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3rd May 2015, 08:41
May 2015


Although the planetary cycle is complete, the restructuring has just begun. Pluto is still in Capricorn until 2023, where it is breaking down (Pluto) the structures that underpin the societies in which we live (Capricorn). Uranus is still in Aries until 2018, and the rights of the individual (Uranus) is expressed more aggressively (Aries) than they otherwise would be.

Mercury turns retrograde at the Taurus New Moon on May 18th. For the first two weeks of May as Mercury’s motion begins to slow in preparation for its change of direction we will start to see communication begin to become more confused and a greater need to turn inwards for answers as the externals lose their focus. Mercury retrograde periods are essential since they help us to realign our thinking and refocus our energies – however, they can be difficult when we try to push a project through to completion and encounter Mercury-related glitches and delays.


When the Moon enters Scorpio on May 2nd it will begin to form the Full Moon opposition to the Taurus Sun. Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs and both are highly personal, but in Taurus we hold on to who we are and in Scorpio we must let go of who we think we are in order to become transformed by purging fire. Taurus seeks harmony and serenity and Scorpio seeks passion and drama. The Scorpio Full Moon requires balance with the Taurus Sun, grounding into the earth and finding pleasure in Taurean simplicity while engaging in the power of Scorpio.

Venus enters Cancer on May 7th and for the next few weeks we will find ourselves more interested in cooking and taking care of the people and other creatures around us.

On May 8th a gateway to the shadow in the heart is unlocked, offering safety through the solar rays to warm and nurture the soul. Between the 8th and the 9th there could be some mental confusion as we strive to transcend the limits of materiality. Spending these days in meditation and maintaining a spiritual foxus will hep to transform the mist into greater clarity.

On the 11th the heart opens and any stuck places in the soul have the opportunity for release. Any care that we take in nurturing our physical body now will help us to achieve a more successful future.

Around May 14th the people in your life may challenge your ability to move forward for a day or two. Just step back, out of the way, until the coast is clear. A harmonious aspect on the 16th will bring beauty into our lives without our even trying.

Mercury turns retrograde on May 18th and will not return to forward motion until June 11th. Reality is more fluid and flexible during this period which will be most challenging for those of us with a high need for control.

The New Moon in Taurus urges us to ground and find stability in the midst of that fluidity and find an empowered base from which to emerge. Care for all things belonging to the Earth are highlighted in this New Moon.

For a day or so around the 22nd we may find ourselves being blocked or limited by others around us. We may slip into negative thinking temporarily, but a doorway for manifestation is open if we only pay attention and focus on our vision for the future rather than the annoyances that limit us at present.

The desire to nurture ourselves is activated on the 23rd-24th - this is a great time for exercise and physical activity as well as gathering delicious foods to nourish the body. On the 25th you may feel a bit of a setback which saps your energy and possibly your self-confidence as well, for a day or two.

We become more comfortable to expose more of our shadow selves on May 26th for just a day. Old hurts and disagreements have the potential for healing. Around the 27th some anger from the shadow may be activated and we may be more prone to arguments and disagreements. Speaking your own truth, with confidence and clarity, will help to defuse tension here.

On the 28th we have a wonderful day of illumination and vision into the future - meditation and prayer for guidance will be helpful in lighting the way. On the 20th-22nd our spirituality and ceativity is enhanced, but this is not a good time for business matters or anything requiring a sharp mental focus.

Please remember - while Mercury is retrograde between May 18th and June 11th there is an opportunity to clarify your own vision and reflect on the past to bring greater wisdom into the future. But this is not the best time to begin a major new project or to sign contracts. Sometimes we must take on commitments or make big purchases during Mercury retrograde periods, and if you take greater care than usual to clarify everyone's intention and pay attention to detail, you will likely manage without too many problems.