View Full Version : SECRETS OF THE MATRIX HD David Icke LIVE - 6-HOUR Feature

The One
20th March 2015, 13:09
I am reposting this as its been (Digitally Remastered) Origianl material from 2003

So anyone who's not a David fan i would suggest moving a long.Wow over 6 hours

Over six hours and with hundreds of illustrations, With over 6000 people in attendance, world famous conspiracy researcher and author David Icke reveals the truth about the illusion that is life in this "physical" reality and how this "world" is a provable illusion, just a lucid dream, and how we create it and how we can change the dream to one that we would like to experience.

Here he reveals that a network of interbreeding bloodlines manipulating through their web of interconnecting secret societies have been pursuing an agenda for thousands of years to impose a globally centralized fascist state with total control and surveillance of the population.


20th March 2015, 13:30
it might also be for those aren't familiar with his theories.

6 hours. epic!
and look at all those commercial breaks OMG.