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26th April 2015, 14:16
Big cities are unnatural.

They pile person on to person and the problems begin to multiply and magnify. That which makes a community strong is lost when the overwhelming need to compete with so many humans in such a small space for limited resources causes a loss of cohesion and the once close knit community is no longer "looking out" for one another.

The ones whom have held the chains for so long do so because they are effective manipulators. Groups which venture forth free from them in any way, evolving toward love and cohesion, action and unity, are Public Enemy No1.

The disruption of these groups is done to keep us in chains.

Not naming names but what I will say is this; all of those false flags, psyops etc from times past, every one of them solved more than one "problem" at a time. Killing 2 birds with one stone is right out if the Illuminati play book.

Confuse, disrupt, divide and distract.

26th April 2015, 14:35
True, but also it is a learning curve for us. We are now discovering new ways of how communities can function without harming the group members, how to build new type society based on respect and honoring each other.
It is inevitable to make a mistakes but the efforts and persistence is what matters as this will be the engine of change together with the positive intend.

26th April 2015, 15:33
Big cities are unnatural.

Yes, very much so. Their function is to keep people stuck in lower vibrations.

26th April 2015, 18:22
Whatever anyone thinks of the last 2 weeks I assure you it has not made TOT stronger. TOT is or was a group of people conversing with one another As equals under a moderator team that was held with high trust, this had been shattered for all those paying attention.

Now with ample donatory opportunities flooding in everyday to ask questions of the Resident Chosen one the core member community has made itself expendable.

The continued presence of "celebrities" among the public in forums such as this engenders inequality and foments division.
It is so sad to see so many great and consistently participating minds leave, let us hope, that when the Resident Chosen one leaves and the online member count drops 200 percent that things will be better than ever, and that all this was necessary to distill another creme de la creme of enlightened souls....one can hope.

26th April 2015, 18:50
Celebrities are created by people giving away their power to others. Without people, there would be no celebrity. It is a dynamic that people might recognize and deal with.

26th April 2015, 19:16
Since I am a new member, I do not understand the recent changes that make you so disgruntled with the TOT membership or your mixing of that topic with big cities.

About the big city issue, Agenda 21 has an intention to drag us all into big cities. I believe in choice. Big cities were exciting places to meet like minded new friends when I was young. Big cities were also the mecca of many industries and a chance to test oneself and mingle with people in one's field of interest. It was also a way for a two career couple to find exciting work and make changes without being booted around the country at the expense of the spouse's goals.

Now that I am old (71), I am much happier in smaller, less crowded, noisy places. The culture has changed too. In those days, the internet did not exist. Now that it does, one does not have to select a big city for career advancement and interaction with colleagues. Yet I feel that people have different interests and needs and those may even change during their lifetime.

I see many interesting documentaries about new projects to make cities more people friendly and less car commuting friendly. I have a sister and brother in law who have spent their preretirement lives in what some would call hooky, backward small midwestern towns. They look forward to moving to a big city where there are more opportunities to see world class art, enjoy professional quality theater, et al.

To each, their own.

The One
26th April 2015, 19:21
Whatever anyone thinks of the last 2 weeks I assure you it has not made TOT stronger. TOT is or was a group of people conversing with one another As equals under a moderator team that was held with high trust, this had been shattered for all those paying attention.

I can assure you monk when all this is through it will

The last moderation team was totally divided.


26th April 2015, 19:24
Celebrity is overrated...and believe me I've know a few. In the end of the the day they all wake up and sit on the same throne as everybody else does.

I knew this celebrity who had this gnarly persona....he was one of rocks bad boys...but nobody could deny his talent. He was considered one of the best. He lived down the street from me and my middle son used to do sleepovers at his house because his cousin who went to school with my son lived with him. I would come by to get my son and have coffee (my fav) and had the opportunity to see his guitar room. What a collection!

I helped his mother in law buy a car because I was involved in Finance at the time. One New Years Eve he invited my family to a private party and I got to listen to him usher in the new year.

He was not a bad boy at all...He was a father and a family man....who just happened to command an axe with great precission.

While I was living in this stable community he lost one of his best friends who also happened to be a celebrity.

Celebrity is highly overrated and as I said we all at the end of the day sit on the same throne.

Here he is...My old neighbor and one time friend.


I don't know what I've walked into but I would say....which has been said before: "and this too shall pass"

The onset of Chaos as I reminded earlier today:


I never got a chance to meet half of these people that have left, and walked into the middle of Chaos for sure.


Every road is a slippery slope
There is always a hand that you can hold on to.
Looking deeper through the telescope

240 thousand miles from the Moon, we’ve come a long way to belong here,
To share this view of the night, a glorious night, over the horizon is another bright sky
Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my irrefutable father,
He told me, "Son sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part.
Just know, you’re never alone, you can always come back home"

You can see that your home’s inside of you.

I'll be quite now and wait to watch it fade.

26th April 2015, 21:31
"Celebs" are very highly over rated (I have met/known quite a number of them)... They are just magnets for unstable people who fixate on them and then they become prisoners in their own homes or spending tons of money on security to leave the house. When I did executive protection for some well known people when I was younger none of them seemed very happy at all with their lives... Some have a lot of money, some have an illusion of a lot of money but in the end so what? Their lives are completely abnormal... No thank you, I would rather be poor and happy.


26th April 2015, 22:31
I think that depends on the celebrity.

Zakk moved about a few moths before I did. I moves away to another state....he bought a nice spread just outside of town and is VERY happy and rich raising his family. He walks freely in town occasionally signing and autograph or two but is free as a bird. I used to see him with his wife in the mall all the time.

He does have his own line of Gibson after all....


He's also not afraid to speak freely about things that concern him. I respected that about him.


Working out with Hendrix


27th April 2015, 02:37
:back to topic: :D

I've had this vision for a long time regarding "community." What I've discovered is that what I'm looking for doesn't exist, at least not in America, or Central America for that matter. Since it's been 5 years since I received the "energetic imprint," the details get more clearer.

Right now, what I see are self-perpetuating villages in harmony with nature. Big cities, concrete, noise, traffic, pollution, are all problematic. Even suburbs are problematic. The thought intention behind them did not consider creating "villages" per say, but endless sprawl, trying to push people into the same area that was built a hundred years ago. We have changed a lot since then...

Imagination time:

The "villages" all have a "city center," neighbors connect with each other, people don't commute but work in their area. Even the landscape and construction kept the natural elements of nature in mind. It all begins with the thought and intention. There are many many "little villages" and all of them connect. People swap locations, it's like a large global family network. Food is even locally grown as mono-cropping culture has died down and more efficient and diverse growing techniques are now being Implemented. Heck, there may even be that "food outta thin air" technology which then prompts humans to remember how to do that with their own hands ( did I read somewhere that that tech was created by reverse engineered DNA? Does anyone know? ) . The released technology has changed life dramatically. Many many more things are possible, and preservation of the earth is now a priority in the thought forms of the people.

These thoughts are still in the "imaginary" phase, and maybe my own lofty wishes and dreams, but I think it sounds nice ;)

27th April 2015, 02:58
I believe large population densities are possible if created in balance with nature and human needs. Our current city design is poisonous to our planet in almost every respect. The way we construct buildings is more than wasteful, its dangerous compared to countless alternatives. Utilities, esp underground pipelines are hurting our planet. I am very excited to start remodeling our urban areas to join in harmonious balance with earth once again. Tearing down our cities will be like cleaning up a polluted lake. I could write essays on this topic, Instead Ill point to the two most logical sources I've come across in large scale sustainable building projects. One here on earth & one out of this world.

Jacque Fresco & Planet Iarga