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The Bermuda Triangle
by Charles Berlitz

This book was first published in 1974 and was a controversial best-seller. The author, Charles Berlitz (1914 – 2003), is remembered not only for his books on the Bermuda Triangle (such as this one), Atlantis (The Mystery of Atlantis, 1969), and other books related to historical mysteries or strange phenomena, but also for his contributions to language-learning. During his childhood, his father had ordered that every member of their household speak to Charles in a different language, so that by the time he was an adolescent he spoke eight languages fluently. He also spent 13 years active duty in the US Army, primarily working in intelligence.

Notes from the book:

The 7th Coast Guard/Navy acknowledges a radar/magnetic anomaly in the area between Florida & the Bahamas.

A mention of app. columns off the coast of Peru, ~1 mile underwater. Much of the water around Florida & the Bahamas is on a shallow continental shelf, but there are also long, straight vertical cliffs dropping into extremely deep abysses.

There are strange lighting phenomena around the Bahamas, making long streaks of ocean seem to glow, which are called “white water.” Columbus recorded seeing this, & also the astronauts of Apollo 12, which they said were the last lights visible to them from Earth.
A reference to Edgar Cayce's reading that “Atlanteans used crystals as a power source” in the Bimini area, & that Atlantis sunk into the ocean in this same area.

A very disproportionate number of unexplained & anomalous disappearances of planes & ships and/or their crews have occurred in this same area, noticed throughout history but particularly after WW2, with the disappearances of 5 aircraft performing an exercise & then a search plane also. [This is a reference to Flight 19, five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on Dec. 5, 1945. They were on an overwater navigation training exercise based out of the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida. None of the 14 men involved were ever found. A search plane, a PBM Mariner flying boat, also disappeared, and after an investigation was declared to have exploded mid-air.] Some reports of radio transmissions before their disappearance include mention of “white water,” that the ocean didn't look right, & one possible (censored) comment, “Don't come after me... They look like they are from outer space.” Like many such dis-appearances, nothing was ever found.

The Sargasso Sea is also known for dis-appearances, located roughly 37ºN to 27ºS & 75ºW to 40ºW, with shallow waters characteristically stagnant of currents & filled with seaweed on its surface. The Hatteras & Nares Abyssal plains are under it. It extends from the North Atlantic Ridge to within about 200 miles of eastern North American coasts. The Carthaginian admiral Himilco wrote an app. description of it around 500 BC, & mention is also made of Carthaginian & Phoenician artifacts being found in the Americas. The author writes that the Carthaginians had a mandatory death sentence for anyone who betrayed their routes or even presence on the Atlantic, beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar). The presumption is that these earlier sailors wanted to protect trade routes & the economic benefits thereof.

Plato in his dialogue Critias quotes an Egyptian priest telling the Athenian lawgiver Solon that the Greeks remember only one deluge, while there have been many of them; also that “at the usual period, the stream from heaven descends like a pestilence…and thus you have to begin all over again as children.” Ancient Indian legends are said to tell of 9 “crises.”

European & American eels both take months to swim out in shoals to the Sargasso Sea to breed at a great depth, & then die. The newborns then begin a return journey to wherever their parents came from. This has led some to believe that the eels have a common ancestral home at what was once a continental river, now sunk in the Atlantic.

Pilots & sailors who have survived “near-misses” in the Bermuda area have repeatedly described a force pulling [their craft] into the water. Dick Stern, leaving for Italy in Dec. 1944 with a group of 7 bombers had his plane experience “clear air turbulence” & rapidly plummet towards the sea. He was forced to return to base, where he learned that 5 of the 7 bombers had disappeared without so much as radio communication, & were never found. Boats have also been suddenly sucked under, including Joe Talley's Wild Goose as it was being towed [by another ship]. A Captain Don Henry was towing another boat in 1966 with a 2000 HP vessel when he had an odd experience that caused his generators to lose power even as they still ran, his compass spin clockwise, & the sky, sea & horizon to become somehow indistinguishable. When he got out of this, from the outside of it looking back, it appeared to be a thick fog on otherwise clear waters. He said he had heard that at the St. Lawrence River in Kingston compasses will also spin in circles.

Directly east of Andros Island is the Tongue of the Ocean: “a precipitous drop-off,” extremely deep, within the Bahama area, associated with many disappearances & EM anomalies. When the surrounding shelf was above water (presumably during the Ice Age), this area would have been the great inland bay, of great depth, discussed by other authors for possibly being the inland bay of Atlantis [as described by Plato].

The Devil's Sea, off the coast of Japan, is also known for unusual EM activity & disappearances, is at 150ºE, the exact opposite side of Earth from 80ºW (the Bermuda Triangle).
Ref. to Ivan Sanderson's theory of 12 geometric points on Earth exhibiting similar activities, [at] every 30º latitude & the poles.

A UFO account by Pharaoh Thutmose III of Egypt. [Thutmose III (also rendered as “Thutmosis” or “Tuthmosis”) was Pharaoh of Egypt for 54 years, from 1479 BC to 1425 BC, according to modern mainstream archaeologists.] Alexander the Great's UFO account of 329 BC, while crossing into India. [This story has appeared in several books, but the original classical historian to whom it is supposed to have originally came is unclear. This account is also given as happening in 332 BC according to some sources. The German historian Johann Gustav Droysen (1808–1884) is cited by at least one author as the source of the original account, but Droysen's account is of the siege of Macedonian siege of the city of Tyre in 332 BC, not of a river crossing. Droysen cites an apparently anonymous ancient chronicler.] Aristotle describing “heavenly discs.” Pliny in his Natural History, Vol. 2, describes “burning shields” in the sky. [This is a reference to Pliny the Elder, Roman philosopher (23 AD to 79), and his encyclopedia [I]Naturalis Historiæ, which claims to cover all ancient knowledge.]

Hawaiian “akuatele” – “flying spirits.”

M.K. Jessup: author of The Case for the UFO's; work app. similar to Philadelphia Experiment, & became involved with Office of Naval Research; was app. “suicided” [after publicly re-vealing too much information on these military programs]. Theorized that ionized vacuums can destroy planes & ships.

Ref. to Apollo & Gemini missions' use of the term “bogeys,” etc.

Jessup theorized that gravity waves may exist along the 3rd axis after the 2 represented by electricity & magnetism operating at right angles from each other, & may be associated with pulsed magnetic fields. He said naval experiments along these lines resulted in the Philadelphia Experiment. Some involved were affected mentally, etc. [Morris Ketchum Jessup (1900–1959), American astronomer and amateur theoretical physicist most famous for his role as a UFOlogist and publicizer of the Philadelphia Experiment. He wrote books on UFOs including The Case for the UFO (1955) and UFOs and the Bible (1956). On April 19, 1959, Jessup contacted a Dr. Manson Valentine (the man who discovered the Bimini Wall in 1968; see the very end of the notes for the book Technology of the Gods), claiming to have made a major breakthrough regarding what is now called the Philadelphia Experiment, and arranging a meeting with him the following day. Jessup was found dead the next day in his car.]

Admiral Byrd told of finding green land & ice-free lakes while on his Antarctic mission in 1929, over [live] radio broadcast. The broadcast was abruptly cut off. [Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, Jr. (1888–1957), attended Virginia Military Institute and served in both world wars, though he is most famously remembered for his expeditionary missions to explore both of the poles by air.]

Myths similar to Noah: the Greek Deucalion; Baisbasbata of the Mahabharata; Babylonian Utna-pishtim; Yima of Iran; Coxcox of Mexico; Tezpi, also of Mexico; Bochica of Chibcha (Columbian) legend; Tamandere of S.A. [South America in general].

Greenland, California & Peru having sandy beaches pushed 100's of feet above sea level.
Ancient mass animal graves in elevated areas, as if they were forced to high ground & then all drowned: off Georgia coast, in Colombian Andes, China, Northern Europe, etc.

An app. sudden ~4000-ft. upheaval of the ocean floor near the Azores in the 1800's caused a transatlantic cable to break.

Canyons & river gorges that must be carved out above land extending beyond coasts into oceans, for ex. Delaware & Hudson rivers.

30-ft.-high, 100-mile-long undersea road leading away from the Orinoco near Venezuela.
Monolithic/“cyclopean” stonework similar to Stonehenge, Minoan Greece, & ancient Peru on the sea bottom near Bimini.

Enormous “tiled” road off US East Coast discovered by the submarine Aluminaut in 1967. [A relatively shallow continental shelf extends underwater for varying distances from the mainland of North America (similar to all continents of the world) before entering into the deeper waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This shallower area is where Aluminaut (built by the Reynolds Metal Company and contracted to the US Navy among other groups, from 1964 to 1970) discovered what was apparently a massive “tiled road.” The Aluminaut is currently on display at the Science Museum of Virginia in the city of Richmond.]

Plato wrote of an island beyond the Pillars of Hercules “larger than Libya and Asia put together” (Azores plateau?) [“Asia” in Plato's time was not the continent of Asia as we think of it today, but the area around what is now Israel and Syria, close by the shores of the Mediterranea.], & beyond that what “may be most truly called a continent” (North America?) which surrounds the “true ocean” (Atlantic?). Plato says that the Mediterranean “is only a harbor,” by comparison.

Columbus reported to have traveled with an ancient map of “Atlantis.”

Ref. to monolithic stones in Brittany weighing up to 340 tons. [This is a reference to the famous Carnac Stones, a dense cluster of megalithic sites around the French village of Carnac in Brittany.]

Ref. to Babel-like myth in the Americas before the Spanish arrived.

A white race on the Canary Islands, the Guanches,1 discovered & exterminated by the Spanish, & ref. to their language & subtle similarities/ common words between various languages spread across the planet.

J. A. Ullrich, professor of aerodynamics, saying that ancient gold plane-looking item was a model of a jet which could also withstand underwater travel, without realizing the item's origin (see graphic on the next page).

Mahabharata of ~1500 BC app. being recopied knowledge from more ancient times, also believed to describe the Aryan invasion of ancient India with futuristic-sounding weapons. [This is the invasion of white-skinned people into India in ancient times, now associated with the dispersion of the “Indo-Europeans” out of the region of the Caucasus (increasingly identified as the biblical Hittites), who seem to have also migrated into Northern Europe as the Celts and through Turkey to Greece. For more information, see the book notes for The Twelfth Planet.]

Antikythera device described as a “star-finder” for nocturnal navigation.

Greek & Roman passages have soot on their roofs from torches used for lighting, but ancient Egyptian subterranean passages have no such evidences, leaving the question of what the Egyptians actually used for lighting.

Piri Reis map, found in Turkey in 1929, & of ancient origin, showing Antarctica as it would look without ice & with depictions of mammals. It also demonstrates an out-of-place knowledge of advanced trigonometry & navigation.

King Jaime World Chart of 1502 showing the Saharan Desert with lakes, rivers & cities.
The Bauche World Map of 1737 showing Antarctica before its modern (re-)discovery, before it was covered with ice & showing the great inland sea that would then form over it, a fact re-established in 1968.

Other ancient maps show glacier extension during the Ice Age, etc.

Coptic Egyptians have a tradition that the Pyramids at Giza were constructed before an ancient flood to encapsulate knowledge for future generations. [This idea is similar to a prediction by modern author Drunvalo Melchizedek, who has stated that a remnant of an ancient civilization of Egypt is still living underground below the Pyramids and Sphinx, and are carrying on their ancient traditions until a time when they can return to the surface and return the lost knowledge to all of humanity. ]

Worldwide pyramids acting like acupuncture points for the planet.

“Cro-Magnons” may have had larger brains than modern man. [“Cro-Magnon” is the name given to certain remains found of “early modern humans,” though their relation to modern humans, and even the genetic relation of one set of “Cro-Magnon” remains to another, is often debated.]

Iron mine in Ngwenya, Lesotho [a nation in Africa, landlocked and completely surrounded by the country of South Africa], dating back 43,000 years. Stone tools in Iran 100,000 years ago. Copper mines in Michigan also thousands of years old. Nails in stones, etc., app. millions of years old by modern dating techniques. Also ancient depictions of dinosaurs, ie “T-Rex” near Grand Canyon, etc.

A “cut-and-set-stone” road was discovered in Kentucky underneath the remains of a mastodon.

“Atomic scars” found in Siberia, Iraq, Colorado, and Mongolia. [Compare with “Oppenheimer's Iron Thunderbolt” from the book notes for Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past, where evidence is noted of an app. ancient nuclear event in the region of the Great Lakes.] In southern Iraq in 1947, a site was excavated through Babylonian, Akkadian & Sumerian layers, then a farm culture of 6000-7000 BC. Below that, evidence of a “Magdalenian” culture circa 16,000 years ago, & finally a layer where sand had fused into glass (suggesting intense heat such as from a nuclear detonation).

Hopi myth: three previous worlds ended by (1) volcanoes & fire, (2) earthquakes & temporary spinning of the Earth off its axis, & (3) flooding & sinking of continents filled with war-loving cultures.

Ref. to Ivan Sanderson, & mention of transparent domes on the sea floor off the Spanish coast. [Ivan Sanderson (1911–1973) was a biologist from Scotland, studying at Cambridge. He served with British intelligence during WWII, in charge of counter-espionage against the Germans in the Caribbean, and later functioning as a press agent in New York. He wrote several books on paranormal subjects, in addition to his nature and travel writings.]

The entire book can be found here: Charles Berlitz - The Bermuda Triangle (http://projectavalon.net/Charles_Berlitz_The_Bermuda_Triangle_1984.pdf)

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Hi BsBray - thanks for this thread. (You and I had a bit of a discussion elsewhere and for some reason it faded out of sight..)

I was there personally (Bermuda triangle area) in the physical in the mid 90's. Interesting place. I did conduct some studies that helped me understand a bit about the phenomenon.

There has been some discussion, that possibly, the phenomenon is evoked by triggering "a crystal" made up by numerous "zero-points" within the "legendary "power crystals"..

One could conceivably describe a zero point "node" within that crystal, so as to call it a type of functional mini/micro "black hole".. Many of those "holes" (or zero points) arranged in a lattice, with intense forces holding such fixed, could be a formidable power source.. (That I believe also ties in somewhat to the "philadelphia experiments", where a "black hole" might have been involved in the phenomena reported).. There is conjecture that "thought' projected into a zero point will create manifestation of the thought.

Could part of the anomalies reported in the "bermuda triangle" then be related to fears and thoughts being "actualized" by such power crystals? (if such exist that is)..

Interesting thought about the black hole. Just could such zero points in a crystal be the power source for many things, time travel, teleportation, "disappearances", engine anomalies, strange storms that instantly pop-up in the area..

I and our group during that early expedition did experience a type of time warp event on the last nite of the expedition, which appeared to be greater than a 20 year jump. There were other experiences to the east of the Bimini Islands earlier in the expedition..

The last nite - We were docked in port at Bimini, the south island. And exploring quantum holographic windows with our expedition group. And something happened, a type of portal opened. (more to come)

We can keep it in this thread for simplicity, all in one place. Is that Ok by you bsbRay?

27th June 2015, 20:43
We can keep it in this thread for simplicity, all in one place. Is that Ok by you bsbRay?

Of course, I don't care. And if you don't mind I'm going to start posting over here some of the info you posted on the other forum, and some of those pictures of the weird features and deep gashes on the ocean floor near Cuba.

28th June 2015, 00:38
Of course, I don't care. And if you don't mind I'm going to start posting over here some of the info you posted on the other forum, and some of those pictures of the weird features and deep gashes on the ocean floor near Cuba.

I'll go ahead and do that :) NP.. tnx tho

28th June 2015, 00:40
From Florida, Nassau up the bank North, Grand Bahama, then west into the Gulf Stream, then south over to Bimini, and then harboured in Bimini. While traveling different types of electromagnetic stimulations were broadcast between the metal hulled vessel and the sea.. magnetic, RF, and electromagnetic from a range from DC to 40 megahertz.. Assorted modulations were tested too.

The standing wave phenom plus the extreme storms and electric charge's all over the vessel were noted.. In Bimini there were some tests done using consciousness as a modulation for a 'quantum field' setup. That provided a very strong 'portal' experience between the group members, about 12 on board participating. Which could have been time travel or something else.

We would have crossed some of the paths talked about in the book.

I was testing a hypothesis that conditions can be triggered and guided by consciousness - opening a portal, and then safely traversing it.

With a certain field condition, with the vessel, the main engine fuel pump system totally froze, the metal had "expanded" thereby seizing the gears in the pump and freezing it to housing preventing the motor from running (the vessel set anchor there). So I know for sure, that planes or sea vessels under the right conditions can exhibit similar engine anomalies as the metal parts change characteristic. The vessel crew had a spare part so it was only a small 4 hour inconvenience getting the old one replaced.

Map of expedition (general area covered):


28th June 2015, 00:46
Here are a few pictures for reference - this is a google earth UNDERWATER plus surrounding territory view. Take a look where the circled area is:


Here is a closeup of Feature-1 from the map above:


Looking around the Cabo San Antonio offshore, about where you mention there is a large underwater pyramid shaped mountain, and a large and long underwater mountain range. The depth of the sea floor drops immensely in the deep channel. Darkest colors are the deepest depths.

What caught my attention though is "feature-1" a very narrow cone base to height - notice the depth and shape and position.. It is very easy to imagine that the area shown "sunk". The consciousness quantum "transport" test evoked a picture of these underwater types of mountains, however at the time viewed, they appeared to be above water.

Moving over to the NW of Cuba, underwater, note this structure.. very pyramidial

Cabo San Antonio offshore

a large underwater pyramid shaped 'mountain' (two views) (or is it something else?)



28th June 2015, 00:52
In Post #6 above, the third image, to the right of the 'pyramid', there is a semi-circle "object" :


One would think that curved semicircular features on the ocean bottom would not be a common feature, more like an erosion would be present, and objects falling towards the greater depths..

This geometry though, is different than the normally eroded features. Why is that? Why is there any geometry of this kind in that are and at a depth of -14,500 feet? Is this the top of a super-volcano cone? or something else?

It is massive. About 7 miles across, with a 300 foot high circular uniform ridge-wall, which is about a mile and a half wide (1.5m).. Recall the "harbor" talked about in Atlantis' description being a semicircular. (Plato's descriptions of Atlantis), or


A bit of a closeup:


Is there a way to do some type of bottom analysis? Yes.. Here is how -
IF, it would be possible to get permission to be in those waters doing studies, onshore, offshore and underwater, what would be needed are Gravitic and Magnetometers - the gradient series setup, not single channel. Gradient systems use 3 detectors, which normalize or neutralize out "altitude" or the earth's magnetic field, result being the CHANGES which show up to the background..

Seeing the CHANGES then shows us what is different from the background..

28th June 2015, 01:08
So, those are some of the bottom features in the area and the expedition general circumnavigation that we took with the vessel. (shown in post 5).

There were some anomalies along the way.. One being one night early on in the trip when we were EAST of Bimini, the ship's primary #1 engine diesel fuel pump seized up.. Which started with engine output decreasing, with eventually the engine stopping..

Such phenomenon HAVE been reported in the area, where a plane or a boat's engine will stop creating power, eventually dying. If it is a plane it would crash, as there is no land to safely land on, with a boat, if there is a storm coming, it easily could be swamped with no power to steer into the storm..

Our ship's crew managed to disassemble the fuel pump and rebuild it from about 10AM through 4AM, they had some backup parts on-board. And we had a backup engine, but this vessel needed two engines to safely traverse the region..

This is a closeup of what seized (the rotor):


A rotor normally will NOT seize up. In this case the crew reported that the rotor/gear system appeared to be EXPANDED and larger than normal. That simply does not happen with a normal failure.. Something caused a dimensional shift in size of the rotating part in the fuel pump. A couple hours to diagnose and then about 4 hours ripping it apart, rebuilding and then re-installing.. And we were back to some measure of "safety".. I noticed when I was notified that things were having some problems, looking over the side, the vessel was surrounded by Barracudas, obviously attracted to the ships bright lights..

Here is the general area once again:


Looking towards the upper left of the image, find BIMINI - that was where the anomalies centered around for our expedition..

Here is a closeup of the BIMINI area.


When we were heading south on the west side of Bimini, a large storm appeared almost INSTANTLY.. The captain luckily was fast enough to plow through what appeared to be a 30 foot tall standing wave of water, due to the gulf stream and the wind interacting - we were being bombarded by lightning, rain, wind.. It was very testy... Such storms are reported as happening out of the blue.. It was something to experience this...

We turned the corner then headed back in towards Bimini and moored in the area of the South Island:


Edgar Cayce reported about Atlantis, the "crystal" and where it could be found.. (Atlantis legends)


Reading 440-5 is the only one that indicates that any kind of records are stored in the temple near Bimini, or in any other supposed Atlantean structures in the Bimini area.

And these records are specific to the methods of construction of the great crystal, or firestone.

The thoughts are, having quantum holographic field equipment on-board, such activated the fire crystal..

28th June 2015, 01:16
That night, the last night of the expedition, we powered up the quantum holographic system once again, and this appeared (this rendition is pretty close, but really doesn't fully capture the effect), as an image -


This view was present for about 1/2 an hour after the quantum holographic system was turned off.

There are no such places on the island of Bimini.. ! at not at least in the most recent time period..

I reflect back to the images in the earlier posts in the thread which show the ocean bottom images.. Did we re-evoke a time slide into ancient Atlantis, maybe when this area had mountains above water?

Who knows :)

At some point I'll go back to this area and see if once again we can open the portal, if that is what happened. It was simply amazing this level of exploration..

14th July 2015, 20:37
Hey Bob, can you go into some more detail on what exactly your "quantum holographic system" is and how you use it? Whatever you are doing, it sounds pretty interesting.

Thanks. :)

14th July 2015, 22:13
It's based on a recording of a dolphin.

The audio analysis showed "spectral recursion", or waves built on themselves, looping on themselves.

When I looked at the ratios, the frequencies peaked at a ratio of the golden mean.

Playing back that recursion audibly then was the pattern used, logically the skeleton key..

Philosophically folks have felt golden mean or golden sections are highly aesthetic (http://www.goldennumber.net/leonardo-da-vinci-golden-ratio-art/).

Numerous reports of spontaneous reduction of stress has been reported by dolphin encounters..

Being near the animals is interesting, but being sonically stim'd by the animals is what I would call, spiritually transformative.

This is what the recursive image looks like:


(colors are the frequencies, with their placement in space [left/right and front/back] from the "virtual observer" at the center.)

14th July 2015, 23:39
I should add in post #8 above, there is a mention of the "power crystal". My assumption was such a crystal would have to have been grown and structured to have zero-points quite possibly with a "program" access type of tuning, which would require something like the golden mean ratios to have access. Beauty then is/was the key, evoked through zeropoint and quite possibly a spinning magnetic field.

A spinning magnetic field in the simplest form could be a magnetic compass card starting to oscillate or deviate simply with the changes of the heading of the ship due to rough seas and possibly a set of compass gimbals that are not performing as it should; to, in a larger assemblage, the generator/alternator on an aircraft, or sea vessel leaking some spinning fields.

Possibly a moving "waved" or twirled magnetic field, a lodestone attached to a rod maybe in crudest terms, while sounds of the right holographic-like geometry are played..

What happened to our vessel was the gear pump fuel system's metal apparently expanded in some manner. Was it somehow magnetized? There were powerful generators supplying air conditioning, electric light throughout the ship.. Were those fields partially responsible?

Many questions, and going down the list while exploring and documenting in a subsequent expedition to test out each concept would it seems, to me, be interesting. That would be a fun film to make.


16th July 2015, 22:34
What does Cayce say?

More: the below is from Hugh Lynn Cayce provides the transcript from Edgar -

This is really powerful, and it is shared with the members here for reflection..

(Note: The following article was originally written in 1932 and re-issued as as a mimeographed booklet in April, 1945. It was included in the report document of reading 364-13)

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Genesis 1:26-27.

The story in Genesis is the presentation of a teacher. A teacher of a people who were separated for the definite purpose of keeping alive in the minds, the hearts, the soul-minds of entities, their original source; that there may be seen their closer relationship to the Divine Influences of Creative Forces that brought into being all that appertains to man's indwelling as man in the form of flesh in this material world.

The story is presented in symbols of that thought as held by those peoples from whom the physical recorder took those records as compiled, together with that gained by himself in and through the entering into that state where the entity's soul-mind drew upon the records that are made by the passing of time itself in a material world.

These records are known as the AKASHIC RECORDS.


-- Cayce has said Bimini is the remaining above water remnant of Atlantis.

the literature published by various orders and societies appear evidential except to those giving credence to such information. Recently a few scientists have brought some light to bear on this matter as a result of their investigations which appear to confirm the belief in the existence of such a continent.

The following data will only add to much that has already been written, purported as having come psychically. That it checks with some material already published will make it of more interest to some.

Those who through personal experiences have established confidence in the validity of the information which comes through this channel will find this data valuable as a basis for further study of the subject.

In over one hundred and fifty Life Readings given for various individuals in all parts of the country, details of their appearances during one or more stages of the development of the lost continent of Atlantis have been received. Those who have had such appearances will find this material of particular interest.

Accepting for a moment the possibility of this continent's existence, one naturally asks of what value is a knowledge of it today.

The world is being greatly influenced in this present age by Atlanteans. Many are being reincarnated into this plane and hosts of others are pressing through psychics all over the world.

To meet and cope with the influences which they bring we must understand their development, their weaknesses as well as their accomplishments. The world of their day was one of change, one of great achievements and terrible destructions. The rapid scientific strides which have been made in recent times are evidences of their activity and the great discoveries just ahead will be made through their influence.

Our greatest scientists know little of many of the natural laws controlled by the Atlanteans. Will their coming bring peace or turmoils into the world? Much depends on those who will guide, direct, and balance their great knowledge and tireless energy. It is important that we know something of the ideals and purposes of these peoples as well as understand their accomplishments.


The origin of the Atlantean continent is obscured in the misty period of prehistory. Indeed, even psychic records are hard to understand, for the earth's surface has changed many times during even this cycle.

When man entered this earth as man, Atlantis was a great continent lying in what is now the Atlantic Ocean between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea.

In area it can be compared with what is now Europe and Russia. The north and south poles did not occupy their present positions, nor were the land surfaces now existent then above water except as follows:

The eastern seaboard was the coastal region of Atlantis; the region of the Carpathian mountains and the Mongolian Desert were habitable, as was the northern part of what is now Africa, as was the southeastern portion of Atlantis.

The Andean coast of South America were covered by water, while the plains of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona were above sea level. The people of Atlantis passed through the same stages of development as other peoples. As we shall see, there were periods when they attained very high understanding of natural laws and excelled the other races of the world in material civilization.

The first of a series of disturbances came as a result of the use of the very high explosives which were used to destroy the enormous animals that then roamed the world. Great gas pockets were blown open and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes from the slow cooling earth broke up the continent into a group of large islands.

The Bible gives an account of this second change, terming it the flood. Before the final destruction which began about 10,700 B.C. the principal islands remaining were Poseidia, Aryaz and Og. The West Indies are remains of this great continent.

The people of Atlantis were a combination of the hardened thought forms manifesting in that part of the earth, and man's projection, as in present form, as one of the five races, resulting in the red race.

In Atlantis as in other parts of the world the thought forms has taken all manner of shapes and sizes. When Amilius chose to guide the world out of the darkness into which it had been led, He selected a body proportioned as those of today. And in five places in the earth He began the five great races. The black in the Sudan; the brown in Lemuria; the yellow in the Gobi; the white in Carpathia (central Europe); and the red in Atlantis.

This first man was possessed of a body through and in which the soul functioned much more easily than it does today. The third eye which we know today as the pituitary body was highly developed. Through it the mind of the soul controlled the body and influenced its surroundings; for example, knowledge of happenings in distant parts of the country could be known at will and the physical body could be moved from place to place, by thought control.

The people of Atlantis passed through the same stages of development as did other races. The need for food, protection, and amusement drew them together, first in small groups, and then in large bodies.

At first the homes were in caves among the rocks and in nests in the trees. Later through group organization, structures of wood and stone were built. Stone was first use to form the implements with which the people protected themselves and secured food. Iron, brass, and copper were also employed even before the first upheavals.

The early Atlanteans were peaceful and so made rapid advances in the application of natural laws.

At an early period natural gas was utilized to make large balloons from the skins of animals and these balloons were used to transport building materials. Electricity was also discovered and set to work for man, thus paving the way for remarkable developments in this field.

Turmoils arose with the mixing of those of pure lineage with those who had not completely thrown off the animal influences. Contempt, hatred, and bloodshed resulted.

With this growth of disturbing factors - resulting from the magnification of desires without regard for the rights of others - an effort was made to draw the people back to the worship of one God, by establishing the first altars upon which were made the sacrifices of the field and forest. Rituals and ceremonies were instituted and the sacred fires set, as the shrine of the pure and the means of cleansing for all.

After the first destruction, the altars were sometimes used for human sacrifice, by those turning more and more away from the original understanding of the Creative Force. Strife, rather than peace, became the common state, and the fact that great understanding of nature's forces had been attained made the destructions all the more terrible.

From this time on, though material civilization rose to great heights, there was a growing unrest which brought about the many migrations both to the east and the west.

As can well be understood when considering the period of time covered, civilizations rose and fell many times on this great continent. At the heights of material achievement the Atlanteans were far more advanced than we are today. They used electricity as we do and, moreover, included among their inventions, well developed television and radio; amplification of light rays for telescopes; and more advanced systems for heating and lighting.

Rays of various kinds were controlled, including the death ray. Fluxes of metals unknown today were used in the various types of air and water craft which were constructed by the Atlanteans. The forces used to propel these crafts were first gas and electricity, but later, forces from the sun's rays - caught and reflected by crystals.

Many beautiful cities were built throughout the land. Perhaps the largest was that called Poseidia, located on what became the last of the great islands also designated by that name. Here on the bay of Parfa - one of the great harbors of the ancient world - the Atlanteans constructed a city of stone.

Water was brought in great conduits from the mountains and distributed to the individual buildings and beautiful pools, of which there were many. The buildings, other than the temple in the heart of the city, were built in tiers. Colored stones, highly polished, were used; and inlay work was prevalent.

In the temple were to be found enormous semi-circular columns of onyx, topaz, and beryl, inlaid with amethyst and other stones that caught the rays of the sun at various angles. In the temple, the sacred fires burned continually. These were rays that we know nothing of today. There was an outer court, or assembly hall; the inner rooms for attendants and the inner chamber about the alter and fires.

In appearance the Atlanteans varied as do the people of a vast country today. In the early periods there were both giants and pygmies. Monstrosities resulted from the mixing of the thought forms, but the pure strain as came down from one of the five projections was the origin of the red race.

With this incoming of the souls using the vehicle selected by Amilius as the best for this plane, purposes for development became more fixed. Thus group organization was made possible through the cooperation necessary for development. Homes, tribal groups, cities, and nations resulted.

At first skins of animals were used as clothing. Later many types of cloth were utilized.

The laws of heredity and environment gradually became more and more of an influence. The appearance changed according to the purity of the strain and the purpose and results of activity. Truly the Atlanteans were a people of extremes. There were those who were perfect in form and feature. And also those with the most hideous bodies.

Paradoxically enough the results of the mixtures sometimes produced divine forms containing twisted, warped souls; or repulsive bodies enclosing souls seeking the light. It was a difficult time in which to live - but how important! is it not the same today?

There are many evidences of Atlantean influences at the present time.

As yet men have not established the direct connection. Northern Spain, the region of the Pyrenees; Morocco and Egypt on one side of the Atlantic, the British Honduras, Yucatan and America on the other, show remnants of the civilization brought in by the migrating Atlanteans.

We must remember that the periods of exodus from Atlantis were far apart. The type of civilization carried to the region of the Pyrenees and America just before and after the first destruction was not the same as that carried to Central America and Morocco before the second upheaval, and to Egypt and Yucatan before the final destruction.

In the Pyrenees there are ruins of the early Atlantean settlements; and in Morocco early settlements, also as yet uncovered. In America, traces of Atlantean rituals and ceremonies are to be found among many of the Indian tribes. In Central America and Egypt ancient ruins show definite Atlantean influences, while in both places there will be uncovered records of Atlantean history, duplicate accounts of the early civilizations that will explain much of the early Jewish records as found in the Bible.

The West Indies - as has been pointed out - are actual portions of the continent; and on Bimini there are in existence today remains of an old Atlantean temple.

Bit by bit the case for the existence of Atlantis will be pieced together. This will bring a renewed interest in the periods of development of many ancient nations.

As has been pointed out, it is very important for the people of this present age to understand the many influences which will become more and more apparent as direct from Atlantis. This may help us to understand a little more of the turmoils through which we are now passing and will continue to pass.


In discussing the early development of occult sciences we may turn to the first thousand years of Atlantean history. No attempt will be made to even enumerate the multitudinous forms and methods of such sciences. The following material is concerned primarily with the original state upon which the foundation of all occult phenomena is based.

It is important that we understand the relation between the terms "PSYCHIC" and "OCCULT". In its pure sense PSYCHIC means SOUL. MANIFESTATIONS OF SOUL FORCE IN THE WORLD ARE CALLED PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA.

The term OCCULT is applied to the little understood laws which pertain to the results of soul activity in and through any of man's so-called sciences. Thus, it is claimed that we have the occult approach to chemistry, to physics, to astronomy, et cetera.

No criticism is offered of science as a whole. The data which follows simply points out that any true understanding of life and the universe in which we find ourselves, must be based fundamentally upon a realization within the inner self, within the human soul.


SO... should we conduct another expedition to Bimini and the surrounding territory?