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22nd February 2015, 21:33
This thread is to give any individuals who - like myself - have had ideas, innovations, or concepts that have been put on the 'backburner' for whatever reason.

First up, take a bicycle and attach that thing to the ground. Next, rig the gear chain to a come-along chain. Next, rig that come-along chain to a trebuchet, structured so that instead of literally throwing a weight or whatever, it focuses that energy in a spinning motion (with all the associated bearings and modifications).

Now, rig all that to a phatty electricity generator. It would require a bit of timing and tuning, but if done right you could have it set up so that just as the generator is starting to wind down from the 'pull' of the trebuchet, the dude on the bike will already have the trebuchet reset and ready to fly again. Assisted perpetual motion (that gives a person a good cardiovascular workout in the process) and the supplies can be sourced from a local hardware store! It could be HUGE!

22nd February 2015, 22:43
Love It.

My favorite is the use of the multiplier ratio of pulleys to produce similar results.

Failing that Shez you can always employ me to install a ground source heat pump at your residence? 15 grand and after two months of the boiler being on you'll have free hot water and heating for life.

....but if I tell you to do something on the job I don't want an argument about symantics....lol

23rd February 2015, 00:42
Well, I'm looking for something a layperson can rig and operate with my suggestion, and on a more limited budget. Basically I'm looking at a simple machine that can be rendered with a mind for availability of parts, degree of sophistication in/around the device, multi-climate operability, etc.

One of my biggest issues with alot of alternative energy generation systems is that many are <ahem> 'high falootin' to the average person. They involve electrical principles, complicated ratios, inverse resistances, etc.

I'm trying to come up with a relatively inexpensive device that requires above all human-power, to maintain a cost effective and efficient working machine that would generate consumer levels of energy.

23rd February 2015, 09:19
Ok then I would suggest taking a 18+ gear bicycle, removing the back wheel and attaching a cast iron flywheel (with abec 5 quality or above bearings) which in turn provides a large amount of torque needed for a 12v alternator without constant serious pedalling!
The energy used to get the heavy flywheel up to generating speed will be tough-ish, but when it gets going move up a gear or 2 and you'll have all the energy you will ever need and the pedaling aint no where near as bad, lol.

I just like the Stirling Engine, so my style of machinery!

There are some good water basin pump free energy generators that take advantage of a technique I used to employ when stealing petrol!! Lol
I'll have a look in a bit and post some, all you need for those are large water containers, bits of wood/water wheels and a sump.

23rd February 2015, 10:24
I like where this is going. just a few ideas to stimulate thought.



23rd February 2015, 10:45
OMG that pillow hat!! I would totally be leaving the house with that still on my head.