View Full Version : Is this the new 'Hopium'?

13th March 2015, 08:09
Electronic Mood Control

This just landed in my inbox. Got me intrigued.

A device to be rolled out in the marketplace, sometime this year. Something to calm you down, change your mood. What do you think? Is it a good thing or not? Is it dangerous?

Short vid of 2 mins in the link.


It's all very 'The Jetsons' to me. Used to love that show as a kid. Now most of it is here, gah....:D

13th March 2015, 08:12
well, this kind of tech is used on us all the time.. so they are now allowing us to buy into it ? wow talk about in ya face lol :belief: xx

13th March 2015, 08:21
Uh oh, I think I maybe diving into a very deep rabbit hole here...


Wolf Khan
13th March 2015, 11:41
Mind control any one??? Moods give us access to many of our emotions. What would happen if the The cabal can control us through our emotions getting us to agree to walking off a cliff for any number of reasons. All they want of us is to be dead. They will use everything and anything to achieve that objective.