear porn. At a personal level, I have had three years of chronic pain after a spinal fusion and new knee replacement. The pain was like an old 78 rpm stuck in a grove playing the same stuff over and over. Numerous testing procedures revealed nothing related to those two surgeries. Finally I had two kidney stone surgeries to remove one stone as large as an M&M with a peanut. The pain level is finally subsiding thanks to a great surgeon. I feel hopeful about a time of ongoing improvement for myself and human kind. Bless us all.

Divine Feminine
27th October 2015, 17:24
I'm so happy for you grannyfranny. There's nothing worse than not feeling well and it's amazing how one's outlook begins to change as their health improves. May you prosper in the years to come and may we all see a time where Heaven can be established on Earth and no one ever has to suffer again. :group hug:

Divine Feminine
27th October 2015, 17:38
I meant to add this yesterday, I forgot about Russia and Hungary rejecting GMO's too.

GMO Crops Totally Banned In Russia... Powerful Nation Blocks Monsanto's Agricultural Imperialism and Mass Poisoning of The Population

"A senior Russian government member told reporters the cabinet decided that any food production in the country will completely exclude any genetically-modified organisms or parts thereof," reports RT.com."

"This puts Russia in a powerful position of producing nearly 100% non-GMO foods for both domestic consumption and export. Most consumers around the world, when given a choice, prefer to eat non-GMO foods. In the United States, the criminally-run food industry front group -- the Grocery Manufacturers of America -- is desperately trying to block all GMO food labeling in order to keep consumers in the dark about what they're eating. Nearly the entire mainstream media, likewise, has also been bought off by the biotech industry and refuses to cover the truth about GMOs. (Which is why sites like GMO.news are becoming so popular among independent thinkers."

Hungary Also Rejecting America's Monsanto Imperialism To Produce GMO-Free Food For Europe

"Hungary is also working hard to produce GMO-free food products for its own people. As reported on GMO.news:

Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture believes that keeping Hungarian agriculture GMO-free is a matter of “extremely high strategic importance.” In fact, Hungary’s Constitution states that:

Hungary shall promote the effective application of the right referred to in Paragraph (1) by an agriculture free of genetically modified organisms, by ensuring access to healthy food and drinking water, by organising safety at work and healthcare provision, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, as well as by ensuring the protection of the environment."


I really don't like adding these pictures...it's upsetting...

Divine Feminine
27th October 2015, 17:56
Hey, did you see this? Soda Industry is tanking.....:cry:.....NOT! lol.....Consumer tastes change??? How about we're tired of being poisoned with your chemical additives...duh! It's not too hard to reinvent yourself if you have the good of humanity in mind....Oh but that's right....aren't Coke and Pepsi members of The Council On Foreign Relations?? Yep! And oh look Pepsi is actually one of the founders of CFR, how special! :whstl:

Soda Industry Struggles As Consumer Tastes Change

"Over the last 20 years, sales of full-calorie soda in the United States have plummeted by more than 25 percent. Soda consumption, which rocketed from the 1960s through 1990s, is now experiencing a serious and sustained decline.

Sales are stagnating as a growing number of Americans say they are actively trying to avoid the drinks that have been a mainstay of American culture. Sales of bottled water have shot up, and bottled water is now on track to overtake soda as the largest beverage category in two years, according to at least one industry projection."


Divine Feminine
27th October 2015, 18:23
Here's a guy I haven't had much time to dig into, but maybe a few of you have. I think he's someone to watch as his grassroots efforts to expose the geoengineering in California is commendable. He is really pouring the heat on public officials. Look how many people have visited his site! 19,067,505 Visitors!
Way to go Dane!! Kick some booty!

Dane Wigington

Who is Dane? Pulled from the Coast to Coast website:
Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. His personal residence was featured in a cover article in the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre "wildlife preserve" next to Lake Shasta in California. Dane is the lead researcher for geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geoengineering from chemtrails to HAARP. He also assisted Michael Murphy with his production of "What in the Hell are They Spraying."

Here's his youtube page:



Divine Feminine
27th October 2015, 18:36
Aianawa, I will finish watching the video of Ralph Ring,..he said something I wanted to transcibe and share.

I have much more to post, but have to take off for the day. I am beyond humbled by the people who continue to forge a path against insurmountable odds...it truly brings tears to my eyes as I post their stories. I really hope in time, many of these people will be recognized and honored for their endless efforts to help humanity. Things are changing for the better, I can see it, feel it, taste it...and I am so grateful.

....Listening briefly to the first video on Dane's youtube site...this guy is good, take a listen if you have time.

28th October 2015, 06:43
I have always resonated with Ralph ring ................he worked on Projects with Otis Carr (suppressed inventions) and if I remember right they travelled in a small ship they developed and moved the space vehicle quite a ways with the melding of their energy and the machine. Google Ralph Ring and better yet Otis Carr and you will get leads to information on this hopefully. Thanks for posting :)

31st October 2015, 03:04
In my research I found that during the Renaissance period, coffee and tea were introduced as alternatives to drinking beer and wine which were the primary means of ingesting liquids.
What with water being somewhat questionable, especially in cities and towns.

This meant that the number of folks who were continually besotted dropped.
And these new drinks acted as a stimulant instead of a depressant.

An increase in creativity was but one of the consequences.

Today we see a groundswell against the "war on drugs" for a variety of reasons.
And the chief gains are centered upon cannabis, but not exclusively so.

Cannabis has a multitude of useful and even life saving attributes, one of which can be as a creativity enhancer/booster/stimulant.
And this drive to free up our access to and understanding of this entire field of study is coming from the 'grass roots', the people themselves, despite institutional objections and decades of draconian attempts to subvert this understanding.

I foresee that we will be witnessing a surge of creativity due to the removal of limitations and 'blinders' on a multitude of fronts.
And it will make the Renaissance pale in comparison.

There is so much, poised just ahead of us, and we are drawing so close, that when the flood gates open, the resultant eruption of creativity is going to be a marvel to witness, take part in and contribute to.

I'm jazzed, to say the very least.


Divine Feminine
22nd November 2015, 06:53
Been wanting to get back on here and post more heroes so here we go!

Ever heard of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet? Please don't forget his face.

http://i489.photobucket.com/albums/rr251/Idahophotos/Dr.%20Jeffrey%20Bradstreet.jpg (http://s489.photobucket.com/user/Idahophotos/media/Dr.%20Jeffrey%20Bradstreet.jpg.html)



Unfortunately Dr. Bradstreet was found face down in a river 3 days after his practice had been raided by U.S. Government officials. Come to find out, it appears Bradstreet's research work was so extraordinary, the FEDS just had to put a stop to it. So help me get the word out on what Dr. Bradstreet discovered would you?

Your body produces a little known molecule called GcMAF, which is your defense against cancer! Bradstreet was making great strides in isolating this molecule and using it for treatment in cancer and autism patients with enormous success. GCMAF is not a chemical!

I'm going to share a big clue here......there is a way to obtain this same molecule and incorporate it into your diet without the help of some company who most likely will charge large sums of money. For obvious reasons I'm not going to give an exact name of the product, but think reeaally hard when you read these articles as to where you might find this molecule being produced in the food chain. C'mon I know you guys are smart! It's affordable and yes by the way...I sell it!

Please honor this man for what he has discovered by sharing the information below with as many family and friends so we can stop the needless chemotherapy sessions and suffering that cancer brings to our doorsteps. I spread the word with my own family and finally got them to listen! So one more time........emphasis large on purpose:



Please take the time to educate yourself on these 3 articles, it's worth it and check out the information on Nagalase! Wow!
I remember reading 1 in 2 men will get cancer and 1 in 3 women will get cancer. Stop vaccinating, stop flu shots and find out how to get that molecule into your system.


22nd November 2015, 07:49
Love this thread, thank you, there are so many courageous and inspired/inspiring pioneers in these early days of 'renaissance'.

Rest in Peace, Dr Bradstreet. David Noakes in the UK has also done a lot of work on GcMaf, despite being hampered by the Cancer Council etc:

Divine Feminine
22nd November 2015, 16:27
Thanks Joanna! Great to know about David Noakes, and his efforts! I love hearing what's going on in other countries as surely it's not just the United States towing the line so to speak.

Divine Feminine
13th April 2016, 17:42
And how about this remarkable person, Ty Bollinger! What he and his family have done to eradicate cancer is amazing and a step in the right direction. More like a leap if you ask me.

If you haven't had a chance, please sign up on his www.truthaboutcancer.com website to watch and participate in getting the word out that no one has to die from cancer anymore. He has gone to great lengths to educate the public on 'the truth about cancer' as well as offering solutions and protocols that are saving people from the genocide of our mafia run medical industry. Supporting his work would be the best compliment this humble man could ever ask for.


Ty Bollinger is running his Truth About Cancer documentary for free for the next 9 days. The first episode started last night and it will be pulled soon, catch it if you can! Click link at the top.


14th April 2016, 08:39
I know he's been posted elsewhere on TOT, but would like to include Nick Vujicic on this thread...who in his own way, is an inspirer of unity consciousness and love.
He spoke once at my son's school, and my son said afterwards, he saw there were kids who were changed by hearing and seeing Nick, and being in the presence of his attitude and perspective, in action. Bless his heart. /*\