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The One
11th June 2015, 10:04
We have all been witness to the newly popular movement of tiny homes. They’re small, they contain only the bare necessities, and they leave the owners virtually debt free. I honestly LOVE the idea of a tiny home, but I don’t see myself ever being able to live in one until the kids are out of the house. I need my space sometimes to keep my sanity. I know some people with kids are able to this, and more power to them! It’d be great to have a tiny home on a piece of property where you can go to getaway. Then when the time is right, sell all of your excess belongings and move into a tiny house that you can call home. We’ve seen all kinds of different models of tiny homes ranging from old train cars to backyard sheds turned into a cozy rental home, but this tiny home is different. It looks like a wine barrel on steroids! Check out this amazing wine barrel tiny house located in Wales.


This house is called the “Caban Crwn.” This specific tiny home can be found in Wales and the word “crwn” actually means round in Welsh


Even though the house may look small, the rounded walls give it a lot of added space that is very deceiving from the outside


When you first enter the home, you’re greeted by this cozy lounge area. It contains a small table perfect for two people along with a day bed, which is the perfect spot for taking a nap and soaking up some of the sun beaming down on the countryside.


They kept the fabric and decor bright and airy, so nothing feels too cramped while you are inside. The windows and doors can all be opened to allow a nice breeze to flow through the house.


The kitchen has everything that you need, even though it is in a small space. There is a sink and four burner stove, along with cabinet space.


The view out the dining room window is absolutely gorgeous. Look at the rolling green hills. I could look out this window forever and be completely happy.


This wine barrel tiny house even has a second level. It’s hard to imagine there being enough room for two levels, but they made it work. Here is the ladder leading up to the loft.


The bedroom at the top of the ladder has a full size bed which looks very cozy. Imagine waking up, looking out your window, and seeing greenery everywhere. They also put a bathroom in the loft that contains a composting toilet so the waste is kept to a minimum.


With the large deck out front, they added even more livable space that allows them to relax and take in their surroundings. The aluminum roof will last for years without needing too many repairs.

This is the perfect type of house for a weekend getaway, especially if you have a large piece of land. I would love to own a piece of land that has a tiny home on it. It’d be a perfect weekend getaway, then once the kids are grown, turn that tiny house into a permanent residence. You have everything you need, and if you plan it right, you could even live off your land by planting your own food and raising your own animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. And since I’m a big wine lover, this design is just too perfect!


11th June 2015, 13:39
Love it! :love:

11th June 2015, 13:55
I love tiny homes. I would have to do a major purge to live in one. I have fantasies about building a tree house. They can be the size of a tiny home. It would have to have a high ceiling, I'm tall.