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1st May 2015, 06:53
Hi All, as a new member at TOT, I'd like to share a bit about my 'journey' as a contactee/experiencer, and would be glad to hear from others who have contact, especially those with, or associated with, the Intergalactic Confederation (ie: benevolent ETs, Inner Earth folk, etc).

I'll start with an 'in a nutshell' introduction, and if you have questions, just ask. I've been aware of 'non-physical presences' since childhood, saw angels, fairies and so forth quite visibly, as figures of light, or balls of light, although did not equate these forms with 'ET's' until a lot later. I also 'heard' people's thoughts. At the age of 7, there was a day at school where I reached some kind of tipping point of feeling overwhelmed by the chatter and emotions of others going through my head, and reacted by putting up a 'wall' or shield around my mind, and all the noise stopped. It was many years before my mind opened again to the flow of energies, but this time I was able to anchor a stable inner centre, so that energies tuned at a different 'frequency' would flow past rather than being absorbed. This is the true meaning of 'heart centering', being at home in the seat of your soul. And this is what was needed, in order to connect consciously with those who continued to quietly guide and assist my awakening, and indeed the planet's and everyone on it, in the background. 'Contact' is about convergence of frequencies, according to what we are emitting, both consciously and unconsciously.

This recentering coincided with, and was connected to, becoming aware of my Twin Flame (twin soul aspect), who in physical 3D lives on the other side of the planet, which catalyzed an inner 'reawakening' that can't be put into words. With that reconnection, came the starfleet, so to speak. I had a precognitive dream of this, some 6-7 years ago, where the entire nightsky was covered in ships with horseshoe rings of lights around them. I first saw these horseshoe ring ships physically last October, and now know them to be from Alpha Centauri and other connected systems. Some of them are now on the earth, creating spheres of light, anchoring higher frequencies. However, the first 3D sighting I had was on a night of a lunar eclipse in 2011, watching it from my neighbours' garden. The moon was directly west of the Pleiades constellation, and as we watched, four white lights in a diamond formation dropped slowly below the Pleiades for about 10 minutes, then disappeared. My neighbour and I spoke of them as we watched, wondering what they were. After the eclipse, I mentioned the lights to my neighbour again, and she had no memory of them at all. Wondering deeply, and never even heard of 'awakening', 'ascension' or 'the Shift', the next night I went out, and looked at the Pleiades, and a single white light dropped down in exactly the same position, then shot off east at a 90 degree angle. By some 'coincidence', I had just connected with a woman living in Esperance (700 kms south-east of Perth, where I live, in Western Australia), who actually had a telescope trained on the Pleiades that night (because she had named a star, legally, which I didn't know you could do) and she spoke of seeing the same light. Even without such confirmation though, I knew this wasn't space junk, or a satellite. There was a feeling, in my heart, like a tone, of the most calm, peaceful joy, beyond words. Memories, both of Earth, and galactic/intergalactic, started to come in, and ego layers/defences/pretences started peeling off. I'm sure some of you will know this can be a full-on intense process, and it took me a while to balance up with it all. But when you do, you stop bouncing between the ego-mind and the lower survival programme, and flow through the centre, the core of your being. Having said that, I'm still learning, still growing, and loving it. :)

So this doesn't get too long-winded, if you're interested to read more, or see some of the photos I've taken the last few years, you're welcome to visit my blog (Heart Star (http://heartstar.org/)). The Shem Arua and Lightships pages will give you a feel for where I'm 'coming from'. I have communications with a lot of star brothers and sisters, some fleetingly, others ongoing.

Love to All, Joanna. :love:


1st May 2015, 07:44
Thank you for that post Joanna, since early childhood I have had many of what I thought were psychic experiences, also obe's and had some very frightening ones, I am now beginning to think that these experiences were more like ET encounters, still I am not sure, or are they both one and the same?kind regards gardener

1st May 2015, 13:30
Your description of the shield you put up which allows some energies in and causes others to flow around made me think of the magnetic shield created by earth and the larger shield made by the sun which cause many energies to flow around instead of bombarding us.

I've had a lot of dreams of crazy vehicles caroming around in the sky, flying too low or too high, coming too close to each other, and most not even appearing to be aerodynamic. One dream was of a sunset scene with ships in the air and on the sea heading off towards the sunset. In these dreams they don't necessarily feel like 'alien' ships. These have come over many years.

1st May 2015, 13:31
Thank you for that post Joanna, since early childhood I have had many of what I thought were psychic experiences, also obe's and had some very frightening ones, I am now beginning to think that these experiences were more like ET encounters, still I am not sure, or are they both one and the same?kind regards gardener

Im wondering the same thing gardener..

2nd May 2015, 04:01
Hi gardener, well, what we call psychic encounters, connections, phenomena, can be of ET origin. But they could also be of other nature and origin, such as elementals, discarnate souls, engineered (ie; psychotronic, or occultly produced) phenomena, beings of the Inner Earth (IT rather than ET), and more. I've experienced many of these, along the way, and it's taken quite some self-discipline, will to align with Source/Universal Being, calmness, high self-trust - and humility - to be able to see/feel the differences - particularly that which is of the 'astral' (4D) frequencies, and those of 5D and higher. Quite a complex strata, we've focussed ourselves into, eh? It requires steady heart centering, to sort out the strands, in my experience....

2nd May 2015, 04:11
Dreamtimer, my feeling of this is that when we are centered and relaxed, at peace within our natural magnetic field, which is our torus field, just like the one around Earth and all things, from atoms to stars, then we don't need to wall off the mind (although that is different from putting protections around your mind; the walling off/shielding was more of a fear response/reaction than in true alignment). I fill my torus field with golden light every day, to keep its 'integrity', which is much like the Earth. The planet's magnetosphere allows some UV light in (UVA), while energies that are too intense, in the UVB/UVC range, flow past.....

Yes, I've had dreams of those sort of 'ships' too, at times, and they don't feel 'alien' to me either. Well, our star brothers and sisters of the fleet don't feel 'alien' to me, they feel like family...but I know what you mean. Too many 'nuts and bolts' in the little crazy careeners.... ;)

2nd May 2015, 06:05
Hi Joanna,
Thank you for sharing with us and neat photo of daytime ufo. You also have some interesting gifts and abilities as well. If only my abilities could be enhanced it would have helped me to understand. Cheers...

2nd May 2015, 11:59
Hi mojo, thanks for flippering in. ^_^ What you already have (and are) is the greatest gift and ability in the universe.....((( Love )))....if we on Earth can just get that one 'online', the rest of our abilities will follow suit..... :)

3rd May 2015, 09:28
For Dreamtimer - awesome artist's rendering of our planet's magnetic shield..... :)


3rd May 2015, 10:01
If you look at the image sideways it's a figure with a cape and halo.

3rd May 2015, 10:18
Exactly... :)