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The One
3rd October 2013, 19:23
This unique special looks at the whole phenomenon of giants from the earliest beginnings of civilization to the present.Also features interviews of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Cosmic Code which talks about the content of the Sumerian Tablets.According to a scientist's experiment on fish in a biodome with double the atmospheric pressure and a few other conditions, the fish grow to an unbelievable size which is proof that Earth had the right conditions back then to support the idea of Giants ever existing.Giants: The Mystery and The Myth covers historical, biblical, archeological and mythological accounts of giant human beings.


2nd November 2014, 14:59
Thought to bump this in light of the history channels new Giant program coming soon...

Question though, If history program authenticates the discovery of giants will this change the publics thinking on their existence? If its proven they were here why did the Smithsonian Institue keep their collection secret for so long?


2nd November 2014, 15:18
will they prove or simply entice?
they're good at enter-ticement. :eyebrows:

2nd November 2014, 18:27
sure they walked the face of the earth, not only according to unearthing of skeletons. They are referenced in many ancient books, also in the old testament (as nephilim, from Orion they came, stood against these elohim characters) which was recently translated from scratch by extraordinary ancient languages scholar Mauro Biglino - devoid of divinely inspired (mis)interpretations applying indepth language understanding and critical thinking i.e. dot connecting.

Not available in English yet..the books name: Bibbia non e un libro sacro

10th March 2016, 14:07
Video doesnt exist anymore :(

The One
10th March 2016, 14:13
Video doesnt exist anymore :(

Hi i found another copy.


10th March 2016, 15:05
A Giant in the Black-Forest where I live:


10th March 2016, 22:21
Wonderful! Thanx so much!

16th October 2019, 01:12
Just out and really enjoyed, sorta imo up to date >