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11th April 2015, 20:27
The Cosmic Winter

Victor Clube

Great book truly does the Earth go though huge warms of huge comets . Do these end civilisation causing huge nuclear explosion causing nuclear winter to last decades . Great read coving all the great civilisation that suddenly just stopped without warming scorched earth how can you prepare for a end of days or our you just lucky famine and ice .okay so imagine a comets levelling Europe what would be the effects . how often where are there why are they there has it happened before .



We are we heading into a another period of huge comets again ancients lived in huge fear of comets we live currently in a quiet period yet any time I look up I see more and more comets and there are getting bigger and more dangerous . in 1908 a huge Cataracts of Fire hit Siberia (Tunguska) exploded in a huge fire ball lit up the sky the local speak of a second sun brighter than normal sun rain of fire .

Ancients speak of them hitting the earth in dozens of locations levelling nations and then nuclear winter with massive civil unrest with invasions of huge people and entire regions unpopulated roman Britain as a example was destroyed by one of these also comes great plagues when these things come .

During five days in late June 1975, a swarm of boulders the size of motor cars struck the moon at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. On 30 June 1908 an object crashed on Siberia with the force of a large hydrogen bomb. The moon was also struck on 25 June 1178 struck, this time by a missile whose energy was ten times that of the combined nuclear arsenals of the world. Why late June? What is the nature of such events? And what threat do they pose to mankind? The authors aim to reveal the answers in this book. They argue that rains of fire visit the earth from time to time, destroying civilizations and plunging mankind into Dark Ages. They uncover a lost tradition of celestial catastrophe, and underpin these claims with foundations based on the latest discoveries in space. They produce a risk assessment which reveals that civilization could well come to an abrupt end, destroyed by a rain of fire followed by an icy, cosmic winter

14th June 2015, 09:11
At 3 AM, Sunday June 14th, I woke up from a dream having to do with Russia. The message to me was to "Get out".

I was sitting in a large auditorium (in Russia) full of people. It was some sort of political event. I was with a couple of friends who I assumed were from the US too.

Then I saw a woman up front from the US (I assume) who was with delegation there, put a rifle into her mouth to kill herself with it.
(additional detail on this part: Someone handed a long package to a woman who was sitting at a long conference table at the front of the auditorium. She then set the package on the table, opened it revealing a number of what looked like hi-powered rifles. Then she took one of them and put the nozzle of it into her mouth to kill herself with it.)

All US citizens in the audience were told to leave that event immediately or were under arrest .... that part is blurry but I sensed danger.

I was then standing in the aisle but the couple I was with had disappeared. I wondered if they went back to the hotel where we were staying.

At any rate, it was a very dark and gloomy dream... definitely sensed doom.

Didn't know where to post this but sometimes I get precognitive dreams and this dream had that kind of "feel" to it. Putting it here for documentation purposes as this is the only forum I currently post at.

14th June 2015, 09:53
Hi Roisin, a young family member is travelling to Russia in the next 2 months- do you hav any advice? thx lb

14th June 2015, 10:39
Just as I was typing out a response to your question, I got very nauseous and threw up a late night snack I had. Can't even recall the last time that ever happened but to me it's a sign.... in this case, the message being that now is not a good time to send any of our young'n's or loved ones to Russia regardless that it's only for a short stay. But most definitely, if it's for a long stay there, might want to reconsider.

We should know within the next upcoming days and weeks what's going on between the US and Russia. The winds of war may be upon us and it's too late for diplomacy. Russia might be in the process of doing something totally unprecedented against the US and its Allies which will be interpreted as an act of war.

---- in that dream, I felt trapped. Like there was no where to go to escape what the Russians were about to do to the Americans in that audience. I never found out how it all ended because I then woke up... very abruptly.

14th June 2015, 10:45
Unfortunately, my opinion is considered person non gratia in our family however if you hav any specific places etc to avoid i will throw it out there..lb

14th June 2015, 18:59
Right after I typed out my last post, because I was still feeling queasy, I went back to my bed to lay there for a bit until I felt better but instead I dozed off. Then I had another dream and this one was just as unsettling as the last one.

In it, I’m standing on top of an icy cliff that had a path that led up to the top of it. And not too far down below me on that path, I saw someone I knew wrestling with a tall blackish humanoid creature covered in scales. There were other things that led up to that part of the dream but once I woke up, I forgot what they were except that we and others somehow unwittingly assisted in this creatures “birth”.

That person who was wrestling with it, at least on the surface, is basically a good one but also is a very ignorant one too because he’s constantly in a state of denial when coming face to face with those who are what I call deceptors whom he seems to surround himself with all the time and follow. He’s also the type of person who will rationalize whatever bad or unsettling thing that happens to the point of rendering them insignificant and not worth mulling over no matter how serious whatever the given situation is.

That one was dragged down from the top of the cliff by that creature from where I was standing at that moment and my immediate thoughts were that he was going to be dragged down even further and into the fog; never to be seen again. But I didn’t want that to happen and I wanted to save him though I knew I would need some help with that so I cried out to others to help me rescue him.

Then I saw a glass sliding door open behind me where another person I knew peeked through it but was too afraid to venture out beyond it and leave the comfort, warmth and security of his own world and into the cold, icy and brutal one that I was standing in. This person knew better than to venture out beyond that door because he is one of the deceptors. And regardless that like all of them, there’s also shades of grey there too as no one is purely black, nor white, the terror in his eyes betrayed a paralyzing fear and I knew no help was going to come forth from that one…ever.

And then I heard a voice come forth from the distance cry out “Roisin, wake up”… but I refused to do that as I had to save that other man from that creature but then the voice cried out again and only then did I finally wake up but only after a struggle as that world I was in was holding onto me with a grip so strong, it was stretching out like taffy breaking away from it.

So the answer to your question may be this… If we keep our heads in the sand and remain in denial that everything is OK and all is well in the world we live in now, we are doomed right from the get-go.

On the other hand, discernment is necessary and the only way to do that is to recognize what’s threatening us when it shows up and to watch it….. Look through the glass door but don’t open it and venture out from it at least not now for the time will come when nothing will be there to separate us from the horror that lies on the other side of it. Only by watching and paying attention to everything that’s going on around us and what’s going on out there too will we find out what to do next and where to go to seek refuge from it.