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25th April 2015, 14:43
As there is summer where civilisation is allowed to expand and grown so there is a winter where everything collapses this is a cycle of the Universe a great law and the further you grow in the summer the harder you fall in Winter .

Very old ancient civilisation (alien ) limit there growth for they know what lies ahead in winter

People are completely dependant like a child on government were is your garden were is your water . Do you have a root seller with safe seeds to grow independent of government,shop or power . Can you defend your family from looters etc. if a huge Catastrosphere struck the earth can you go underground for 2 years . Ancient mighty civilisation built huge underground city hiding from something change in environment .

Even if you prepare you may not survive can you stop a wave two thousand feet high a tectonic earthquake a Cataracts of fire (hundreds of comets striking the earth ) not every one dies rebuilding takes places

As you give so you get what have we given the earth ?:swing:

25th April 2015, 15:56
I've read some interesting sci fi where civilizations know they will collapse and set up museums or repositories to preserve knowlege, culture, technology. The Mote in God's Eye is the one that has just come to mind.

Personally, I like the idea of moderating civilization. Like (as far as I can tell) the American Indians did. They lived connected to the land and had a sense of not taking too much.

I've never understood the idea that we have to keep growing (economically). It's unnatural. That's how you run out of space and stuff and start to war over it. And suffer.