View Full Version : Is ZAP Benjamin Fulford's Pentagon Contact?

20th July 2015, 22:11
I have followed both Zap and Benjamin Fulford for a few months. Zap puts out updates once or twice a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Benjamin does a weekly newsletter that he releases to subscribers on usually Mondays but isn't supposed to be released publicly until the following Thursday.

Here is an article by someone that noticed a correlation/coincidence(?) between the two writers;

http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2015/07/is-zap-benjamin-fulfords-pentagon-source.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ascensionwithearth%2FVcrr+%28 Ascension+with+Mother+Earth+and+Current+State+of+A ffairs%29

20th July 2015, 22:17
:hilarious: I sure hope not... between Nidle,Fulford,Zap, and Yellow Rose they couldnt bust a grape in a food fight their aim is so bad!


20th July 2015, 22:41
Out of all of these people, Fulford is the only one I follow weekly. I haven't seen him get much wrong, whatever his sources are, as far anything he has said that is falsifiable at all. He predicted the Fukushima disaster back in 2008. He also said that the Charlie Hebdo shootings indicated that the west was going to turn cold towards Saudi Arabia, in within about a week the king of Saudia Arabia was dead. He has also been talking about Greece for a while, as have many who pay attention to the financial sector.

For what it's worth, Fulford used to work for Forbes, as the head editor of their Pacific bureau if I'm not mistaken. So just from that position alone he is bound to have seen a lot of interesting things and met a lot of interesting people. And while he claims to still be in contact with various insiders, he's not claiming to channel aliens or anything like that.

And maybe most importantly of all, I've seen him admit mistakes he's made in the past, when he reported information but later deemed it was wrong.

21st July 2015, 05:23
That looks like smoking gun evidence. Good find, reblogged.

Fulford aggregates some good info, but he's started to become as repetitive as Nidle or Salusa.

21st July 2015, 23:26
Fulford is the only one I follow at all. FWTIW

22nd July 2015, 15:04
Yellow Rose never held much appeal to me. Nidle, I've read a couple of sentences of and couldn't force myself to continue (much the same with Yellow Rose).

ZAP, to me, keeps it interesting. Benjamin tends to provide a few more details, although he sometimes sprinkles in some pretty off the wall occurrences. (imho)

Regardless, big changes are afoot.