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22nd July 2015, 19:38
Do you want to live in a timeline where Vladimir Putin is world leader?

Is he a genuine opponent to the Western elite?


I don't think so. I think he's being used as part of a switch to the East shell game. That's why I'm setting the intention to dissolve the timeline where Putin is world leader. We can do better.

Human beings have three main hidden abilities: Creating, Dissolving, and Protecting. The holy trinity in Christianity, or Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva in Hinduism.


Before you create a sandwich, you have to clean the cutting board. After, you wrap the sandwich in paper for protection. Dissolving, Creating, Protecting. We do it naturally all the time.

Dissolving and creating timelines is not such an esoteric practice. If a student is lazy in class, their teacher warns them they will fail. Then the student makes a big effort and gets a good grade. The student has just dissolved the failure timeline and created a success line. Timeline creation/dissolution is no big deal. Humans do it daily as part of their existence. Even writing this thread, I am manifesting and demanifesting futures. If enough of us work together, even 2 or 3 of us, it may have a cumulative effect.

I have no personal problem with Putin, he has a certain charisma, but we don't need him to represent our divine masculinity, especially if the same old pupetteers are pulling his strings from behind the scenes. I don't consent to that timeline.


If you want to demanifest the Putin world leader timeline, post a pic and a song, or focus on these:



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22nd July 2015, 19:54
There is a lot implied here that I would question.

What is it about Putin in particular that makes him a target before David Rockefeller, or the Rothschilds, or George Soros, or the Bushes? There is a presidential election coming up here in the US. Why not focus on getting in a new leader here rather than trying to "dissolve" Putin from power? Why is Putin a part of yourself that you particularly dislike?

I don't disagree with the basic principle of what you want to do, and I make practice of these ideas in my own life. But there is an art and skill to it and I don't think most people would be able to do this so well that they would wake up one morning and all of a sudden Putin is no longer a world leader in their timeline and someone else has replaced him (and who would that be?).

Another thing is that world politics is like a very complicated game of chess. You might remove one piece from the board because you have a particular distaste for the way it looks to you, but you don't know how that's going to affect the game going on between two chess grandmasters.

There's also the issue of world politics translating to the individual experience. You have much more control over your immediate surroundings and I believe this is also much more relevant to your personal experience here than these kinds of things.

22nd July 2015, 20:04
What is it about Putin in particular that makes him a target before David Rockefeller, or the Rothschilds, or George Soros, or the Bushes?

He's younger, more powerful, and therefore more of a threat for the future. Secondly, a lot of people are under his spell, but most see through the ones you mentioned. He's been portrayed as standing up to the Western Cabal, but I think he's working with them.

There is a presidential election coming up here in the US. Why not focus on getting in a new leader here rather than trying to "dissolve" Putin from power?

I'm not from the US, and I don't live there, so the election there isn't relevant to me.

But there is an art and skill to it and I don't think most people would be able to do this so well that they would wake up one morning and all of a sudden Putin is no longer a world leader in their timeline

When did I say it would happen overnight, or all of a sudden? Plz don't strawman what I'm saying. This is a gradual process.

and someone else has replaced him (and who would that be?).

I don't know who would replace him. There is no one else credible. But Putin is the most unsettling individual, because they could use him to implement a quasi-world governance structure, and I don't want that.

I have no problem with Putin as a person. I can see how he looks commanding, cool, calm, etc. I just don't trust the puppeteers behind him, and the grass-is-greener-in-the-east narrative the alt media are trying to push.

I want to see people discivering their own inner-leadership, and expressing collective choices through direct democracy, and crowdfunding. Not through a top down banking system that looks like a repackaged IMF.

22nd July 2015, 20:19
You say you target him because he works with the western cabal, but that's interesting because you are not targeting the western cabal itself. That's like targeting the look-out at a bank robbery because he's working with the robbers, but letting the robbers themselves pass for now. That's why I question what is really the motivation for going after Putin first. Maybe you have alienated the "commanding, cool, calm" aspects of yourself? Does that sound accurate? That's a question I wouldn't expect an immediate "oh yes that's what it is" reaction to. It's just something to probe.

I can tell you something else. As long as you are posting pictures of him you are doing no favors to your subconscious, in terms of trying to remove Putin as a leader from consciousness and thereby your timeline. When people make animated gifs of people dressed up in very expensive suits, the location where he's in... that all conveys the information subconsciously that this is an important person, even if there are others making fun of him.

The way I figure it (based on many world esoteric traditions) is this:

Your inner consciousness (and subconscious) ---> Your thoughts, feelings, reactions to the "outer world" ---> Manifests the appearance of that "outer world"

More directly, "as above, so below" translates more accurately into "as within, so without." It really is like the idea of the holographic universe, where the "all" is embodied and represented in each of the "parts," so that each is like a holograph or microcosm of the whole, and on top of that you have billions of individuals who are each literally living inside of their own discrete reality with different beliefs and ways of seeing the world. It's a small "quantum leap" to the realization that these individuals might actually be living in physically separate timelines/universes that all pop in and out of interaction with each other as fits the individual experiences.

So when I bring up psychological ideas it's because this is very close to the heart of the mechanism of what actually effects the change. Everything and everyone is an aspect of our selves and our own mind and consciousness. Everyone we see, how we react to them, or what we think about them, reflects (a) something about ourselves, and (b) how we think about ourselves. The things we are interested in and how we approach them are the same.

24th July 2015, 11:09
Xlent thoughts Bsbray, I feel this Putin will and has done far better than the first one, acyually I wish there was more hard facts and knowledge around the first one as it would not surprise me if it was not something similar to the Cayce-Wilcock happenings, anyway I loved the story and life happenings around the first Putin, lol long live Rasputin lol

24th July 2015, 21:22
- I think Putin is the most likely person to implement the shadow government's plans. There are very few other politicians who have the same level of support..

- In 2008, Obama charmed the world, and the elite used him to implement the same old plan, with very few changes. Iraq, Afghanistan, widespread poverty.

- I think Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are awesome countries with a lot to offer. I think the *people* and economy of those countries will end up balancing the world, and leading the Renaissance. Do I trust Putin, Modi, and the rest of those guys to manage the economy of those countries sincerely and competently? No.

- Case in point, the new BRICS bank. They just announced 100 billion in financing for the next few years. Where are the loans for small scale organic farmers, water projects, nutritional therapies? Humanity needs these things now. Where are they? Nowhere. The money will most likely be frittered away on "infrastructure deals".

- Who does Putin represent? He represents a people without leadership, who are looking to grab at the first alpha male who comes onto stage, without looking at his background. Putin rose to power on the back of the war in Chechnya, which *may* have been started by a false flag operation demolishing one hundred and eight Moscow apartment blocks.


Maybe the Putinitos could think about that next time they are swooning over his political alpha male act. These are the facts as I see them.

Political Saviorism

- I was in the UK as the EU happy family propaganda was rolled out in late 1999. One big happy European family. Look at it now. The Euro is sinking. Greece is in trouble, so is the rest of the zone. Some of us saw this coming 15 years ago. No one listened. The UK was wise to stay out of the Euro. They all laughed at us back then. Now people are lining up to take it from the next political saviour.

The AIIB is a Crock

If you want concrete proof that the AIIB does not give a damn about rural development, or the poor in this world, you could read this:


The China-led bank won’t focus on “irrigation systems, arterial roads, rural roads,” Mr. Brodjonegoro said, citing knowledge of continuing negotiations on the new bank. “It’s good, because ADB and World Bank basically are covering more basic infrastructure,” he said.

The ADB “will not be interested in a big power plant,” for example, but the AIIB would fund a 2,000 megawatt coal-fired power plant, Mr. Brodjonegoro said[/I]

The ADB has helped No One

- The Asian Development Bank (ADB), has been HQ'd in Manila since 1966. They have given out billions of dollars of loans in the past half century. Have you been to Manila? I haven't been there, but I know they have one of the lowest standards of living in all of Asia. Prostitution, poverty, and sickness is rife.


- I agree inner work is the most important aspect of this. I am 80 percent focused on creating a positive world, but there are certain timelines which need to be diffused.


A Positive Future Must Come from Us

Money needs to be managed by people, directly, through crowdfunding mechanisms, which could happily shift billions a day, if the social will was present.

We will get our Renaissance, but it will not be micromanaged by any self appointed elite. Not by politicians, not by large scale banks, not by self styled royalty, not by any of the current Dragon groups. It needs to come from the people themselves. It is coming slowly. Crowdfunding disburses 2 MILLION per day. Now how much have Putin, the AIIB, Neil Keenan, the fake Eastern Alliance and the other Dragon groups given anyone? Nothing, Nothing, Nothing...

I'm walking away and building my own timeline.

No loosh for you...

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This thread brings up three important issues for me:

1. Manifestation
2. Decentralization
3. Russia

3. Russia

I have been fascinated with Russian/Slavic culture for many years. I sought out and married a woman from that culture, and moved to her home country from America. Only later did I discover The Ringing Cedars of Russia books that clarified the allure of that culture for me. I contributed a few posts to the thread about those books: #4 (http://jandeane81.com/threads/6609-Ringing-Cedars-of-Russia?p=841922963&viewfull=1#post841922963) and #11 (http://jandeane81.com/threads/6609-Ringing-Cedars-of-Russia?p=841923584&viewfull=1#post841923584).

Although not a native Russian, I know enough now to say that there is much more to that culture than is typically understood in the West. I have great respect for the people and their traditions, preserved from ancient times despite great hardship.

Recently, I read that 60% of food in Russian is grown locally in dachas. And the country has taken a very strong stand against GMO. This is huge contribution toward decentralization. Compare to America, which just passed a bill in the House to ban GMO-labeling.

On the monetary front, Russia is one of the world leaders in the movement toward honest money (gold/resource backed). I see this is a transitory step in the right direction.

The Ringing Cedars books describe an ancient advanced and peaceful civilization which was decentralized by nature. They were tricked into reorganizing their society more like a pyramid and giving up their local sovereignty, essentially through a false-flag operation. But they have not entirely forgotten their roots and if Cayce is right, will lead the world into a new age.

Hey Myst, thanks for typing that up. A quick answer, cos I'm busy right now: Russia is awesome, and so are her people. I spent a lot of time in Central/Eastern Europe too. Everything you listed above sounds good. I have heard good things about standards of living rising in Russia, I just don't think Putin is responsible for that greatness, so I'm not building a timeline where he's involved. We don't need any more political heroes. I'm aware of the "he was groomed by the Cabal but he split with them" narrative. I used to buy it, I don't buy it anymore. I'm dissolving the Putin timeline myself.

There's also the Ruiner's testimonial to consider:

Typically I ignore these games as they play them. This is too hilarious to ignore:

The Blue Avians and Sphere Beings are apparently telling people that BRICS and "That Russian" who leads the "R" belong to the "Alliance" and wants to end the Cabal/Illuminati with help from the Blue Avians and Sphere Beings. This is being reported online via two individuals and two researchers, and by many others off of public profiles. ( I am going to make another post about the Alliance and the Secret Space Programs)

That Russian who is supposed to be "outing the Cabal" is a higher ranking member than any of those he is supposedly outing. Your writer knows that man VERY well, and spent a great deal of time with him. Your writer was, at one point, that Russians Trainer. He and I even spent some time off-world together and became friends. (I still have a soft spot for him on a personal level despite absolutely disagreeing with his life choices). I had the opportunity to show this Russian what is being said about him. He laughed and said "Oh what a great plan this is. Working flawlessly." He is right.

Ladies and Gentlemen: BRICS is not going to save you. That Russian, is more deeply involved with the Illuminati than any other public figure you could name. He truly loves the work he is doing and cannot wait to become King. He is completely amazed at how easy the Alternative Community is making this transition for him. The Blue Avians are an Illuminati creation, and this tale has been specifically crafted to work for specific people.

It is the PLAN that you all think he is the hero.

The average mainstream oriented person is easy enough to fool. For you Awake and Aware folk they attached a benevolent group of ETs to the tale. The Alternative Community is eating it up.

That Russian and his mentor (who is also the one who was my mentor) would like to thank you for making this information public. You are selling the propaganda of the Illuminati better than they could themselves. They have said that the first researcher to disclose this program will receive a prize. "It requires your credibility to give this tale wings." I'm sure the pun of WINGS was intended.

Addressed to Program Members, Civilians and Researchers sharing this story:
"Thank you very much, deeply and truly." -nituP

Truly if Common Sense doesn't tell you this story is wrong, then you should just follow BRICS to the promise land.


Got to go... thanks for contributing to the thread.