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22nd February 2015, 10:58
Ria's thread on Laurel Canyon has prompted me to post this link to the Val Valerian Matrix pdf's all of which I read with great interest when I was first introduced to the alternative media. Please note that some of them take a while to download.

One jarring note, however, is what VV had to say in Matrix V (which may put some people off), and which promotes separation and difference, that women are fundamentally different and inferior to men. Hopefully this will not detract from all of Valerian's work, although it put me off big time. However, up to the point where I read those comments I did find a lot of interest.

You will note a lot of information that has been promoted by others in the intervening years, which might be worth discussing how much of what we actually read is the same reconstituted information in the 100 Monkey vein and not direct experience.


Part 1

Other parts can be viewed on You Tube