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18th April 2015, 18:43
The book predicts that around 2040 maybe a bit before that a new ice age will begin to end around 2500 ice bergs will begin to form in north countries why because the sun is a huge giant clock which repeats a huge cycle

A roadmap of time: How the Maxwell/Wheeler weather-energy cycles predict the "history" of the next 25 years

There are 100-year cycles, a 500-year cycle, and sunspot cycles, the warming cycle will end with a cold-dry period, and then a cold-wet period. Pollution of the environment may affect the weather cycle slightly, but so do volcanoes and forest fires. The prections for the year 2000, made 25 years before, are pretty accurate.

each cycle as well predicts government from the great to bad to none ( anarchy ) it also covers wars and religion each period covers a cycle of the sun it goes back in history showing each cycle causes a trend

The best reason to read this book is to understand the current weather debate, free of the political baggage. Another reason is to understand and anticipate political, social, and economic trends

18th April 2015, 20:27
You won't have to wait that long, it has already started. I think we still have a few "nice" years ahead before it starts to get really rough in the 2020's. Some miracles would be nice!



18th April 2015, 20:47
Is there a saying that says something like...

"If one controls the weather, then one rules the world."

What with all the geoengineering and HAARP and whatever other 'project' that affects the weather.......... I get rather confused these days as to what is 'natural' and what is 'engineered'.

And yes............. there has been much talk on the net about the northern hemisphere having an Ice Age. And I agree there are cycles.

And what with all the other 'potential' scenarios proposed of deeply impacting our planet and life upon it?............. :spinning:

Methinks we require more conscious wizards on the case............... :magic:,:wiz::wiz::wiz: