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19th May 2015, 13:19
Hi All, a planetary alignment upcoming in late May 2015 featuring Mercury, Venus and company has come onto my 'inner radar', that will potentially have quite an effect on Earth's magnetosphere at a physical level, and on the collective consciousness, frequency-wise - along with the 'angles of the angels' (movements of star fleet).
The post can be read at this link: Planetary Alignments in the Garden of Love (http://heartstar.org/2015/05/18/planetary-alignments-in-the-garden-of-love-2/)

Namaste, Joanna.


20th May 2015, 03:53
Thank you Joanna for the interesting article and --wow-- cool photos in your linked article too..:love:

20th May 2015, 12:04
Thanks Gretchen, glad you enjoyed it.
Your new avatar image is beautiful, and also has quite a bit of connected symbolism with the post. ;)

Much love, Joanna. xx

20th May 2015, 12:07
I just posted this comment and photo on another thread (about Synchronicity), but it refers to the above blog post, so will post here too:

Synchronicity simply is the way we view/experience frequencies converging across/through dimensions, according to our focus. It is 'real' magic!
Divergence from Source/Universal Love creates chaos and fragmentation of energies, and convergence with Source creates alignments, naturally and without even 'thinking' about it.... :)

I'd like to share one from May 18. This was the day after publishing a blog post in which I mentioned the Earth's natural background frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance, of approximately 8 hertz (measures of frequency cycles of sound/pitch per second, which is also inherent in our DNA, according to studies with melatonin and pinoline effects on DNA). Later, I felt too add a bit about the sound frequency 432 hertz, used now in music to 'reharmonize' our frequency, and I stated how all multiples of 8 are expanded harmonic octaves/dimensions of the Earth's baseline frequency, and that 432 is 54 x 8 (and 54 is a 9; completion of cycle, and angelic frequencies).

I published the post on the night of May 17 (Aussie time) and on May 18 had a look at the site stats, and had to smile. As you can see from the screen shot below, the first two numbers of visitors that day were 54 and 8. Life is Divine. Know it, and you'll see it.... :love:


17th September 2016, 06:56
Thank you for interesting article and also for image too.

18th September 2016, 10:09
Thank you for interesting article and also for image too.

You're welcome.