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27th September 2015, 11:18
Creator, ReCoGnize yourself :D

Okay, just got another epic hit of these now peaking cosmic energies, fourth day in a row, absoltutely mesmerizing energies. absolutely insane, so instead of waiting until tomorrow I release it NOW.

So here is the first book project as contribution to this epic shift humanity is manifesting/experiencing NOW, NOW, NOW !

It is essentially a manual that is, for now, especially suitable and processable for those that are in resonance with these energies and themselves.

Thus not many going to read it NOW, but this is anticipated since this book is ALSO, most specifically, for those that are as of now still asleep. When the truth enters the human mainstream domain and humans are going to experience emotional traumata this book is going to get more attention. Then more humans are going to be open for spirituality and world events (actual and ceased).

Then this book is going to help those humans to recognize themselves (which is the main goal of this book.. transforming ego, awakening into oneself, realizing that YOU are creation). It has an insane high healing vibration since it contains mostly of 6th density spiritual concepts. that is, everything that humans experience throughout such third density incarnations is examined and explained - detached from human lower density emotions - with help of these neutral and most basic spiritual concepts.

There are some highly controversial parts which are originating from the fact that no human emotions are involved when discussing certain events/happenings that many humans have witnessed. It is all analyzed from a time/space view of unconditional love, unity and the fact that all is one and all is love. everything is happening because of unconditional love, no matter if it is an ascension or a genocide/mass murder.

This material shall help humans to know themselves and let go of fear. It shall help to bring at least some humans into the position of being able to transfigure into the new earth.

Before that you have to remember yourself and you have to let go of fear and Karma. This book has been designed to facilitate that.

Even if only one single entity on this planet would achieve this due to reading this book, then it has reached full success.

As has been said this material is mainly designed for healing traumatized humans who are soon going to face the truths and the hardest challenges of their life. But also those who are already awake and aware of these concepts and information can profit, since this material might corroborate this status quo and help you to even more integrate what you alerady have remembered to "live and emanate it" as constantly as possible.

On the more technical side:

The book is available in german and english language. the german version might be taken offline during the next months since it is going to be send to various german book publishers as well.

Some of the pages still might ask you to invest more concentration on the text itself than other( page)s due to the background colors, but it should be readable though. Also some typos (as on the second/impressum page <- english version :D) are expected.

The informaton itself, contained in this project is 100% directly channeld from the own higher dimensional self. since this self already has melted into the third density experience it isn't even a real channeling anymore. when I write, self writes, automatically.

The material contains often some antiquated words and loanwords. this is most likely due to oneself being an entity of words. thus oneself loves to play with words. but if you may not know one specific word you can still google it, or it should be possible to distill its meaning from the context of the sentence/paragraph.

Here I share the dropbox link with you, you can download it there. Due to every of the 333 pages (+ summary, impressum and alike which are not counted) being underscored by a picture in the background, the file size is quite big, over 200 MB.

The second book project is going to expose the artificial nature of third density, visible light, universe in pictures (and explaining texts, which are shedding light on the technical side of this simulated virtual reality that is created and processed by super computers like stars or planets and certain "black hole like" background layers), which is really easy to do, since when you once got aware of it, it jumps "in your face" on almost all pictures shared by NASA or any other space agencies. This project is digging very deep into this topic, but for now I take a break to assimilate the now peaking energies of this consciousness gamma wave -> relaxation.

Most likely this book is going to be initiated with the start of 2016.

If you have any questions ask them here in a private message or write an email to OneOfLove33@gmx.de :D !

The aim is to now offer some more time for those who want to talk about whatever is related to the actual events, spirituality and alike. going to setup a new skype profile as well. I try to offer some time to do such conversations as well

Even though the real work, I am here for, starts after the disclosure of truths that opens up humans for what actually really is, oneself is always keen to help and support the other self. so of course one can already do that as well, now.

Plant some seeds for the upcoming weeks and months with reading this book which is also intensively dealng with the actual dimensional shift you are heading into NOW.

All love and light to you, congratulations for being right here, right now and it just started..... it is only going to accelerate and extrapolate, getting more intense and more liberating at the same moment.

The eneries are in. Humans ARE free now, you only have to realize that and act accordingly.


Link should work, Aragorn already checked it for download functionality.

All love and light.


Btw. the energies that have been predicted for end of september/early october are in fact peakng now. I got many hits during the last days, of an intensity never experienced before, it is absoltely mesmerizing. There are going to be more of these waves. when the actual galactic energy influx decreases the next one is most likely going to occur/peak after the first solstice in 2016.

First effects of this actual energy peak phase can be seen in this stunning article:


also scientists are going more official with it NOW: this space weather report where it is adressed was released exactly around the time where I experienced a phase of roughly 25 minutes wherein I was hit three times (lasting some minutues each) with these peaking energies on the 24.09.



Helpful message regarding the actual events the way of tuning in into certain timelines which are going to affect you directly in the according way:

you are going to experience that, which you cling to. That influences WHEN certain events are going to happen to you.

For instance, if you are aware of you having the opportunity of shifting into a new earth, which is of higher density, then you should completely focus on everything which is related to that.
That is, focus on rising your vibration to step up to the rising energies which provide the transition to the new earth for those who are ready to tune into it (which is always an individual case, therefore certain individuals can achieve this earlier than others since all of those individuals ARE THEIR OWN REALITY).

This can be achieved by facilitating your own well being and being in love and being in acceptance of what is - since you realize that everything that is resembles an important event for what is transpiring NOW.

This implies also that you should stop paying attention to everything which has low vibrational aspects incorporated into it. It also implies any material that pretends that things still have to happen.

Because if you "buy into" these narratives you are co-creating YOUR reality in a way that something important still has to unfold. By attaching to this proposal YOU are co-creating THIS reality where certain events have to unfold before you can make any progress.

For instance, if you believe that a disclosure may be months away, you and every other individual who believes in this is corroborating THIS outcome. In the meantime you completely miss on the possibility to enlighten yourself by gaining all the information you want to see disclosed, which is in fact already available, although, it requires a decent discernment to distill the truth from disinformation. Also, you can actively DISCLOSE everything you want to see disclosed to other humans.

THUS it is so important to detach yourself from these narratives. A disclosure is of course an event which is going to happen and it serves a function of waking those up who are fully asleep still - they can then progress furtherly to a point that you already have achieved - and you can help them to accelerate this process once they are open for your help, which these disclosures are going to achieve (before that it is almost pointless to try to wake someone up who is not open for this type of information, you are only violating their free will, instead unite with others who are open for it and discuss solutions with them). But anyway, in essence everything which is disclosure related is irrelevant for yourself and your own spiritual progression since you are already awake and aware of this intelligence - all those who are not yet at this point do indeed need disclosures and other events, thus they are existent and manifesting, even if you exclude them from your own reality in a way that you do not deliver energy to these timelines (or joining them yourself as co-creator of such a timeline which becomes your own when you constantly do this).

Therefore you could decide to not support these narratives with your own energy since you thereby create obstacles which prevent you from developing further in a much quicker way.
If you are unable, yet, to detach yourself from it, essentially continuing to concentrate on information which has much fear, delay and inconsistencies in it, then you are staying in this vibrational state which is going to manifest experiences that are of a commensurable nature.

Those who focus their creative energy on those narratives are going to prolong events and outcomes for themselves since all these narratives are proposing that something first needs to happen. This is in a way true, since when you believe something has to happen first, then it essentially neeeds to happen first, FOR YOU (and every one else who believes in this).

Since many still are doing this, being absorbed by all these disclosures and proposed events to happen, the powers that were are gaining more time for staying in a state of alleged control which they have lost already factually, but for those who are following the discussed narratives they are still "the powers that be".

This is co-creating a reality for groups of humans from which the aforementioned entities gain additional strenght which makes it possible for them to at least keep the illusion of them being in charge functional - at least in the understanding of those who buy into fear, deception and judgement.

Therefore it is highly advised to fully concentrate on that which you want to manifest for yourself. and if you do this YOU are tapping into the collective consciousness of those doing the same -> in this case already living the new earth from within - frequency wise - and thus manifesting it into their/your sorroundings with matching experiences to facilitate the ongoing transformation.

Remeber, to enter the new earth you are going to leave behind the third density embodiment, so you have to leave all of this (which many still cling to) behind anyway. So why do you want to focus on anything that is related to the old crumbling world (which is continuing to exist on certain parallel earth timelines so that everyone can experience what every one believes in), while you NOW can do everything needed for yourself to do this transition into the new earth collective timeline?!

Of course it needs to unfold holographically, so you have to do something, you are responsible for when it happens to you, if it happens to you at all - "this time" - to begin with (which is ultimately dependent on your spiritual development level and potential left over Karma which you are unable to release, for instance by forgiveness).

Thus it is irrelevant to pay attention to disclosures, market crises, manufactured wars, alleged off world activities, false flags and anything which might persuade you to think that the powers that were can do anything to prevent this from happening. By even thinking of this you are helping them to prevent YOU from aligning with your higher self that is about to fully submerge within you which leads to the possible transfiguration into the new higher density earth.

Also do not expect something to happen on a specific date, if you do this, you most likely are going to experience nothing on this date whatsoever since you have limited all possibilities to one day, which is inexistent by nature, since days are aspects of the engineered "time illusion".

there is only NOW, it can only be experinced NOW (- so if you can not experience it NOW, how do you think you are going to be able to witness it in the NON-EXISTENT future?)!

which day/now moment this is going to be is fully individual although many which are of the same frequency may co-create something that is experienced by many at a specific moment. this is of course possible but should, again, be irrelevant for YOURSELF. Do your inner work and the supposingly external - which is naturally only the outward projection of YOUR internal - is going to adapt to this.

The energies that are supporting your species in the possible transfiguration are already there. therefore there is nothing to wait for rather than excuses to not ACT NOW.

these divine higher vibrations are subsequently increasing to help more humans to finally come to a point of realizing what NOW is truly important and what is NOT. So yes, they rise and yes, many are not realizing it NOW and are going to need more experiences to be able to. BUT THIS HAS NO RELEVANCE FOR ! Y O U ! at all. You can utilize these energies NOW to engineer your own timeline by creating the wished outcome, NOW.
As has been shared by the entity bashar: then you are going to experience everything that is needed to bring you into the wished position since you are in a material third density world where - in fact - things have to unfold gradually.

But it now happens faster and faster and faster the higher the frequency is, thus everything that is focused on fear is going to materialize much quicker the higher the energies are - the same accounts, naturally, for everything that is based on unconditional love and compassion. In essence it is affecting both polarities, thus you really should consider what you pay attention to since this is going to affect your reality directly. Karmic discharge is also accelerating, thus things manifest in an accelerated pace for humans to be able to face and resolve it.

For instance, even if everyone but you would be of the opinion that an ascension is not possible "now", you could still do it, IF you are capable of being completely self-empowered and self-sustained since you are the creator of your own reality. The opinion of the collective is completely irrelevant for your own being and experience, at least if you realize that this is the case. ANd only then, when this is accomplished, you can shape your own reality/timeline in a way where you decide when what is going to happen to you.


27th September 2015, 18:31
thank you aragorn for fixing the typos in the header :D ! <3


yesterday while watching the blood moon eclipse this video was recorded. One wants to share it here, so that you get an impression or "carrot stick" ;) regarding the above mentioned second book project:

Facebook text copied in:

Okay, was observing the blood moon/eclipse, which worked out perfectly fine (material of the blood moon is going to be shared as well), but THIS HERE, has been the most intriguing capture of this night !

What you see here is actually one of the Orion belt "stars" (allegedly). As you can see here these stars are simply no real stars, it is that simple. Here you see a dynamically changing structure complex which is responsible for creating the night sky hologram of one of orion belt's stars. When you pause this anomaly randomly and look at it with a magnifier you are going to see CLEAR artificial structures which are always looking different, since these structures seem to be able to shapeshift, which this video demonstrates perfectly. But even in movement, without pause you clearly can see that this is everything but a star, in reality. mesmerizing capture.

This is a clear recording, I am stunned by this ! Until now I was not able to get such a clear video of the fake stars (only pictures). here you can brilliantly see, how they work/act/behave and what they are made of.

WHatever you might think, THIS IS NO STAR, as one without knowing of the engineered/artifical background - sky producing - layers might think when the said individual looks at the sky or the orion belt. A REAL star would just be a bright (depending on the nature of the star) white DOT (most of them, of course you have the yellowish, reddish and alike ones - but they would be simply DOTS or small "spheres" in the sky in high zoom), without anything unusual happening when recording them or zooming in on them.... well watch this.....


when seeing this it reminds oneself of these mesmerizing captures by john lenard walson incorporated into this little documentation by jose escamilla, absolute must watch, including shapeshifting ufos brilliantly captured, I need this equipment he has.

They actually mention the orion stars to be interstellar spacecrafts parked in earth's orbit, thus looking like constellation stars, at some point, when I recollect it correctly. Personally I am having/making different visual experiences, but however it underlines the fact of these stars being artificial in nature.


I am foreshadowing an interaction by Aragorn, to fix the video links ;) :)