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31st March 2015, 06:27
I was going to post on (GOODETxSG) Corey's thread, (Secret Space Program etc) then decided not to clog an already bulging thread that has many tangents, but I was inspired because of members' comments there re "an event". I appreciated comments re this thought process as to a global event of such grand significance that it encompasses all, cannot be denied by all, and is therefore an ultimate catalyst of reform for all, but ponder that we may need to think even bigger than, for example 9/11, for although 9/11 was global news I'm not sure how it would be overly significant to some countries/locales as it was not "close enough to home" for these multitudes. I am also pondering as to whether the "shocking series of events" mentioned as a design to imprint within our genetic memory in order to prevent reoccurrence, may not necessarily have to be demonstrated further as Armageddon-ish.

Could "an event" resulting in a "shocking series of events" possibly be an "enhanced genetic memory trigger" that provides indisputable proof of "inherent origins of virtues of equality" within every individual? (Although I believe this is happening already in vast proportions by varying degrees).
But could this eventually culminate to a "point in time" where it cannot be denied anymore by anyone? For example, I know from my own development that there have been many times that I have been horribly crippled with my awareness at times by stark references to behaviours in my personal historical 3D and multiD databank because I had attained an enhanced perspective, so much so that sick to the stomach doesn't even come close to the trauma I experienced knowing from this new perspective how particular behaviours, (from a once limited perspective), were viewed in this new light, so to speak. I was so disgusted with myself that I actually didn't want forgiveness - I wanted and begged for annihilation/extinction for ever having been afforded the opportunity to have expressed outside the paradigm of equality - sadly it didn't come!

My point being, that if awareness of self being a natural force of loving equality came to a culmination/climax globally, just imagine the shock, the trauma, the repulsion, toward oneself that individuals would be forced to deal with - every unkind, selfish, cruel thought, word, action, would be in the individuals spotlight and no-one would be immune to this! This could potentially be even more catastrophic, (in the long run), than remaining in ignorance of one's "negative actions" because of ignorance of a genetic memory of innate equality toward all life.

Musing on this from a higher order intelligence perspective on how to cosmically deal with such a thing I could see how a global (universal?) amnesty of sorts might be necessary to be orchestrated toward all irrespective of race, religion, status, etc in order to move forward; for how could blame and retribution be appropriately measured when it would bring up one quandary after another? Could this be the epitome of a "blank slate" where humanity and other beings can finally move forward in an all encompassing "togetherness" because of the powerful emergence of an inherent genetic memory that quite literally grips everyone therefore it cannot be avoided, denied, or ignored? My little mind boggles at the complexities that would be involved in intelligently coordinating something of this cosmic, spiritual and physical magnitude between the planet and its life forms, earth humans, other beings, other planets, etc, etc, etc!

When I revisited James Mahu's insights re an event I found them to be interesting and contradictory, but the contradiction I believe is designed to steer away from the religious ideology of a Saviour, or an ET, being a global catalyst, opting in favour of all of humanity saving itself because of something that cannot be ignored ~ which appears to be a general theme throughout this and other alternative materials. I have highlighted the two contradictions in the following extract from the "When-Which-How Practice Guide Foreward by James" and must note that this was presented to the public five years before 2012. I have also highlighted a few other "gems" as we ponder what is emerging, if anything, that could possibly have the greatest global impact, (which I believe many of us are intuitively and desperately waiting for with as much "patience" as we can muster), for possible correlations with "Giant Spheres" and "Sphere Beings".

We have traveled to this planet for a reason—all of us—without exception. For those of us incarnated in these times, we will be rewarded by participating in the most profound shift in human history, and this shift will occur over the next five years. What was presumed impossible 10 years ago will be proven possible in half that time. And this accelerated shift from disbelief to knowledge will require leaders who are able to adapt and thrive in the new definitions of time, space, energy and matter, and understand that the intelligent relationship we share amongst ourselves and other beings is the most important quality to the unfoldment of our purpose as a spiritual race.

The approaching shift is a little like coming out of the jungle and being introduced to the Internet. We, as a species, are being introduced to the universal field and our participation as co-creators therein. Everyone on the planet, over the next five years, will feel this overture from the universe to deepen and expand their relationship to the higher order intelligence, but it will be up to the individual as to whether they connect via an intermittent dial-up modem, a 24/7 broadband connection, or simply turn away in the assumed comfort of separation.

As I suggested earlier, our world will not transform in a sudden burst of awakening, but rather it will undergo a sustained and vibrant trajectory of awakening over the next five years. It will require us to be balanced and coherent in our hearts and minds in order to extract the meaning of this transformative time on planet earth and create the new culture that embodies it.

The flow of the universe is configured through a higher order of intelligence than we can imagine. As it steps down into our three-dimensional world, it activates our heart and mind to synchronize—to work together as a flowing system of intelligence that opens the door to our soul or higher self. Those who are able to synchronize their heart-mind system and sustain an energetic coherence while the dimensional shift is occurring will be able to lead and advance the opportunities for the generations to follow. Many of the fundamental, inherited paradigms of humanity will be cast off in favor of a dynamic information grid that infuses our hearts and minds and informs an emergent culture of humanity based on emotional self-mastery and direct spiritual insight.

You can choose to believe a dimensional shift is occurring and experience it with your full senses awake and tuned to its EARTHLY BLOOM, or you can deny it right up to the instant in time when it cannot be denied any longer. However you choose, this shift or transformation will demand your coherence emotionally and mentally, which is precisely the purpose behind the when-which-how practice and the Event Temples website.

Co-emergent with this dimensional shift, and inseparable from it, is your spirit. It is emerging with an empowerment it has never before expressed into this reality. This is your ego’s time to step aside and defer to the higher spirit within you that flows through the assertions of your energetic heart. The practice of when-which-how is a method of bringing your mind, emotions, and ego-personality into coherent alignment with your heart's intuitive guidance. The when-which-how practice is a vital technique of Lyricus. This is because the energetic heart is the key instrument that enables the human family to grow together through relations of coherence, compassion, care, and virtue. The when-which-how practice is a method that helps the individual express their higher self through quantum or energetic activities. The flow of energy, directed by the coherent and virtuous heartmind system, is what we are here to experience and learn, and it is this that will ultimately bond humanity in Oneness.

Just returning also to the Armageddon-ish idea of a global event using the mythological trilogy novels by James Mahu - "The Weather Composer" (part 3 not released yet), James explores how a global catastrophe, (in his book a solar event), would devastatingly affect all of humanity irrespective of race, religion, status, as no-one would be immune to its effects, no matter how technologically superior they were - and I tend to believe this could well be a significant targeted disclosure of information in itself to breakaway civilizations. He also brings forth the concept of a religious savior incarnating but it becomes evident that the intellectual prowess and spiritual mastery of this young individual is not limited to himself but is dispersed throughout humanity, albeit in some more diluted, and in others, more profound, by differing qualities and degrees. The theme, in my opinion however, is toward how humanity would "rebuild" its social culture after such an event ~ especially when hopelessness is overwhelmingly profound. The new global leader to emerge in this story is understandably trying to rebuild what was, yet the higher intelligence and spirituality of others are powerfully demonstrating how this is retrograde, coupled with attempts to inspire and bring into inception a completely new social paradigm.

I mention this because many times over my 50 years I have felt a catastrophic event of this magnitude could perhaps be the only way that we could "blank slate" and start anew, but after reading about the harsh reality of consequences and conditions from such an event I would prefer we avoid this scenario, for there is no doubt in my mind that by comparison we are already experiencing a global Armageddon and have been for quite some time. This is why I am hopeful and interested in another "solution", hence my fantasies re a genetic memory enhancer of cosmic proportions being orchestrated by multitudes of sentient consciousness', that may already be underway; and is why perhaps we already have quietly incubating great leadership and innovation toward new beginnings for humanity waiting for the climax which could be seen to be "an event" in order to roll out the much longed for new global social consciousness of equality.

Anyway, just throwing this out there, as I am intrigued by how manifestation of change in epic global proportions could be accomplished without life forms having to endure anymore physical degradation.

31st March 2015, 06:42
I don't think a global catastrophe is unlikely at this stage. I think the revelation will be personal for each of us,and will happen in the manner most beneficial to each person.

There will of course eventually be a global event that will make it obvious, but I think that by then many will have already had personal revelations and so the global event will be more to confirm that, yes, this is real. Many have already had their personal revelation.

Oh, and nice to see a fellow west aussie on here :-)


31st March 2015, 12:53
Something to note, as well, is that there is no "The" future. There are infinite possibilities as we approach a convergence pont of unification. We continue to create this event for ourselves with each choice we make. Choose love. Choose to follow the heart over all else and one will most certainly enjoy their event.

31st March 2015, 15:39