View Full Version : The 4th annual prufos police report 2005

The One
29th September 2013, 17:21
Year on year the number of cases has increased as I have spent many hours researching newspaper archives for elusive police reports.Every time an officer approaches me with information of their own personal UFO experiences I still get a thrill.Yet what makes these officers come forward so many years after the event?For anyone who has ever had a genuine UFO or paranormal experience the answer is simple—you never forget the event and it often effects you in a profound and meaningful way for the rest of your life.After almost four years of research I now have enough material to write a book on these sightings, many of which are truly remarkable and I hope to find a publisher in the near future.What follows is the most comprehensive police archive of UFO sightings ever published anywhere in Britain.

163 Cases between 1901 and 2005 involving over 400 British Police officers.