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9th June 2015, 03:40
There are others more involved with sas research on our forum but I love doing polls as they give the pulse of our membership. I hope fans like Jimmer and his thread viewers weigh in on this important topic. There seems to be two camps of bigfoot researchers. One camp feels that sas is an elusive large primate with no special skills, the other camp believes that sas is highly intelligent with strange paranormal (weird) science abilities. Most that take the poll, we will already assume are believers in his existence so now the question is, do you think he is just a hairy ape or more? If you are not convinced he even exists please also weigh in. Thank you...

9th June 2015, 05:48
Wow mojo, another poll of yours that's starting off really lopsided. I was expecting a little more diversity on this one, too. :grin:

9th June 2015, 12:19
I voted for paranormal abilities.
Reason, a lot of research leans towards the paranormal aspect of Sasquatch.

9th June 2015, 12:43
My son was telling me about a scientist who asked people to send samples of fur or other biological evidence of these creatures. Most all samples were identifiable as bear, wolf, or other wild animal. However, there were some unidentified samples from the region where Yetis are said to live. I believe his work continues. Don't recall the name.

Many American Indian tribes talk about these beings. In particular, they will tell women to stay away if one has been heard or seen because they have a reputation for kidnapping human women.

As with any paranormal sighting, it's hearsay if you weren't there. Personally, I have no reason to believe or assume that all accounts are false or true. Many people tell their honest story with no desire for fame or infamy.

Clearly there's something going on. I like the idea that they're intelligent and have powers that we don't. I wish the truth could be known. And I don't trust TPTB not to be exploitive and abusive.

9th June 2015, 12:52
there are just too many stories, witnesses of sasquatch related orbs, portals, invisibility, lost time, etc.
to think this entity is simply flesh and blood.

even those who believe sasquatch is a vicious animal relate personal accounts
of infrasound induced paralysis, cloaking and such.

no run-of-the-mill animal species could have possibly stayed so elusive for so long.

what they are exactly, we may never fully know.

our best chance to understand will come through the experiences of those who habituate.
traditional sasquatch 'hunting' is done.

other than that, I have no opinion.:eyebrows:

10th June 2015, 03:17
I believe they walk the dimensions, which ones, well obviously the lower, not so sure which ones above, and is just a theory I have...that is all. Never has anyone found any "remains", just glimpses and some games with humans. I guess there is some recent activity in the Mohican region out here near where I live. Dunno.
Got Squatch? ;)

10th June 2015, 03:35
Hi Windancer I think so too and wonder if they were given the technology by ET? SAS seems to be more in touch with nature and does not appear to use unknown technologies or tools. But he may have been given a tool to remain elusive from man as I don't think the SAS species developed it. Prior to modern man perhaps there was no need to be elusive as native cultures were aware of him. I also wonder if there was a connection to SAS and the elongated skulls found in Peru. LA Marzull in his videos mentions running into a bigfoot researcher in Peru studying the skulls. So there may be a connection.