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1st April 2015, 23:47
i searched but no one seems to have mentioned Alex Kotchkin (brilliant guy, explores the inner universe as so many tell us all to.)
This Pdf is a 'must read' imho.

PDF file at the bottom of this page ..


2nd April 2015, 16:02
I need more info Blue.

I have Youtube videos, books and radio interviews all waiting for my time.
Tell me why this Alex Kotchkin is worth my time.
Sell it to me Blue.
You can do better than a few meezly lines.
How did this guy change your paradigms? Why did you start this thread?
Let's hear it Blue. :)

2nd April 2015, 20:12
Alex Kochkin never set himself up as any kind of guru, he is a very intelligent man with strong spiritual roots, being a founder member of the Global Awakening movement in 1993, to promote spiritual (not religious) value. Shares his findings freely on an open forum
Apart from 'Final call' there is a wealth of documents and essays to download here; http://www.pfcn.net/napsum-bul1.html
'Final call' is a potted summation of his findings (and those of his friends and fellow forum members), being both spiritual and intellectual, mixed with insights from his individual multi-dimensional travels, personal experience but no hint of channeling or religious overtones etc.
You will enjoy reading what he has to say, well worth the time invested imho,

Our work over the years was written to and for your true self, your spiritual being. To the extent it engages your human capacities, it will be beneficial the extent that it stimulates and motivates your human self to focus upon its own Real and True foundation of being, in short to Realize yourself as a spiritual being, rather than suffer as a human-identified-human....
This is written to help free your Consciousness from delusions and illusions acquired from its sojourns in the fallen realms and those of excessive density.