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14th September 2013, 06:44
Look AT this as it has been quit a week and see what is to come.
Astrology Forecast for September 11, 2013
Published on Sep 11, 2013
I have a right to be angry and get fired up,
When giving voice to the Goddess whose had enough.
For by piercing the silence imposed from without,
We create a new world worth shouting about!
This week is all about 11's, a master number to help us clean up some of the messes around here! We are all being called to task these days and it can be hard. It is a time to face the wind as strong, cold, or hard as it is and with determination forge a new world order (beginning with our own inner reality, then close relationships, then larger and larger circles of influence).

The challenge afforded us through these times is to integrate the feminine qualities of softness, feeling, and inclusiveness into our personal and social lives. The old, easy way is when the going gets tough, we turn callous, cold, and hard..... let's see if that can change into a strength that includes rather than excludes the wisdom of the feminine.

In this report I mentioned a Lilith webinar I am giving as part of the EA network and a series I will be offering next month titled "Relationship and Intimacy in the Horoscope." You can fiind out more about both of these on my website www.NewParadigmAstrology.com I also mentioned the work of Mark Josephs-Serra that can be found at www.socialalchemy.eu Namaste'!

Wolf Khan
14th September 2013, 09:47
We have entered the re-born Age of the divine Matriarchal or Feminine Cosciousness now, darkness is being seen for what it is I.E. nothing but the absence of Light and all the that the Light Is. In ages past the light of Cosciousness went a little darker when the World was guided by the Feminine Consciousness and now where have we been, but hard slogging through the worst that darkness can throw at us, we Are Light and nothing is going to Stop the reborning Light from gaining the Ascenancy.