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3rd July 2015, 06:49
The long process of awakening to the reality of what the hell is happening on earth
brought me to deeply respect the american people.
It is from your culture that some of the more obvious CABAL Operators emerged.
Yet, and this is my point, it seems to me that your people lead the movement of awakening.
There is a backbone in your nation, both mental and spiritual and I salute it
and is eternally thankful
There is so much energy in your Truth movement. Not so in my country.
People are much more asleep and submissive.

In some senses you are now one of the most oppressed and robbed nation.
As I understand it the Cabal understood thar they must dampen the free american spirit.
They made quite a good job of it.
Yet, gradually, more and more of your people rose and rise against this encroaching process.

If most of my spiritual knowledge comes from The Sufis, mostly people who came
from eastern Islamic culure,
then most of my historical knowledge comes from you people, in the U.S of America.

For the last couple of years I lived American politics and its various life issues -
- medicine, education, MSM, banks etc - tragedies and hopes, with
infinitely more attention and involvement that i gave to my country and culture.
We hardly have the whistleblowers that you have, and hardly have the scholars
and researchers that for decades work tirelessly in your midst, in which Academia
came alive again.
To an extent I turned into an involved american.

I realized that your fate will be mine, to freedom or to slavery

4th July 2015, 03:24
You sent me some words
And told me in fact:
Fill in a picture
Build up a picture with these words of mine

And I took took your words
They were wide vast and deep
I could not fill in a picture
My canvas was too small to keep

Led by an urge
I surrendered to the task
Of letting your words
To build my canvas all anew inside

With only the outline first
I let my mind grow
Allowing each word to make place inside
To stretch the canvas where canvas there was none

I felt indeed I have to have place
For all and each word to peacefilly rest
Before I have a whole wide picture
True in front of my eyes
Before I will have a good reason
To tear it apart

One woman says to another, "Poor Maisie really has suffered for what she believes in."
"And what DOES she believe in?" asks the other.
"She believes that you can wear a size six shoe on a size nine foot."

source: http://www.katinkahesselink.net/sufi/stories.html

4th July 2015, 03:46
Mulla Nasrudin and the Wise Men Spiritual Story conveyed by Idries Shah

The philosophers, logicians and doctors of law were drawn up at Court to examine Mulla Nasrudin.
This was a serious case, because he had admitted going from village to village saying:
"The so-called wise men are ignorant, irresolute, and confused."
He was charged with undermining the security of the State.

"You may speak first," said the King.

"Have paper and pens brought," said the Mulla. Paper and pens were brought.

"Give some to each of the first seven savants." The pens were distributed.

"Have them separately write an answer to this question: "What is bread?" This was done. The papers were handed to the King who read them out:

The first said: "Bread is a food."

The second: "It is flour and water."

The third: "A gift of God."

The fourth: "Baked dough."

The fifth: "Changeable, according to how you mean 'bread.'"

The sixth: "A nutritious substance."

The seventh: "Nobody really knows."

"When they decide what bread is," said Nasrudin, "it will be possible for them to decide other things. For example, whether I am right or wrong. Can you entrust matters of assessment and judgment to people like this? Is it not strange that they cannot agree about something which they eat each day, yet are unanimous that I am a heretic and a troll?"

This piece was stolen from here:
Which itself was stolen from here.... which itself....

4th July 2015, 03:50
A neighbor came to Nasrudin for an interpretation on a point of law.

‘My cow was gored by your bull. Do I get any compensation?’

‘Certainly not. How can a man be held responsible for what an animal does?’

‘Just a moment,’ said the crafty villager. ‘I am afraid I got the question back to front. What actually happened was that my bull gored your cow.’

‘Ah,’ said the Mulla, ‘ this is more involved. I shall have to look up the book of precedents, for there may be other factors involved which are relevant and which could alter the case.’

4th July 2015, 04:10
When I go into a state of pretence
Led by envy and greed
I feel the Field's getting murky
I feel unease
Do you prefer pretence or is it clear waters you rather - the Lake asks with no need for words
And I sigh with relief and surrender again to the Lake

4th July 2015, 04:15
Hear the sigh of longing
For clear waters
Hear the longing for tears
That roll on a chick
Relieving a starving heart
To hear from his mind again

4th July 2015, 04:26

אם תראו אותי הולך למולכם
ותשימו לב שאני מניע לרגע את השפתיים
מדבר למישהו
דעו שרגע לפני כן חלפו מחשבה ורגש מכוערים בתוכי
ואתם תפסתם אותי אומר לעצמי

If you will see me cominig ahead in the street
And notice that i move my lips for a second
Talking to somebody
Know that a bit before an ugly thought and emotion erupted in me
And you caught me say to myself

* The above is the origin in Hebrew, which i wrote on 29/6/15, and submitted to my blog in Hebrew

4th July 2015, 04:34

בתוך הראש אתה חובש כובע
כובע מלאכותי
כובע שנחבש בך
בסיוע שלך, בהסכמתך, בשתיקתך, באזלת ידך

עכשיו אתה צריך להסיר אותו
להמיס אותו
כדי שקרני הירח תוכלנה לשזוף
את הבצק הפנימי

Inside your head you wear a hat
Artificial one
That wad hatted inside you
With you help, by silence and consent

Now is the time to remove this hat
To melt it down
So that moon's rays may light upon
The dough of your brain

* Jokingly I told a fellow I work with who read this piece and liked it that sometimes I think we need a
drill, right away, to drill a hole in the skull, from above, to let some air and light inside

4th July 2015, 05:08
Do you have a wiper
To wipe my window clear
I do not see clear
And I want to see again

Get your inner wiper
Wipers are not for sale
For this window can be wiped
Only from inside

You are the sole owner
Only you have the key
Your Castle ground is now infested
It is up to you to make it clear

Your longing for a wiper
Is a good start indeed
Keep this longing true
Until your window will indeed be clean

You can't demand a time to finish this Job
You are not in a position to demand anything indeed
Only hard honest work is a key
To make a wiper and turn yourself to clear see

True sight seekers do not demand any terms
They start with the job
And hope it will end
Before they will end

They feel they are honored
For having been given such a task
That once you start it
You never know when it will end

4th July 2015, 05:23
יש לי דעה

יש לי דעה
דעה חזקה
ואם תשאלו אותי
היא לא שווה פרוטה

I have an opinion
A strong one and fine
And if you will ask me
It's not worth a dime

4th July 2015, 05:26
Every word is a precious stone
Every word is a portal
To and from a Creating Sun
But you have to become the right kind of Cammel
For this portal to recognize your DNA

Breathe Infinity with every breath you take Uri
And allow life to scratch you clean
You poor vain one

4th July 2015, 05:27
My waking state is sleep
Even when I give it my best
All to no avail
And thus it should be
And there is no shame in the matter

Only when Another light
Will rise to shine upon this light of mine
Only then the sleeper will awake
To harvest all the toils
All that he invested in his sleep

You have to learn my friend
To stop this constant chatter in your head
What noble force will come and visit
This unruly house of yours
The eagle does not seek the company of cackling hens

The Other light, I may suspect
Is here with me for quite a while
But not until the two lights will merge complete
Will real light shine within my house
And the mole will become a Seer

4th July 2015, 05:28
A young mole told his mother that he found a book that teaches how to see.
He also said that after long practice he can see now
His mother decided to test him. She put a a plate with Frankincense inside
and asked him what he sees
He said he sees a candle
"Not only do you not see" the mother said, "you also lost your sense of smell"

I have first read this fine teaching story in "THE SUFIS" by Idries Shah
which, if memory serves right, is taken from Aesop
I am telling it in my own words

4th July 2015, 05:33
When a ray of Sun lit my life 42 years ago
I heard the sound of flute inviting me to travel
To take a long and lightly ascending path
Into far horizons
And I thanked my Lord for sparing ignorance from me
At such a young age as 22

But note my friends
That in my search and work and ceaseless efforts
I know now
That this awakening was none in essence
Than the dreamer awakening within his dream
While still asleep

We are asleep
And this is not intended as an insult
The best of our alertness is still within
Sleep's Kingdom
The Man inside us
Is waiting yet to present himself to us

All our good efforts
Are the ingredients of that which boils inside us
"So let us not call ourselves "the ones who woke up
"But rather" the ones who desire to wake up

When the dead will die to his deadness
He will stretch up and laugh out loud
Oh, my God, how dead I was

A song from "Diaries of a Dead Man"

Double Sleep

If you are not aware or suspect or feel that your waking state, at its best, is still within the realm of sleep, you are asleep indeed: doubly so

Sleeping Man: A Stage of Being where The Reality of Life is yet denied or absent

Question: How do you know that which you yourself says you do not really know ?
Answer: I do not really know that which I dream about and feel is real
The distinction between a seeker and a finder is absolute to me
I am a seeker


When the stuff of Knowledge
That stuff that is not included in the Periodic Table of Elements
And never will
Will thicken up inside us
Filling every nook and cranny
Leaving not forgotten sight
We shall wake up one morning
- be it morning, afternoon, evening or night -
Knowing what we missed so much
And this indeed will be fine

We shall become bodies of Knowledge
And in Knowledge we shall ever grow


Every word we use
Contains this precious Stuff
"Every" for one
"Word" for one
"We" for one
"Use" for one
Do you catch my drift ?

Without this Stuff
Nothing would exist
And our good future lies
In turning from the products of this Stuff
To the Stuff itself

Yet we draw the Stuff
From within the products of that Stuff
So keep on talking and theorizing and speculating
But keep your eye upon the real thing
Which has no name and needs not one

Feel and feel and feel
The pregnancy inside

4th July 2015, 05:37
I am a mole
Blind in the ground I grope
But I was born with the dream of seeing one day
Of breathing the Legendary Air

For years I tried to convince myself
That this and that were seeing, light and air
But truth imposed upon me to despair
And put all my delusions in the grave

Yet my dream did not wane
And my fire did not extinguish
Now I give credit only to my moleness
Only to that which is experienced indeed

It is through the full experience
Of my kind of blindness
That I am encouraged to feel
That new organs of perception will emerge

What shall I become then
A bird
A fish
Or maybe even that Creature of Legends called man ?

4th July 2015, 05:45
What I have to sell
Is nothing but me
And if there is no real me
I have nothing to sell indeed

If I am a good me for sale
All you have to do is replicate
For the me that is me
Is the you that is you

4th July 2015, 06:25
There was once a small boy who banged a drum all day and loved every moment of it.
He would not be quiet, no matter what anyone else said or did.
Various people who called themselves Sufis, and other well-wishers, were called in by neighbors and asked to do something about the child.
The first so-called Sufi told the boy that he would, if he continued to make so much noise, perforate his eardrums; this reasoning was too advanced for the child, who was neither a scientist nor a scholar.
The second told him that drum beating was a sacred activity and should be carried out only on special occasions.
The third offered the neighbors plugs for their ears;
the fourth gave the boy a book;
the fifth gave the neighbors books that described a method of controlling anger through biofeedback;
the sixth gave the boy meditation exercises to make him placid and explained that all reality was imagination.
Like all placebos, each of these remedies worked for a short while, but none worked for very long.
Eventually, a real Sufi came along.
He looked at the situation, handed the boy a hammer and chisel, and said, "I wonder what is INSIDE the drum?"

source: http://www.katinkahesselink.net/sufi/stories.html

4th July 2015, 06:39
Why would a bored man insist on maintaining company with a boring man who is the one that bores him ?
Surely he is kind and desires to transform the life of the most boring man into interesting and valueable one.
This is what I call althruism.
The beauty of humanity

A man tried to dig out a corpse from a grave.
But since much time passed since the burial he succedded to scoop out only small remains.
What a bore, he muttered

Another man went into a restuaranr and demanded yesterday's remains.
The owner of the restaurant did not know whether to be flattered or insulted.
He decided at short last that money is money and gave the poor man what he asked for

4th July 2015, 07:06
Why stay in the mire
If you can fly to the sky
Why wsate life in arguements
If you can sing a song

Two men looked out of their prison cell's window.
One saw mud on the ground the other stars in the sky.

From Sufi tradition

4th July 2015, 08:03
Corey Goode, as well as Randy Cramer tell us that at the end of
their service in one of the SSP programs, each in his own, they
were Age Regressed.
This notion is the most difficult for me to accept.

I believe that this is what was told to them, and I believe that both
accept that this is what happened.
I guess that my mind, in its own dark regions was thinking about it.
Is it real ?
Is such a reality possible ?
And even if it is possible, in theory, is it likely that the SSP scientists
posess such knowledge ?

I was inspired with the next idea which explains away Age Regression
as a reality.
Now, I do not feel that I can check it thoroughly for the next 2 good reasons:
- I did not experience what Corey and Randy went through
- My intellectual power is not powerful enough.

I hope though, that if there is a basic truth to the idea that I propose,
more informed and wiser people will be able to make use of it.
Also, I will not be surprised if this idea was spoken about before. For
me it is new.

The Idea:

There is Corey Goode.
There was a clone Corey Goode.
At year xxxx Corey Goode senior went to SSP missions.
Corey Goode junior (clone) replaced him in life on earth.
Both are active now, in parallel, probably linked in some ways.
In year xxxx + 20 Corey Goode senior comes back home.
The age regression is a fusion of memories of some kind.

This is the core idea.

I wrote this basic thesis 3 days ago and since then had some sort of a fuller solution to the riddle.
I intended to start this thread with this piece but was hampered by doubters and accusers and "teachers"
of all sorts, all of whom' of course, were and are caring for Truth, Humanity and Me.
So before I shall be destracted again (a well known tactics to divert attention from primary issue) i'll put
the seed idea for posterity

4th July 2015, 08:43
July 2, 2015
source: http://exopolitics.org/whistleblowers-reveal-breathable-air-on-mars-secret-corporate-bases/

Written by admin on July 2, 2015.
source: http://exopolitics.org/mars-defense-force-defending-human-colonies-interview-transcript/

Written by admin on July 2, 2015.
source: http://exopolitics.org/mars-defense-force-defending-human-colonies-interview-transcript-pt-2-2/

His story corraborates certain parts of Corey's story

4th July 2015, 17:20
Corey Goode on FACEBOOK 2 hours ago:


I have been held back on releasing recent reports and completing a Q&A for Dr. Salla because of some recent and disturbing incidents that I was under the impression we were shielded from.
I am awaiting a meeting with Gonzales and the SSP Alliance Council in relation to some of these matters.
These are incidents that have my wife and I extremely upset. Because of the nature of what opposition groups have done I am not sure yet if we will be publicising the details yet.
This certainly seems inline with the threat that Gonzales received in his recent meeting with the Draco Federation Alliance and Committee of 200 "Chairmen".
I can say this was crossing the line in my book and only angers us and makes us more determined to push forward with disclosures and future work.

Speaking of a part of that work, I received an update from Gaiam TV. The first episode will air on 7/14 and the first 2 episodes will be free. They have received a lot of emails from people confused about the sign up process and how to make sure we receive credit for their membership. I appreciate people being conscientious of this.
They stated that all memberships that are signed up via the link on the banner advertisement on our website or the link below will be credited to "Corey/GoodETxSG".
Thank you all...

4th July 2015, 18:38
אמיתיות – סיכום ביניים

לקח לי 40 שנים בערך
להגיע לדרגת אמיתיות סבירה
שמאפשרת לי, כך נראה לי, קיום צומח

Truthfulness - a middle of the road summery

It took me about 40 years (and a bit more)
To reach a stage of reasonable truthfulness
A base
That allows me, so i feel, growing existence

5th July 2015, 04:06
Gonzales Report Coming Soon, Super Federation Meeting Went Well, The Truth Will Always Lead to Transcendence of Fear | Corey GoodETxSG
Saturday, July 4, 2015
source: http://sitsshow.blogspot.co.il/2015/07/gonzales-report-coming-soon-super.html#more

As in most cases Justin, an independent thinker (not every thinker is independent and therefore nor really a thinker),
adds valuable comments to facts providing.
SIST is one of the main places where my attention is turned towards in search of relevant fresh significant
events, written by people who practice philosophy as a living thing. My taste and practice too. It is
a never ending process of learning and groath, struggle and effort, and deep quiet enjoyment, of feeling
that life is alive.

6th July 2015, 05:02

הייתה אקסטזה
שקטה ועשירה
עכשיו פלאטו
מה עושים ?
ממשיך ללכת


There was an ecstasy
Rich and quiet
Now plateau
What do we do ?
I keep on going

6th July 2015, 05:30
זה שנוא, זה אהוב, באותו מקום בתוכי

באותו מקום בתוכי
שבו אני שונא גזל ועושק
באותו מקום בדיוק, אבל בדיוק
אני אוהב צדק ונדיבות

באותו מקום בתוכי
שבו אני שונא שקר והונאה
באותו מקום
אני אוהב אמת וכנות

אם לא הייתי מסוגל לשנוא
לא הייתי מסוגל לאהוב
ואם לא הייתי נותן מכיסי לנצרך
כל מילותי עלובות וריקות

באותו מקום שבו אני אוהב כסף
אני שונא לתת אותו לך

באותו מקום שבו אני אוהב כסף
אני אוהב לקחת אותו ממך

ויש אוהבי כסף גדולים ואוחזי עיניים מצטיינים
שמשתמשים בגרעין האמת שבשתי האמירות הקודמות
בכדי ללחוץ על בלוטות תחושת האשמה ולאסוף כסף "למטרות נעלות"

ויש אנחנו
שנתלים בטענה הקודמת
ושומרים על כספנו חזק בכיס

* The original, in Hebrew, written this morning

This is hated, This is loved, In the same place inside me

In the same place inside me
Where I hate robbery and theft
In the exact same place, but exactly
I love justice and generosity

In the same place inside me
Where i hate lie and deceit
In the same place
I love truth and sincerity

If was unable to hate
I wouldn't be able to love
And if I would not be giving from my pocket to the needy
All my words are empty and despicable

In the same place where I love money
I hate to give it to you

In the same place where I love money
I love taking it from you

And there are big money lovers and supreme deceivers
Who make use of the grain of truth in the two former sayings
To trugger the sense of guilt in the gullible and extract money for "noble causes"

And there is us
Who hang upon the last saying
To keep our money tight in our pockets

14th July 2015, 02:07
A short something I wrote yesterday in my Hebrew blog, looking at my daily life



אני רואה קנאה
היא מציצה אל מולי
באלף מצבים
הקנאה שלי


I see envy
It peeps at me
In thousand places
My envy

So who is the envious and who is more sincere,
Let each one look into his own self
Many accusers are guilty of that
That they blame others

A short Sufi anecdote:

A not so worthy person approached a dervish and started berating him
calling him all sorts of names/
The dervish, listening patiently, answered as the accuser had his say:
"I am much worse than you imagine."

15th July 2015, 04:29
There is a saying in Hebrew:

על ראש הגנב בוער הכובע

I was seeking a Nasrudin story about a theft case, but found this in the meanwhile,
so have some smiles:

In a dream Nasrudin saw himself being given money.
When there were nine silver pieces in his hand, the invisible donor stopped giving them.
Nasrudin shouted: "I must have ten" so loudly that he woke himself up.
Finding that all the money had gone, he closed his eyes again and murmured:
All right then, I'll take the nine...


So this too for further laughter:

The Thief

One night, a thief broke into Nasrudin’s house and began putting items in a sack. Nasrudin then joined him and added a few items.
The thief was so bewildered that he turned to Nasrudin and asked, “What in the world are you doing?”
“Well,” Nasrudin replied, “I thought we were moving, so I began helping you pack.”


15th July 2015, 05:25
I wrote the following in Hebrew 15 minutes ago and I'll translate it here:


(בטחון (סרוס עצמי

יצאתי החוצה
היה שם אור
כולם אמרו זה חושך
איבדתי ת'בטחון

יצאתי החוצה
היה משב קריר
כולם אמרו מחניק פה
איבדתי ת'בטחון

סיפרתי להם מה קרה לי
הם אמרו לי להיות ביקורתי
עשיתי מה שאמרו לי
חזר לי הבטחון

Confidence (Self castration)

I went outside
A light was there
They all told me it was still dark
I lost my confidence

I went outside
A cool breeze caressed my head
They all told me it is stuffy
I lost my confidence

I told them of my experiences
They recomended more discernment (stuffy word)
I followed their teachings
Now I am confident

4th September 2015, 16:02
In those times
We became children again
We found ourselves believing
In angels and flying saucers
In dragons and underworld cities
We talked freely, shamelessly
About out of body experience
Teleportation and Zero energy
Souls and Reincarnation
God sprouted in our hearts again
We set free our dreaming self
And talked nonsense with no apology
Believing, hoping, that nonsense will soon become sense

But it was an ebb and flow
There were days when we felt empty
Wondering how detached from reality we became
Yet we already knew
And it happened indeed
When a new wave would surge
And make us believe all again

We lived then in two bubbles
Alternating between them
Our new self forming in the new bubble
But the old one still massive
Being shared by the great masses

Disonance indeed it was
Quite an adventure
Braving ourselves in circumstance of uncertainty
Sailors on Colombus ship
The ones who believe that America exists

* A grandfather answering his grandson's question in 2055: "How was it, back then, before you knew for sure"

7th September 2015, 04:29
I drowned in words
Suffocating in torrents of ideas
And then i remembered:
Words must die
If humans are to live

(from a Sufi source)

10th September 2015, 19:57

If my Self is a stranger in this land too
A poor wanderer who lost his way
Why should I not
Be service to that Self
Who so desperately yearn for loving care

That Self and all the other Selves
All these wanderers seeking a trail
We all must calm down
And cease to produce these dust carrying winds
In which no eye can see

12th September 2015, 06:31

A Hundred Balls of Fire

Imagine a ball of Fire
Wrapped by other balls of less fire
Say, a hundred balls
One inside-outside the next one
Until the innermost ball
That lends his life force - so it seems to you –
To all the balls around him

And you stand outside
A bit distanced
Watching and feeling
From time to time you see people
Going inside and coming outside from the Ball
And you ask one of the men who came out
What is this fire ?
And he replies:
It is the fire of Truth
And who are you that go inside it and come outside, you ask
And he replies:
We are the lovers of Truth
And do you not burn, you ask
- Knowing that you see in front of you an intact person –
And he answers:
We are on fire but we are not burnt
We are the people who love to be on fire, he adds
And why do you love to be on fire ? you ask
And he says;
Because then we feel most alive, the most I, the most One, the most

And you stand outside the balls of fire
In a safe distance
And you ask yourself if ever
You will have the courage
To step inside the balls
And burn and burn and burn
And become into Being

And once I asked him:
And what are you doing there in the fire ?
And he answered:
We mend people
We build them anew
What people ? I asked
Ourselves, he answered

And once in anger I asked him:
And to whom do you bring benefit at all ?
And he answered:
To whom do you think we should ?
To us all, I answered in heat, not calculating my words
And he just looked at me, keeping silent

This piece was weitten in response to the following in Corey's FB:


http://spherebeingalliance.com/thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-09%2F11988489_1501327990164992_8655812599275323369 _n.jpg&w=400&h=400

15th September 2015, 16:47

When you will open the door
To a new world
(or rather the door will be opened asudden)
A great void will be opened inside
Turmoil fear and confusion
Will threaten your life

But if you listen to me
Don't be afraid
Go with your daily routines
And cut some vegetables for a salad
Take the time that is needed
For the new world to fill in the void
And the void that is filled, it is you
A Me much much grander than you ever expected
Not less grander than the world
That is daily unfolding
With portals ETs and the rest

Come will the time
When you will feel how wondrous
Is the stuff that is pouring inside you
And come will the days
When you will find yourself
Overflowed with wonder joy and fulfillment
And your life no longer will be like yester they were
Or today


After, or rather during, listening to the 12'th episode on GAIAMTV, today: Cosmic Web
in which Corey describes their existence, matter of fact, I felt a sense of deep awe wonder and joy.

I wrote the following in his FB:

If I was a child in a future advanced society, where portals is something that is taken for granted
I would have to grow and develop in order to understand how magical it all is.
But I am a child of Earth bidden society, heavy, chained very much to physical sense perception.
So when Corey, so matter of fact, simply rolls the facts for us I feel deep and wonderful estonishment and joy.
What makes this testimony strong is probably the fact that he is a spokeman for a strong body of people
who gave him the green light to speak.
And, quite probably, it is the right time.

One more thing. I admit that all the wonderful technology in the worlds is not, for me,
a match with "the technology of the heart", my inner spiritual groath.
The external wondrful revelation about portals, for example, is mainly valuable for me
as an assitence for my inner possibilities and the continuing striving of progress with the 'stuff of soul'

18th September 2015, 06:42

I am not a Truther
Anyone saying that he is
Is a liar and a fool
At best I am a lover of Truth
And this can be affirmed by Truth alone
But She is always silent
Talking In the language of the dumb only

Assume you are always on the verge of lying
And She may favour you with a glance
She well knows how easily I betray her

24th September 2015, 13:18
Any one, from the surface or from below in whom I feel
the spirit of good intention, I am willing to step with, together,
into the future.
If he suspects that I am a barbarian I will do my best to live
in such a way that will show him that I am better than he thought.

Each of us will have to seek what is wrong inside himself
and try and improve.
We all have to aspire to become more positive.
To sink into mutual accusations is a weakness.

On this basis much good can be achieved.
The really evil ones are few.

But before you accuse those underground cultures, do you believe that they exist ?

25th September 2015, 02:06

Flood them

Flood them with real information
All of it
Day in and day out
Quanta after quanta
Pushing their heads to expand, the very skull bones to grow
They will be excited at first
But then they will cry:
Stop it, Stop it
We cannot take it anymore
Its too much
It is killing us
Shut the flood, shut it now
We want the flat dreams of yesterday

(A song of self mockery)

25th September 2015, 08:12

Calm down

Much excitement
Lots of new info
Good omens
And a crowd
Is a crowd
And I caution myself:
You are not a baby any longer
Calm down

When the celebrations will be over Eternity will still be here

25th September 2015, 17:50

We are rational people

Of course we are rational people
We are mature people
Of course we are mature people
So why should we believe
That we happen to live in a unique time and place
Where-When all of sudden
Science fiction will become reality
And legends will become truth
We are mature and experienced and sober
We are rational smart and sophisticated
Oh how sophisticated we are

If legends in a few years will become truth
And science fiction will become reality
What a shame it will be
What a shame
And we shall then know
That we missed the exceptional opportunity
To experience the Great Transition in Real Time
And only be comforted that we experienced our own folly in Real Time

enjoy being
26th September 2015, 05:26
Oh a challenge in rebuttal to deafen the words.
I accept by pasting a poem I made 10 years ago.


And Shiva dances faster,
The storms mistaken,
By some,
For now.
The laughter has already begun.
The mind, the wind, the sun.
Jah is mighty,
They free their feet.
They feel thou warmth,
Understand its song.
So be true,
And nought be wrong.
Fear not the storm,
For it caresses,
And defines thine will.

26th September 2015, 05:34

Honey Trap

Corey said a couple of times that Earth, or maybe the whole solar system is a Honey Trap.
I undestand him to mean a Honey Trap for the Evil or STS inclined, so that, come the right time,
supposedly this time, much evil will be captured at one swoop.
So I thought I will write me a little song.

It is nice to think of Earth as a Honey Trap
A Loosh Trap rather
And we are the Loosh
And no one asked us
If we agree to be
Loosh or honey or bees
But maybe noone is obliged to ask us
Or maybe we were informed ahead of time and agreed ?
Imagine we were adviced to not Loosh ourselves
Because demons are Loosh lovers
And rather produce Honey which attracts Angels.

In any case
We descended into Loosh Country
And even when we made our best to produce Honey
Still we were partners in living to all the Loosh production
And we tasted all the evil we partnered to produce.

What else is left for me but to cry and laugh
At this Loosh-Honey mixture of our History ?

26th September 2015, 09:34
I have heard about these artists and listened to them just today,
after reading an article of praise in an Israeli newspaper, 'Haaretz'

Kayhan Kalhor and Erdal Erzincan Vahdat Hall Concert کیهان کلهر و اردل ارزنجان


Habil Aliyev - Dilberim


27th September 2015, 16:52

The Cycle of Life

I write a song
And it springs out of me
Sprinkling awhile in the light
Then it falls back into me
Disappears and forgotten

* This is the Torus of creation

28th September 2015, 04:08

Happy fish

In murky waters
Murky fish we swim
Dreaming of clear water
And happy fish

28th September 2015, 04:40
All Theories
Are doomed to perish
And in their death
They gaurantee the continuation of Life

28th September 2015, 04:46
Every house needs windows for people to feel good inside.
The light and great vistas whispered through the windows
create a good feeling in the dweller.

I hope that the moderators will allow these 'windows' of mine to stay in this Thread
for all buildings enjoy windows

28th September 2015, 05:06

I plowed the land of thought

I plowed the land of thought
And seeded it from a sack of imaginations
Fields of assumptions sprouted and blossomed
Waving in the winds of observation
Before harvesting
And plowing again

But nothing was to my content
Even if at times the harvest felt good
Until after a thousand generations I understood
That it is my self that I plow and seed and harvest
Preparing myself to become
A true seed

28th September 2015, 05:26
Every house needs windows for people to feel good inside.
The light and great vistas whispered through the windows
create a good feeling in the dweller.

I hope that the moderators will allow these 'windows' of mine to stay in this Thread
for all buildings enjoy windows

I wrote this post under the thread about Corey Goode
anticipating that the 'MANAGEMENT' will decide to separate milk from meat,
hoping that IT will feel the reasoning.
I failed.
No hard feelings. Just a third bitter third amused third sad smile

29th September 2015, 11:54
URIKORN, you often post your poetry in the Corey thread. I don't believe anyone sees a need to move it. They would if you requested it. (This isn't exactly a kosher community).

My husband and I were just discussing windows and what a luxury they used to be. When my house was built 80+ years ago it's windows were considered large and luxurious.

I had a very interesting dream where I was looking at a mirror and realized that it was a window.

Are you happy with your building so far?

29th September 2015, 17:22
URIKORN, you often post your poetry in the Corey thread. I don't believe anyone sees a need to move it. They would if you requested it. (This isn't exactly a kosher community).

Actually, I have moved URIKORN's poetry posts from the Open Your Mind - Corey Goode & David Wilcock - Sunday 28th June 2015 (http://jandeane81.com/threads/7291-Open-Your-Mind-Corey-Goode-David-Wilcock-Sunday-28th-June-2015) thread to this one, because we created this thread here specifically for that purpose, and the poetry posts were off-topic for the other thread, and shifting the focus of the thread too much away from the actual subject and onto URIKORN.

There's nothing wrong with someone posting a poem (or even a song) on any particular thread, or perhaps two or three poems or songs. But in this case, there were 18 (!) of them in the last 15 pages or so of that thread — I didn't even check the pages which came before that. I was actually already in the process of marking the poetry/musings posts for relocation, and by the time I had marked and moved the posts, URIKORN had already posted three more poems to the same thread. The word "saturation" springs to mind. ;)

Still, we feel that URIKORN's musings have value, and that there is a place for them. And given that we created that place here, in this thread — which was split off from an earlier thread which attracted lots of negativity — I have moved those posts over to this thread now. :)

29th September 2015, 18:31
I plowed the land of thought
And seeded it from a sack of imaginations
Fields of assumptions sprouted and blossomed
Waving in the winds of observation

Samson said to them, "If you had not plowed with my heifer, you would not have solved my riddle." -- Judges 14:18

I had to throw that out there. Probably my favorite Bible verse ever. :cool:

5th October 2015, 05:33

In the end, so I heard, the High alone will remain

From myself to myself
That is a limited cycle
Self limiting life

From myself to my higher self and back to my self
That is an expanded cycle
Where inspiration enters and directions for action

From myself through my higher self to the High and back to my self
That is a still expanded and deeper cycle
Where inner alchemy starts its transforming work

In the end
So I heard people say
The high alone will remain

* What are your contacts in life ?
Are you mainly connected to Self-to-Self people and products ?
Do you seek to challenge yourself with higher cycles ?
How far do you feel urged to stretch yourself ?
Yet do not over stretch. Do not. It is a waste of time and effort,
Except as a lesson that it is waste of time and effort.
How do we find the living balance between submission and ambition ?

5th October 2015, 15:35
"How do we find the living balance between submission and ambition ?"


Submission can lead to the abdication of responsibility.

Ambition can lead to the same.

Balance lies in responsibility. For what you think, do and say.

14th December 2015, 04:06

To Fix Uri

Uri is broken
We have to fix Uri
Who will fix Uri
Uri will fix Uri
For who cares about Uri
More than Uri
And who suffers more from Uri's bugs
Than Uri
And who knows them better than him
And if Uri does not care for Uri
Why should anyone else care for Uri
Especially as all others
Have their things
To fix

14th December 2015, 15:43
Indeed. My problems and my solutions are my own. My victories and failures are my own.

Learning to ask for and how to take advice is a good practice.

14th December 2015, 17:56
Indeed. My problems and my solutions are my own. My victories and failures are my own.

Learning to ask for and how to take advice is a good practice.

An essential part of fixing oneself is indeed being attentive to any source of learning
including negative examples

A Sufi dictum:

Learn from the misfortunes of others
So that others will not learn from yours

Taking in a good advice requires a taker

14th December 2015, 18:38
Aus dem Mautnawi

Hör' auf der Flöte Rohr, was es verkündet,
Hör wie es klagt, von Sehnsuchtsschmerz entzündet:
"als man mich abschnitt am beschilften See.
Da weinte alle Welt bei meinem Weh.
Ich such' ein sehnend Herz, in dessen Munde
Ich giesse meines Trennungsleides Kunde:
Sehnt doch nach des Zusammenweilens Glück
der Heimatferne allzeit sich zurück.
Klagend durchzog ich drum die weite Welt,
und Schlechtem bald, bald Gutem beigesellt,
galt jedem ich als Freund und als Gefährte
und keiner fragte, was mein Herz beschwerte.
Und doch so fern ist's meiner Klage nicht,
den Sinnen noch fehlt der Erkenntnis Licht.
So sind auch Seel' und Leib einander klar,
Doch welchem Aug' stellt' je ein Geist sich dar?"

Kein Hauch, kein Feuer sich dem Rohr entwindet.
Verderben dem, den diese Glut nicht zündet
Der Liebe Glut ist's, sie im Rohre saust,
Der Liebe Seufzen, das im Wein aufbraust.
Getrenntet Liebenden Gefährten sie,
zerreist das Innerste die Melodie.
Als Gift-, als Gegengift stets unvergleichlich,
An Mitgefühl und Sehnsucht unerreichlich,
Gibt sie vom Pfad im Blute uns Bericht,
von Medschnuns Liebe singt sie manch' Gedicht.
Vertraut mit diesem Sinn ist nur der Tor,
Gleichwie der Zunge Kundsmann nur das Ohr.
In Leid sind unsre Tage hingeflogen,
und mit den Tagen Plagen mitgezogen !
Und ziehen die Tage, lass sie ziehen in Ruh',
O du der Reinen Reinster, daure du !
Den Fisch nur sättigt nie die Flut,
doch lang sind des Darbenden Tage, lang und bang.
Aber mein Wort sei kurz; verstehst doch nicht
der Rohe, was der Vielgeprüfte spricht.

Dichter-Übersetzer unbekannt.

12th March 2016, 06:55
New Land

When you walk to a New Land
A land you have never been in before
(A land that most people around you have stopped long ago
to dream about as a feasible goal)
And maybe, as some say, you've been there but forgot, like everyone else
And you are not truly sure that this Dream Land exists
Because it is such a subtle energy in your imagination, mind and body
And this subtle feeling has to compete with the overwhelming impact of the physical senses
And this land, for you, exists yet not
- Often it feels it is just an inch away, almost touchable –
And years and years and years you dream of her and strive in action
And still it eludes you, still away from you
Yet still you feel it is worthwhile to devote this life of yours to reach it in earnest
To become New yourself, to re born anew
And you do not know when you will reach it
And how can you ?

And if one day it will happen and your dream will come true
You will say to yourself with a sly smile:
This was one hell of a journey
Not too difficult
(just fifty or whatever years of a sustained striving)
But you had to give it all
Because how everything can become new
If you do not submit all that is you to this process
And how can all your clothes become clean
If you fail to put all of them in the laundry machine ?

And as I sail in my imagination
I think of myself arriving and saying to myself:
What an Ancient Land this New Land is

To the following I listned after writing the above "New Land" :

Are You Awake? Or Just Informed


The text of the above:

Are You Awake? Or Just Informed

by Zen Gardner - Mar 4, 2016


And why not this too:

I get out - lauren hill lyrics


1st April 2016, 06:28

Black crows fall dead to earth in the Hour of Senecio


I imagined ourselves
The simple many
Diving inside
Each man to his essence
Each woman to her core
Resolving in our hearts :
Enough with this slavery
Enough playing meak to Authority
Henceforth I vow to lead the life of a sovereign entity
Learning to itself
Not lying to itself
Not paying lip service nor parroting conventional truths
Not saying "I understand" what I do not

And I imagined a cloud of Senecios
A plenty Senecios of light
Emerging in the power of creation come free
Each Senecio a man
Each Senecio a woman
A huge flower exploding in richness of stunning beauty
A slow harmonious explosion of life and intelligence
That only adds
Only builds
Explosion that does not destroy
A flourishing that will never end
Drawing its vitality from the Springs of Everness

And black crows
That ruled our lives a minute ago
- That we let them this rule –
Are falling dead to the ground
One by one

They desired to make us flowers made of plastic
We answered them with Senecios of Love

Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How and Why




1st April 2016, 11:38
That's a very nice poem, URIKORN. Thank you for sharing.

1st April 2016, 12:31
That's a very nice poem, URIKORN. Thank you for sharing.

Poor jobless black crows
With no one paying attention to their "rulership"
With no requirement for their "skills"

1st April 2016, 12:38
There was a crow talking to us yesterday. It sounded like it was saying, "yeah," "uh huh," "yeah," "uh huh."

1st April 2016, 21:38
Happy Valentine's Day Urikorn. As you can see, we all decided to share in the love for this special day. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day in Israel?

It comes just once (or is it twice now?) a year, so we might as well have a laugh while we can.



2nd April 2016, 11:07
Happy Valentine's Day Urikorn. As you can see, we all decided to share in the love for this special day. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day in Israel?

It comes just once (or is it twice now?) a year, so we might as well have a laugh while we can.



I celebrate no day but today
I am deaf to all other celebrations
They all are non-existent as far as I am concerned

I wrote today the following (in Hebrew)

The right tempo

Do not rush
Do not delay

2nd April 2016, 11:28
Live each day as if it was your last. Relish each moment. Stop to smell the flowers.

When I think of tempo I think of playing the piano.