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18th July 2015, 16:30
I apologize in advance for the "wall of text".:tea:

Humans are a very complex and curious lot. We have developed astounding works of art, technology and theories. Yet for some reason we have not been able to achieve any lasting peace on our planet and have proceeded to practically destroy our natural environment. That’s the curious part.

There are a great many people that say a revolution is needed to induce changes that are needed to correct this situation. Well true, we need changes to come about, as the present situation (economical, ecological and societal) is unsustainable for any long period of time. However let’s look into the meaning of the word “revolution”. Basically it means to revolve, ie,… start at point A and move in a circular motion until returning to point A. Elementarily the only thing that was achieved was a passage of time only to return to a starting point. Research history and try to find a revolutionary movement, that after a period of time, did not need another revolution to maintain the beneficial results of the previous one. You will be hard pressed to find one.

Yes, cycles play an important role in our lives,…. ie,… day to day, seasons of agriculture, reproduction of life and so on. But what about our beneficial progression? Have we been caught up in a situation where we are just stuck in the mud and just spinning our wheels, our “revolving” wheels, making little, if any, beneficial progress as a species? Do our lives consist of working more hours for less compensation and less leisure time to enjoy the fruits of our labors and our health and paying more and more for essentials needed to maintain life?

Now let’s take a look at the word “evolution”. A process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions. So it would seem that any “revolution” would need to incorporate “evolution” to be of any benefit. With the inclusion of evolution into the revolution, it might well be deduced that the movement would be graphically presented as a helix. And thus would produce passage of time as well as linear progress towards societal, ecological and economical changes for the benefit of all involved.

Can you chew gum and walk at the same time? Yes? Congratulations, you can multi task! Multi tasking will be required to bring about the changes to benefit your life. We’ve covered revolution and evolution. How revolution is basically going in circles and passing time, while by adding in some evolution produces progress within that time. Now, by combining the two you will be multi tasking. As with learning anything new, start with simple thoughts and actions and when you comprehend the basics start developing your technique and always be mindful of your goal(s).

To cut to the chase, the premise of this paper is to “program” or, in some cases “re program” your “self” to achieve a better quality of life. That last sentence may sound scary to some people. But understand this, the vast majority of people have been “programmed” without realizing that they have been. And might I add that when I say quality of life, I do not necessarily mean material riches beyond imagination. It can very well be possible to acquire that, however that’s not what I meant. Health and happiness, first and foremost. That is what I’m talking about. Just by changing our thought processes we have the ability to change anything.

By making changes to your thought processes you will be adding evolution to your daily revolution. You will no longer be spinning your wheels. You will be making progress to achieving your goals. You will be proactive rather than being inactive. It has to be understood that practically every day, all day you are being bombarded with stimulus designed to produce you to think certain thoughts or, in a certain way. Anything from labels on products that you see, ads that you hear on the radio, the placement of products on end caps or shelves in the stores, just about everything has a reasoning behind it. It’s called “marketing” and it’s not designed to benefit you, it’s designed to compel you to buy or to achieve. To look a certain way, to feel a certain way, to make you think you’ll be happier, better, healthier. Don’t fall for the ploy’s. Remember, evolve not revolve!

Everything retail and commercial related and even governmental is profit/income driven, and I mean everything! The reality of our society as it stands now is based on consumerism, profits and the bottom line. Let me ask you, are you happy “revolving” or, do you think you could be happier “evolving”? It’s your choice, it’s your responsibility. It’s not a matter of marching in the streets protesting or taking up arms and putting yourself and family in danger, not yet anyway. It is about changing the way you think. We need to out think the marketers, corporations and follyticians. Don’t revolve in their game, evolve in your game!

Sometime within the next six months (today is 6/10/15) the world economy (read central banks, FRB, ECB, IMF, Wall St., etc.) are going to fail. Big changes are coming down the road for the whole world. The world has never been in such a dire economical situation. And it is all completely the responsibility of the criminal banksters and follyticians for this. I’m not trying to scare anyone or cry wolf. These are facts. Be prepared. 2weeks worth of food, pet food, medicines and water should suffice.

The reason I brought this up is that it will also be an opportunity to make changes for the benefit of the vast majority of the population. And a chance for the masses to “evolve” rather than continuing to just revolve, as has been the case for centuries. It will be our choice and responsibility to make the decision and changes there of.

Now, back to the present,….. The economic, ecological and societal situation we find ourselves in today did not come about overnight. It has been a slow gradual creeping condition that has happened, most notably over the past century. Actually it started well before then, however it has gained the most momentum within the past century.

There is a theory of quantum computing that during the processing of qubits, which are quantum informational bits and can simultaneously represent a few different values at the same time. It’s really bizarre as opposed to analog computing that most of us use today. As well, within quantum physics our reality doesn’t exist unless it is being observed. Whoa! Some may think that that is impossible, because for one, as an example, just because I can’t observe you doesn’t mean that you don’t exist. Bare with me, I’m getting to the point that I am trying to make, as well as the purpose of me writing this article.

I have no idea who the people that may read this are, but, since it is posted on the internet within a group that is accessible to the public at large, it would be assumed that me (a physical human) wrote it. Therefore I exist, without you (possibly and likely being a stranger to me) observing me physically. Now how could that be if quantum physics has proven otherwise? Well consider this, a cascading row of domino's knocking each successive domino over. Okay, by me creating this document, I have in a sense knocked over the first domino, becoming part of your reality. In affect presenting an idea, thought or, at the least instigating an action by you. By you seeing the title of the document and being curious and/or you clicking on something with a computer mouse to open the document to read it. So, in a sense I have been observed by you in an indirect way.

Beyond that initial observation by you there is also an experience that you have had, producing a memory within your psyche/consciousness (reality). You think therefore I am. So, much like a chain reaction, we all exist and influence those that have experienced each others presence. Also something to think about is the old party game “Six Degrees Of Separation Kevin Bacon Game” and the theory that everyone on the planet is only separated by six different personal connections, or something like that.

Sort of like the 6 degree Kevin Bacon game, and since we all have different thoughts and opinions at any given time, the original idea/word manifests in a multi faceted reality whereby being interconnected with all who have been subjected to (in some way) the idea/word. And thereby remain in the reality whether observed or not by the originator/creator.

So, it would seem that a collective consciousness does exist. And also that the collective could and will, in fact, overcome the oppressive collective once there is a majority that will understand how reality is generated. Or, overcome by way of "programming" a positive mindset regardless of the collective understanding the mechanics of it or not. Observing media for instance, we see that it programs the violence, sexism and consumerism that drives the society/culture by the simple act of suggestion by mainly audible and ocular stimulation. The result has been a self replicating system of slavery. It's time to reprogram the system or tear it down.

Program yourself and evolve. Create the traction you need to reach your goals and go beyond. Create the reality that you want and help others realize theirs. Become the master of yourself. Find your happiness and if you can, help others find theirs. Realize what freedom is. With cooperation amongst ourselves we can achieve our fondest dreams and aspirations.

Thank you for making the time to read this and may it be beneficial to your future!

18th July 2015, 16:40
Freewill, Spirit, Wisdom And Empowerment

Freewill is an element of consciousness that we are endowed with at our birth and develops through the course of our time that we spend on/in this world. As we physically age our freewill becomes “conditioned” and programmed to become less “free”. I’m sure that most people would agree that if we really had “freewill”, we could do, be, have what we wanted. Do you really know what it is you want to be, to have, or, to do in life and at what cost?

Looking within yourself and developing your spirit, or soul (as some would say) is an avenue that provides answers to the questions above. The practice of self examination leads to wisdom. However, there are many people that, for various reasons, do not look within themselves, rather, they continue to look outside of themselves. A lot of people depend on their five senses and other people to lead them along their life path.

With the spirit/soul working in concert with wisdom we become empowered to regain our freewill.

18th July 2015, 16:44
Allegory Of The Zombie

Most everyone knows or has seen what a zombie is, thanks to modern television. What does a zombie represent? Let me provide a definition from Dictionary.com of what a zombie is;
Zombie - • the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose.
Now, let me give another definition, or, description; A zombie is a person with a semblance of life, yet mute and will-less to change their environment to become, once again, a human being. Zombies are not born, they are made. A sub-par natural force created the zombie coma state for the purpose of self enrichment.

The zombie staggers and limps along searching for it’s next meal and thus infects another human with the fear of a single bite. And actually they are quite communal, traveling in groups and can be found in a solitary setting as well.

What is the best defense against becoming a zombie? Well first of all learn how the sub-par natural forces overcome a human being to turn one in to a zombie. That is the most important.
The next thing that can be done is to destroy the mindset of the zombie and persuade them to re-think. Teach them to think for themselves rather than letting the sub-par natural forces do their thinking for them. (Your mileage may vary). I am not knowledgeable of any other defenses as of now.

18th July 2015, 16:46
The Conflict Of Me

The mind is better suited for problem solving and learning rather than conflict. Conflict usually arises when the truth is hidden and misrepresented. People have been conditioned to follow orders and dismiss ones own thoughts. Just about everything these days promotes a herd mentality. People that resist the movement of the herd get trampled upon, in many situations.

Rule #1 – Know your self. Rule #2 – Know your enemy and what it is.

Meditate,…. envision yourself absorbing the life source energy and project peaceful and loving energy to your thoughts. There are many techniques, practice what feels good to you. The important thing is that you are doing it. Make a habit of it. Intention directs energy, use it wisely.

Overcome the ego, put it in it’s place. The battlefield is in your mind, not in front of your face.

If one has no ego one has no self.:yoda:

18th July 2015, 16:48
Good Bad And Unknown

Dwell about the nether,
afloat without a tether.

Observe the light afar,
and leave the door ajar.

Welcome is the man,
that finds his freewill,
fore he knows that he can.

He creates his world to be just and right,
because with his wisdom he has unlimited sight.

With his meticulously honed knife,
he cuts away forever from his enforced pain and his strife.

Refreshed and healed with life giving breath,
the man overcomes his selfish masters and puts them to death.

He rejoices with his family who are loved and most dear,
they know by him that they will overcome fear.

18th July 2015, 16:50
Alone As With Everyone

Being alone makes one responsible for ones self. Being alone gives a person the responsibility of everyone. As human beings require social interaction to thrive and become who and what they are. However, the downfall of social interaction is that while group settings can produce positive results for the whole (or for a few), it will as well produce negative results with the individual.

In today’s world respect is a misunderstood concept. For the most part these days respect is demanded. Making a demand of respect is in fact counter to it’s definition.

A person who demands respect is a person who does not respect themselves or any other person and takes no responsibility for themselves. They expect and demand others to shoulder their own responsibilities and to pay their dues.

Be alone and forge your own world in which every “one” can live and prosper.

19th July 2015, 16:44
Alan Watts' observation;


19th July 2015, 20:08
Thanks RTT, a question that pops in my mind, is how does one stop the wheels from turning or revolving? Is it simply by acknowledging that they are? I know self control and discipline are part of the equation, however some of these cycles we can find ourselves in can be large and challenging. In my vast experience with challenging cycles, is if my guard is down for a minute an open flood gate of old cycles can take a hold of me before I know what happened, even being tired and out of it seems to leave me open. Not trying to make this personal, however it is me that I'm working on. Thanks.

20th July 2015, 15:22
Thanks RTT, a question that pops in my mind, is how does one stop the wheels from turning or revolving? Is it simply by acknowledging that they are?

Thank you for asking this question. I have never given it much thought, to be honest.:scrhd:

In the context that I used the words "wheel" and "revolution" I was attempting to project an analogy, or rather, a metaphor to the conception of "change". From my personal perspective I have always thought that it would be impossible to stop "change". Therefore I haven't given it any serious thought.:hmm:

However, I do think that "change/changes" can be both a benefit or a hindrance, depending on how a person's consciousness perceives them.

So, maybe by acknowledging the wheel(s) for what they are (change(s), people can better understand how to use them for their benefit.

20th July 2015, 15:32
I have posted this video in another thread and I am posting it here as well since John Trudell has a profound insight on the human conundrum.


20th July 2015, 16:19
RAW lecture/talk :spinning: