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23rd April 2015, 18:32

1. It can be seen.
2. It can be heard.
3. It can be measured.
4. It can be recorded.


There are four researchers on this forum that can hold their hands up to the fact they have evidence.

Mike Paterson :- YouTube Channel. Sasquatch Ontario.
ToT :- http://jandeane81.com/threads/317-Sasquatch-Vocalizations-3-0

Mojo :- YouTube Channel. Who Took My Mojo.
ToT :- http://jandeane81.com/threads/426-Mojos-Awesome-UFO-Videos?highlight=Mojo%27s+amazing+videos

Sinzzer :- YouTube Channel. Project White Star.
ToT :- http://jandeane81.com/threads/2793-UFO-phenomena-2014-amp-beyond

We now have Church, who is recording his own UFO encounters, which will make the Research even stronger.

There is no "Take My Word For It" information with these four researchers. It is all laid out and recorded to a very high standard.

Project White Star. Sinzzer. http://youtu.be/pl4hUYEiEkU

WhoTookMyMojo. Mojo. http://youtu.be/ccGfdePhrfY

Sasquatch Ontario. Mike Paterson. http://youtu.be/QKTKcJrOGSk

24th April 2015, 00:02
Hi Francis,
Thank you and a wonderful idea especially with the influx of new members. Also helping to explain evidence which is often missing in many testimonials...

25th April 2015, 12:38
Thanks Mojo, you were the very first person many years ago that I saw had data and filmed evidence.
It's all been an incredible journey, for me, since then.

4th June 2015, 17:16
Due to copyright negotiations, videos on Sasquatch Ontario, Mike Paterson, are no longer available.

This does not mean that the videos will remain unavailable.
They will go back up on YouTube when negotiations are complete.