View Full Version : DIY, pressurized solar shower, or how to stink less on a budget

That Guy
15th April 2015, 15:04
I was looking for a solar shower and found some pressurized ones, first the product and then the DIY version, simple, yet brilliant.

So how to stink less on a budget, here goes.

Actual product.


And the DIY versions. Don't forget to paint the containers black.



15th April 2015, 18:35
Great idea to share!......

15th April 2015, 18:43
"How to stink less on a budget" lol


15th April 2015, 19:21
I purchased a couple of these several years ago............ normally used for camping, but also good for emergencies. They definitely work very well, gets mighty hot if one has the privilege of a couple of hours of sunshine (rather than a chemtrail blanket).

Anybody that works outside, builders etc, this would also be great to wash off the hard working sweat of the day, just hang it on a tree branch.