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7th July 2015, 00:03
Unsure where to start except with myself using the dreamspell 13 moon calendar, we moved into the Human arkeytype wavespell that has some strong attributes around free will and wisdom, went to a funeral last Sat and as soon as I reached destination, small country town ( Karamea ) it was constricting but was unable to get myself into what was happening for myself on that energy level or find the time, after three days I spat the dumbie and my partner tripled that energy and threw it back at me lol, anyway this threw me deep into myself resulting in answers, yah, and yuk, slavery karma burn off, where we were staying was in a sub division before the town and back in time it was a stopping point for slavers as such, I have not researched yet and it may not be now known also, as this imo may be a micro macro happening, is anybody out there getting the trapped, hopeless situation, family or land disconnection in their doings of late ?.

7th July 2015, 17:45
Just for perspective, I don't believe in Karma.

The explanation of your experience may be based on a localized earthly energetic in the region. If that energetic is related to tragedy, suffering or death in the area is rather beyond my contemplations to confirm or deny. But, you can try going back and verifying if you have a similar type of experience, thus confirming some aspect of it.

At the risk of misquoting a former member here, solarimplosion, and ill-advising you. I cannot know for sure because I'm trying to rationalize something else that meant a lot to me in an intuitive sense: I'll venture that you experienced a materialization of those energies in your centers. I wouldn't be hasty to characterize the experience as good or bad; solarimplosion was very clear when he characterized materializations as imbalances (the very non-judgemental aspect of the term catches my attention) and as such something desirable to correct.

The meaning of the material is quite possibly irrelevant, although the experience of rebalancing is quite relevant. Focusing on the centers with application of the "golden-mean" balance inducing "love" should correct the energetic imbalances that are causing the materializations. As that happens they should clear away from your experience and your mind. He said if the materializations turn to sadness and sorrow than it is unproductive to continue the focusing and to move on.

Whether there is real meaning in the materializations or not is not actually the primary concern, but rather overcoming by applying the golden-mean to rebalance the energy and thus assimilate it into love is the primary concern.

I don't know the how or the why just yet. But if it is important to you, it must be important overall.

7th July 2015, 23:18
Yes it was energetically localized to that region imo, i have known ( many do not ) that my energy field within and out acts as a conduit as such for transmutation or at least clearing of energy/s, hence knowing i would be coming to Christchurch to anchor myself for it's energy transissions five years before the earthquakes began, it is who i am and what i do = clearing and preparing, yes it was within some of my centres or it connected to them for the process to happen, yes they were neither good nor bad, just what was happening, yes i was able to define imbalances within myself and some unresolved issues in this and past lifetimes, yes very relevant, felt it was important overall and others knowingly or unknowingly would be guided to destinations to prepare or clear, also. Cheers for reply, i always feel very honoured with these happenings.

30th September 2015, 12:38
For myself the last couple of weeks were energy happening times and especially the weekend just gone, anyway while i have been feeling the energies dissapate somewhat and getting better angles and feeling on the events and energy stamps of late a real aha feeling came to me, the energy around the complete devastation of separation between mum/dad or parents from children, imo there was some release of this type of energy of late, not sure how, maybe from the work that happened in above posts giving me a connect feel.

30th September 2015, 19:52
Karma is doing something until you no longer need to do it basically it is a lesson unlearned you do it until you learn .

:back to topic:

it was a bit to truthful and depressing we live in a world full love and joy

30th September 2015, 21:04
...something screamed at her ( inside ) to climb out the bathroom window...

an intuition perhaps?

Is this a true story or a hypothetical?

30th September 2015, 21:13

I think maybe you create your own Karma by the life you live if you act with honour and integrity you get that back ( hope anyway but I learned to count my fingers when dealing with some people make sure some are not missing )

1st October 2015, 02:44
Karma is doing something until you no longer need to do it basically it is a lesson unlearned you do it until you learn .

God is simply a observer ( some times he whispers a warning of danger ) example is a girl who was hitchhiking was picked up by a couple with kids.
They stopped at a gas station to pee she went into the bathroom something screamed at her ( inside ) to climb out the bathroom window and run away . She did not and became there sex slave for years .

This may help, there is our personnel and human karma journey, then there is many many other types and aspects karma wise from planetary to timelines to already cleared karma with a cycle or spiril attribute potential, some souls may take cultural, family, sickness or slavery karma etc as an addition or potential, to clear, on behalf of, one can watch karma in action easily, usually if they have watched their own in action first, like today, my son's 4th birthday, very obvious watching it play out with parents and children, very easily seen with groups of people in nature, especially, from observation.

Also one can clear their own karma and then start outside themselves.