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The One
16th October 2015, 12:27
The author of this book sent it me to share with the forum.

About this book
The Authors of this book made an attempt to explain what a Torsion Field (TF) is in very short terms and how this can be used to the benefit of humanity. The Authors revealed their top-secret information - they proposed how Interstellar Communication can be organised and proposed an innovative addressing method to be used in Torsion Field communication. In this book, the reader can find some practical solutions on how to build a torsion field generator or detector and some advice on how to use imaging addressing methods in TF communication. The Authors do not claim that the information in this book is an absolute truth, because science and technology are constantly developing, of course, things may change. This book is a practical Guide for researchers, communication engineers, for beginners (and not only) in their work in this new direction of Physics which can “push” communication system development! This book is for those who want to open their mind to perceive things beyond the dogmas!

The Authors do not impose their ideas on others but are sharing their views, thoughts and experience with others. Some third party materials and images used in this book are taken from open sources and used for brief reference only!

For those interested in the subject matter, enjoy http://www.torsion-field.com/Torsion%20Field%20and%20Interstellar%20Communicati on.pdf


17th October 2015, 02:21
Thank You and will keep it on file for posterity and the skilled individual that can maybe replicate and or enhance TF Communication..............one never knows as this could be very important info to have on hand in the future. :)