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23rd March 2015, 09:38
Hi All,

Found this on my travels. Just finished watching. Is this disclosure for the masses as forum member Highland has suggested?

The main thrust of this, is that in seeking contact, music nor numbers are the universal language, but star constellations.

Can't help but feel it's all a bit 'cheesy'. A psyc-op perhaps to prepare the plebs for Blue Beam? Dunno.

All in all, interesting what seems to becoming mainstream. Food for thought.



23rd March 2015, 11:02
its fun but after 25 mins of the same thing being repeated over and over i kinda lost interest ... shame

23rd March 2015, 11:29
its fun but after 25 mins of the same thing being repeated over and over i kinda lost interest ... shame

I agree Nanu, all too repetitive. That's why I thought it was made to be streamed to the masses.

A step in the right direction though. Slowly slowly....

23rd March 2015, 11:52
The movie wasn't made for people that know this stuff. It's made for mainstream.

The ordinary mum and dad that watches telly and reads the mainstream media and has zero contact with what we read here.

Like I said, it's a start. I don't think we should poo poo it, but rather embrace it - it's the beginning of something.

23rd March 2015, 12:14
Apparently he can show us the "knowledge of the forever time" just as the credits are rolling at the end of the video.....

That was released Jan 2014 and were still waiting?

I agree though Sooz that it is good introductory material for those just starting to awaken, and also still believe that the big screen is the way forward........ to educate the masses.


john parslow
23rd March 2015, 14:12
Hi Soozie, thanks for posting. I found the whole thing a very protracted commentary with multiple views of the same footage - thought I was going to grow old and die before it finished and got very bored way before the end! In my personal opinion (for what it's worth) I imagine the universal language of which he repeats and repeats ad infinitum is not constellations but telepathy ... not sure exactly what this film is, still on the fence about it, love JP ... :whstl:

23rd March 2015, 23:38
wow are they that thick ? i think the presentation is aimed at americans ?

24th March 2015, 02:07
I did fall asleep :hilarious: ............sorry sooz, thks for sharing as one never knows what will move another. :eyebrows: