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20th March 2015, 18:43

Satish Kumar talks about a New Story for humanity in relationship to spirituality, consciousness, nature, education, politics, business and economics. Satish was interviewed by Rob Garrity and filmed by Rhonda Fabian on location at Findhorn's New Story Summit in Scotland in October 2014.

20th March 2015, 20:46
There is a new paradigm that is emerging. Satish is so wise - we should change our consciousness "we are part of Nature" "we should have respect for all life" - new story "story of wholeness", "we are spiritual beings". "The old story is failing".

I agree with him that education brainwashes children. He wants to see a change within education to include understanding emotions: heart, feelings etc. and to see practical skills incorporated within the educational system.

Everything Satish spoke about made complete sense.

Thanks for sharing this, Tribe.

20th March 2015, 20:47
He is my inspiration :love:

20th March 2015, 21:54
I couldn't agree more, Satish is very wise we need to form communities where people will take care of each other, grow our own food make our own clothes build shelter for the homeless instead of throwing them on to the streets, where even there they are not allowed to reside I like his ideas but it will take many wise people to make such a commitment, trouble is it would be an extremely difficult thing to do, as EVERYTHING is controlled by the government, even the land, I can remember many years ago there were public baths where homeless people could go whenever they could afford it there were places called models where they could get a bed for the night, and places they could go to get a bite to eat,they have been axed years ago you cant even find a public toilet, they closed even those down, and now we have food banks in a country where this should not be happening, you cant even let the children go out to play anymore it is not safe, that is why the children are always on the computer or watching the tv dreaming of being a celebrity, its a nightmare I feel so sorry for the children they are trapped just as we are is this really what we vote for? it has become a world with very little compassion and the ptb they don't care their kids are ok I wonder how they would feel if they had to go through this with us? inmy heart I know that they will not get away with it when they leave this world, they will be held to account on another level, WHY cant they see that?anyway that is as much as I can say as words are of no value to these people they believe they are immortal but they are not but their souls are and that is the one thing they will find out one day.