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1st April 2015, 21:26
"In October of 2010, 2 young hunters shot a 7 foot tall animal they could not identify. It stood upright and walked like a man."

This documentary chronicles the events of hunter, Justin Smeja after his alleged shooting of 2 bigfoots in October of 2010. The filmmaker embarks on an investigation filled with witness interviews, an intense polygraph examination and a long hard look the evidence collected.

Then late one night at the location of the shooting, after taping a recreation, something strange happens. Did the film crew get more than they bargained for? Is this the evidence Justin has been looking for to prove his story?

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In Association with The Sierras Evidence Initiative
Starring Justin Smeja, The Driver, Bart Cutino, Ro Sahebi and Sanh Oriyavong
Written and Directed by Ro Sahebi

For many in the field of bigfooting, Justin Smeja has become a controversial subject. He has been labeled everything from a hoaxer, an attention seeker and in some rare cases, a bigfoot expert. His story received worldwide attention after the release of the online documentary "I Killed Bigfoot". The event has become known as "The Sierra Kills" amongst those in the sasquatch world.

After interviewing Justin Smeja for the movie 'I Killed Bigfoot', filmmaker Ro Sahebi initiated the polygraph exam featured in the short film," The Examination". This would eventually lead to the feature documentary 'Dead Bigfoot: A True Story'.


lift the veil
1st April 2015, 21:35
If it is true, he is a real @sshole for shooting them. Disgusting.

1st April 2015, 21:41
this guy is a ruse.

his story is suspect (who would have left the evidence behind?)

what evidence he later gathered was bear-by DNA analysis.

that said, I'll take a look. thanks.

The One
1st April 2015, 21:47
Was this not proven to be a hoax with the Dna report identified the primary contributor as Ursus americanus (Black Female Bear), and the secondary contributor as Homo sapiens (Human). https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwrMS-lXBDSqc2YwR0oxZVN5R28/edit?pli=1

Smeja claims that he killed two BF'S, finds a steak sample covered in hair that he could not identify, sends it off and it comes back bear, that's it plain and simple. We all got riled up and expectant over a hoaxer, why he sticks to his story so strongly, I don't know perhaps he'd rather be considered crazy than publicly admit he's a liar.In my opinion, Smeja shot and cached a bear, that's why he was so adamant about the corpses location, or they found a bear steak coincidentally in the search area, either way Smeja confirmed that the color of the fur on the steak matched the fear of the creature who's ass he put a bullet in, then it tuns out to be nothing more than a regular old bear


1st April 2015, 23:00

the documentary says that the blood on his boot
could not be verified by DNA due to contamination.

check this out.

I've love at the end of the doc. they claim that justin
is bound and determined to kill another bigfoot.
quite a guy.