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24th May 2015, 05:41
I had bookmarked these books some years ago & haven't had time to check all of the links to see if they still work - hopefully they still do, as I found them a really enjoyable series to read. All links to the pdf's of the books are in the main link provided.

T. Lobsang Rampa, An Introduction

Editor's Note: I've taken to the writings of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa like a duck to water. He had claimed from his first book forward that every word he wrote was the truth and I've found no reason to doubt him. His information seems to ring true and fits with other sources of esoteric knowledge. The ridicule, mockery, and scorn that he had endured for years from an uninformed and callous British press would have been impossible for an ordinary man to put up with, but he stuck it out for many years and continued to write. His readers were less cynical, fortunately, and his popularity spread to many countries. He eventually left Britain and settled in Ireland and later in Canada, to get away from the constant haranguing of the British tabloids. He died in Canada in 1981.

I was a little confused on the total number of books published by Rampa, as I could only find 20 titles in the United States, but apparently , the correct number is 24, with 4 titles only available in Europe. A short piece titled "My Visit to Venus" was likely published after his death.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my good friend, Tian Boon from Canada, for making 80% of my Rampa library available to me. In the course of e-mail and telephone exchanges, Tian realized that I had the same admiration for Rampa's writing as he had, but I could only obtain a few of his books locally. The majority of Rampa's books were out of print and I had no idea where I could find them. Without saying a word to me, Tian took the time to laboriously hand copy each page of eleven Rampa books in his possession, along with the 'Visit to Venus' piece, and send the whole package to he in one large-and very heavy-box. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I opened that mysterious box from Canada. The gift of Rampa's copied books was only one of many kindnesses extended to me by Tian, a true friend.

All of Lobsang Rampa's books are now available on line for free. I've provided links below which will take you to those web sites where you can download all of his books. ..Ken Adachi

The Story of Cyril Hoskin and T. Lobsang Rampa

By Ken Adaci, Editor

How the author T. Lobsang Rampa came to be is a tale as unusual as anything revealed in his books. In 1947, a struggling and unemployed writer by the name of Cyril Hoskin told his astonished wife that he was going to change his legal name to Carl KuonSuo. Still unable to find work under his new name, Carl nonetheless felt a strange compulsion to adopt Oriental ways. He broke off ties with family and friends and moved to a more remote district of England with his wife where on June 13, 1949, he suffered a mild concussion after falling from a tree that he was punning in his garden. He was knocked unconscious for a short time, but after he recovered, Carl KuonSuo was no longer there; another personality, a Tibetan, had taken his place. You can read his wife's reaction to this new personality in the piece reprinted below by Gray Barker.

I've listed all of the Rampa books known to me and their year of publication below. Some books were only published in Europe and were not available to North American readers. You can find many chapters from his books excerpted at the Rampa web sites listed below his bibliography. I'll also reprint some chapters of his books at this web site as time allows. You can still obtain some of Rampa's most popular titles at major books stores. I was surprised to find 13 titles available at http://www.amazon.com , along with an audio CD. Once you begin to read Rampa, it's hard to put him down. His narrative is full of life, color and and exciting adventure. As Rampa could travel in the astral plane at will, you can glean a great deal of metaphysical insights by reading his books. His style of writing puts you at ease immediately and you feel as if you are hearing these stories first hand from a close friend revealing these accounts in front of a crackling fireplace on a winter's evening. It's truly wonderful reading..Ken


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Fantastic! Thanks for the links.

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Thank you kindly for the links, and for reminding me. Read the Third Eye when I was 15, it became a bit of a catalyst for my quest for truth when I look back on it now. It also led me to have a dabble in astral projection, ....then work and life got in the way and I forgot. When my children were the same age I bought another copy for them to read. My son did, and enjoyed it very much, but I am still hoping my daughter will pick it up.... she will when she's ready (I hope).

Didn't realise he had written so many books. Will try and get some more as I did enjoy the way he wrote.


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Thanks Reality Creation! I love Rampa!

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Nice to see some other Rampa appreciaters here Jupiter, Terra & shamanseeker. Actually posting about him was a good reminder for myself Terra. It's a long time since I read his work so
I've just begun rereading one of his books myself :)

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Found T. Lobsang Rampa when 17 years old. It re-opened my spiritual self after years of being an......altar boy. Much better God concept to start with.

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