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4th September 2015, 15:39
This is a shocking documentary about the origins of AIDs. No one knows how AIDs first appeared but in order to be able to defeat it we need to know where it came from. Our leaders are ignoring it but vast numbers are still dying from AIDs. Why do chimps recover from this but humans do not?


4th September 2015, 18:43
This vid suggests HIV was created by accident.

How do you feel about the idea that it was engineered intentionally?

The One
4th September 2015, 18:52
How do you feel about the idea that it was engineered intentionally?

I believe it was started intentionally and i read somewhere that the Ebola virus was related to this virus in someway


5th September 2015, 08:02
I believe it was started intentionally and i read somewhere that the Ebola virus was related to this virus in someway


If you know anything about viruses and you know just how viciously Ebola spreads, then there is no possible logical explanation than that it would have been engineered as a weapon. By whom is another matter altogether, because there are forces far greater than the evil geniuses here on Earth. It may have been engineered by ETs or whatever one wishes to call them, but engineered it was. A virus like that, and the way it operates, that's not the result of random mutation.

The following phrase is not for the faint of heart -- so those with a weak stomach should now stop reading -- but if you contemplate that Ebola actually spreads by turning living tissue into a liquid and then causing the body part in question to more or less explode, so that the infected liquid tissue gets spread out, then there's no way that this could have been a coincidence as a fluke of nature.

And then there's also how rapidly it spread, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, demanding an incredibly devastating toll, then suddenly retreating again and appearing all but extinct, and then again reappearing all of a sudden, when it was least expected. It's a weapon, I say.

: Sherlock:


By the way, I just remember something... Both my brother and I have served in the military -- we used to have compulsory military duty over here up until 1995 -- and my brother was stationed at a NATO base, where he was involved with the classification of NBC-related documents. He told me that he heard from a general that both Ebola and AIDS had definitely been weaponized.

NBC = Nuclear, Biological & Chemical warfare

6th September 2015, 04:38
Not only was the "AIDS virus" created intentionally, but there is no virus per se, rather it is a "syndrome" (auto-immune deficiency syndrome = AIDS) that can be diagnosed with or without the HIV retrovirus being present in the body.

The thing with AIDS in western countries is this: if you have HIV (harmless on its own from what I have seen, and this is the supposed "dormant" stage when you have HIV and not AIDS) you will be given pills that suppress your immune system, because your T-cells in your immune system are infected with this supposedly deadly virus and therefore they must be destroyed. Of course, destroying your T-cells further weakens your immune system (which in reality was fine to begin with). After your T-cell count drops below a certain arbitrary level, you are declared to have AIDS. Even if you do not have HIV and your T-cell is below this set amount, you are still diagnosed with AIDS.

In Africa they often diagnose people with HIV, not with a scientific blood exam, but with a questionnaire that contains questions such as "Are you a homosexual?" If you give the wrong responses to enough of these questions then you are simply told that you have HIV, and will then be given the medicine that actually causes AIDS by destroying your immune system.

Anyone who wants to learn more of this can watch any of the many documentaries about the AIDS cover up/conspiracy online, and the above is what they all boil down to. There have been respected scientists saying since the 1980s that the whole idea behind this virus does not make sense.