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9th June 2015, 12:57
Are we creating the world we want or being led astray? As I view more and more disclosure information being pedaled online, I am getting quite frustrated because I feel we are being led astray with disinfo.

The premise seems to be war is essential to being alive and that we naively signed treaty agreements with the bad ETs. We are captivated by all the attention by ETs. Supposedly we humans are "special." The tales get more complex over the years as more information is uncovered by researchers. Or is it disinfo dribbled by the powers that be who want us to be in fear mode.

The stories discuss wars in space between factions who like us and those who don't. Now the ETs are coming from more places with even more powers. It is like a successful movie that has follow up versions with greater danger. If these folks are so much ahead of us, why do they still have wars?

I feel we need to be careful. Are we being sucked into creating the world the powers that be want instead of the world we want. Are our instincts being manipulated into an acceptance of perpetual war future?

We know war all too well: develop more powerful weapons for current planetary conflicts and cyberspace. Give up more and more sovereignty in exchange for security. Start pre-emptive wars. Figure we aren't so dumb because we now get it about false flags. Then get more pumped up about Jade Helm: is it a false flag again or a way to start martial law?

Meanwhile we need to start a major war because our country is bankrupt and we will have civil war if we don't get our the economy started with war profits. And at the time, we have more stories about our need for secret space vehicles to protect us from bad ETs.

Why do we not consider that war is not the answer? Crowds get larger who want peace so why do we assume we need war on the planet and in outer space. Apparently our Pine Gap facility developed some new weapon, fired it at an outer space enemy who were advanced enough to develop new technology to beam it back to it's source. Now that is an ET race I would like to know- defensive shields only. (DISCLOSURE: HAARP and the Mystery of Pine Gap, Australia http://sitsshow.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/disclosure-haarp-and-mystery-of-pine.html)

9th June 2015, 14:05
In my opinion we lack (generally) critical thinking skills. Many people seemed to just fall hook, line and sinker for the Iraq war. There was very little critical thinking and a lot of emotion going into that. We took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan. We have a team here that loves to scream and yell about 'paying for something before doing it' who then sent us into these two wars without paying for them. Clearly these wars did not make us wealthy. Neither did playing fast and loose with securities and mortgages.

Our leaders are like the guy who just embezzled a little at first with every intent to pay it back but it just got out of hand. Now they don't really care and are just trying to get all they can before things fall apart. Perhaps I'm cynical. Unfortunately, I have the sinking feeling it's more than that.

As for disinfo, I rely on my instincts. This has been a lifetime practice and they quite often know what I'm not cognizant of. Since so much of this is new and way out there for me I just take it all in and consider it. Let it filter. Sleep on it. Dream on it. Trust my instincts. Sometimes I don't 'know' what's right until a certain moment is upon me. Then I can see or feel clear as day what the right course of action is. I also trust the world to give me the information or experience I need. It hasn't failed me. I just have to be sure not to let my ego or predetermined notions get in the way.

War has never made us rich. It's making us poor. It's mythology in my opinion to say war makes us rich. Empires fail at around 250 years. There's a lot of debate in this country about whether America has been imperial. I believe we've been enough so to be vulnerable to this cycle. Our time may be about up. War won't save us. It'll be the nail in our coffin.

9th June 2015, 18:34
War makes the people building guns, tanks and airplanes rich, just not everyone else. Once the military industrial complex got rolling massively after WW2, when it was producing not only for the US but for the USSR and other allies in Europe, and then the war ended... They already had enough money and political pull to keep the machine rolling with new wars and excuses for build-up. I'm sure that the CIA (by then already populated with former Nazis thanks to Operation Paperclip) had a lot to do with it as well, and they still do.

Not everybody has always been falling for this crap though, and less people are today than were back then. It's just a matter of time until it winds down. It's already being torn down, with a proxy war between the Pentagon and CIA and lots of international pressure from Russia, China and even some of our European allies to make a fundamental change.

9th June 2015, 19:35
Dear Grannyfranny and all,

I agree with these posts and President Eisenhower warned us when he left office about the power of the Military Industrial Complex and how it could take over our government if we were not careful. That really was a mouthful and is true in my opinion today. Like you, Dreamtimer, I rely on my instincts. When I received notice that Comcast was charging us another $4 for cable and they charged us $5 last year, it is obvious to me how their merger is just another indication of how corporations are seizing profits on the backs of seniors, and low income people while the rich and middle class will be able to pay.

The economy is a disaster and I know we are bankrupt. It is just a matter of time before it all falls apart. The fact that I said no and will have no cable on July 1st really shows me that I am ready for this. The news (which is termed entertainment BTW) is awful and much of it manufactured to produce a certain outcome or effect. This includes new diseases, which will lead to mandatory vaccinations and basically fear of EVERYTHING!! This is still happening because of the viewing of so much sports, new stupid tv shows that are all sexual in content and nothing that inspires higher qualities such as kindness, empathy, sharing, and all the things that are NOT taught in our early education system.

Anyway, I trust my instincts too and do not feel at all lost without tv. I have taped so many wonderful documentaries, spiritually uplifting interviews, PBS specials, inspirational movies and seasons of Dancing With The Stars that I will be happy as a clam to not be involved in that mess. So, I was ready and seeing it differently than I would have 6 months ago. I have this forum, that I enjoy and been a member since the beginning. So this is my 2 cents worth and thanks again Grannyfranny for starting this thread.


9th June 2015, 20:37
it is an engineered hoax, it is a soul movie. of course there are challenges, but being in fear and despair blocks your individual awakening and adaption to the now manifesting new humanity. NO FORCE, disinformation and alike can prevent that. that is, it is a simulated digital super-holographic projection from afterlife type realms which follows a certain script (!!!), offering a school- and playground for souls that wish !!! to participate in this movie since it offers beneficial soul growth. The actual software update implies a new way of interstellar much more harmonious way of living as transition process to fourth density way of being.

All these kinds of events up there and down here are all distractions from anticipating your own transfiguration to your fourth density self. all this "disinformation war" which has much truth to it, is a test for yourself if you learn to be independent of other selves/"external" opinions and information, you are the creator. also it is a test if you are able to forgive those who deceive you - with an all loving purpose behind that! To release Karma you just have to forgive, this offers you possibilities to erase karma to be able, if you choose so, to submerge with your fourth density self.

You may choose, if you met the requirements to transfigure during the happening ascension process, to remain on third density to finish this actual prolonged and improved incarnation to thereafter reincarnate into your fourth density self, if you choose to do so. There is going to be no war and no enslavement anymore, what you refer to be dark ages, is over. these other entities are manifestations of the human joint consciousness and since humans still are at war, those entities reflect your conscious behaviour up in space. Humans are being deceived by them on purpose to finally realize that you are the creator. Since evermore humans realize that, it sorts itself out naturally.

You might want to choose to focus on these topics, potential outcomes and alleged actual as of now manifestations, slowing down your own purpose and attract stories and articles that reflect your weak trust or you might want to focus on your own wellbeing by in the same moment always accepting and respecting the free will of the other self. Be all loving, forgive your self and thus other selves. Focus on new ideas and coming together, soon the social structures will transform profoundly, after having dealt with an intermediate state of living which as such already is going to be massively improved.

you may ask your self how shall this new reality be, as long as I am still being attached to low vibrational events and conceiving? You are the creator. Therefore it is advised to only read and store all of this now and "upcoming" disclosed information without attaching, to it, without creating belief systems and without judging the messengers and those who provide the aforementioned with said information. There is much truth already shared but it is deliberately served with disinformation to make it more challenging for your to behave accordingly and in an all loving and self aware manner.

IN fact that is only implying that you are prolonging the OWN personal actual realization and thus contribution to the actual manifestation. Humans are free to deny it, even if it eventually is "in your face". That is the individual perspective is unable to prevent something that is steered by the collective consciousness. Therefore it happens anyway, as it has been intended by the creators of the universe and their co creating architects of the galaxies in co creation with the creators of the solar systems and the architects of the individual planetary spheres - all of those are of human soul origin since this is the human soul duplicate of this universe, other species inside this movie are of their own soul origin as well as lending a specific species embodiment to wanderers of other soul origin which are as of now being incarnated into many human bodies.