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21st February 2015, 13:15
This will effect Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini. Just over 5mins long.
Six planets in Pisces
Steve Judd Astrology
Published on Feb 19, 2015Today, for one day only….


This is 19 mins long
Astrology for the Soul February 17, 2015
Tom Lescher
Published on Feb 17, 2015
With bold determination,
I set my course and go,
Knowing that conscious attention,
Will help me reach my goal.

Yup! The danger these days can be just getting so nervous, scared, frustrated, or ****ed enough to just act (or react) without thinking. This may not achieve your desired results as the New Moon in Aquarius is all about community (as in everyone gets their say) and the Sun conjuncting Neptune is not self oriented in the least. Great acts of courage, protection, and leadership can have profound results though so go for it!

I hope that the new software gives you a better sense and is a learning tool for those interested in more astrology! May you start off this new cycle of love (Venus conjunct Mars) with joy in your heart and light in your stride. Injoy!

Welcome to Mars in Aries 5 mins long..........
Steve Judd Astrology
Published on Feb 20, 2015Get your dancing shoes on...

Global Feb 2015
Steve Judd Astrology
Published on Jan 30, 2015

21st February 2015, 13:57
Astrology Status for February 20, 2015
February 21, 2015 at 2:57am
Asteroids, Conscience, and Collective Consciousness

According to Richard Tarnas in his book Cosmos and Psyche (http://amzn.to/1ElRWvC), the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto correlated with the emergence of mass consciousness as a powerful force in society.

In recent decades, astronomers have discovered a number of smaller bodies with orbits near those of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Might these recently discovered smaller bodies also be bringing something new into our shared history. If so, what might that be? And what effect will it have on the lives of individuals?

Close to Home

Many other things are at work in our personal lives, but morality and ethics form the foundation and framework of our lifestyle. Moral and ethical principles tell us how to achieve our goals without doing harm and disturbing social harmony or drawing negative responses from others?

Generally speaking, there is a moral or ethical principle for virtually nearly every eventuality. In theory, society would function best when all its members follows its shared moral principles.

Society’s Evil Twin

There exists another realm of consciousness, though, mass consciousness. It is the realm of "group psychology," “group dynamics” or "mob psychology."

On the mass level, there appear to be only coarse, fragmentary versions of the moral sensibilities found on the personal level. When we stare into the mass mind, we often seem to see society’s evil twin staring back at us.

The power of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might have made mass consciousness a force to be reckoned with in society, but from the point of view of morality, mass consciousness is still a work in progress.

Certainly, moral sensibility is the stiffened spine of individual consciousness as it must be of mass consciousness. Although that will be a long time coming.

Socializing the Mass Mind?

That, I believe, is where bodies like Nessus and the other asteroids come into the picture. Following is a list of some of the smaller bodies featured in one of my recent statuses on the Saturn Sagittarius ingress (http://on.fb.me/1K34CMS). There are myths associated with the figures these bodies are named after and those myths give some hint of what the influence of those bodies might be.

~ Pholus (1992) appears to govern our ability to respect and uphold community standards in our personal lives.

~ Nessus (1993) appears to me to govern our ability to maintain moral freedom in the face of negative pressure from society and from within one’s self.

~ Chariklo (1997) appears to govern our respect for personal boundaries, including the most subtle, unspoken personal boundaries in even the most delicate situations.

~ Ixion (2001) appears to govern the moral integrity of those in high office.

The myths associated with the figures these bodies are named after seem intended, at least in part, to foster a sense of moral obligation to the other members of a social group. The recent discovery of these bodies, then, suggests that we should be seeing evidence of the evolution of moral sensibility in the mass mind since the discovery of these bodies.

The Age of Aquarius, The Age of the Mass Mind?

Pholus, Nessus and so on, all related to the development of a collective moral sensibility, were all discovered in the 1990s and 2000s. Their discovery did in fact correlate with analogous developments in technology and mass culture.

The idea of political correctness, for example, is to refine the moral sensibility embodied in mass consciousness and, through that, to refine the moral sensibility of the masses (i.e. us). These bodies were discovered in the 1990s. Political correctness became a household term in the 1990’s.

The internet, in development essentially since the 1960s, emerged as a commonly accessible, widely used mass medium in the 1990s. Mass culture and the internet are now thoroughly entwined and massively interactive. Social networking sites like Facebook grew to reflect, at least approximately, the breadth, variety and complexity of the real social world.

A Portal to the Mass Mind

Mass consciousness was no longer this vast, inaccessible space. It no longer seemed like such an unmanageable, unpredictable force in human affairs. The internet gave us a handle on mass consciousness.

Through the internet, we began to explore and reshape mass consciousness and, through mass consciousness, reshape and uplift society. And that is what we should expect to see if the discovery of bodies like Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo and Ixion were, in fact, related to the moral evolution of mass consciousness.

We began to see efforts to establish a respect for boundaries on social network sites (à la Chariklo). We began using the internet to impose higher values on elected officials and other public figures (Ixion).

Examples of the kind of thing just mentioned are legion. And that is, as I said, what we might expect to see if the discovery of bodies like Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo and Ixion were, in fact, related to the evolution of mass consciousness.

The discovery of bodies like Nessus and Ixion also seems to imply that our moral sensibility is being altered. The implication is that these bodies will cause us to respond to moral issues in mass consciousness as deeply and strongly as we often respond to moral issues in our personal lives.

We would feel collective morality as if it were an extension of our personal morality, and vice versa. The moral wrongs of the world will no longer go unnoticed or feel unconnected to us.

Increasingly, apathy and complacency will no longer seem like an option to people. Over time, this enhanced and expanded moral sensibility will lead to widespread and radical reform.

The Hard Part

Our moral sensibility involves moral intuitive insight - conscience - and practical, worldly knowledge. Everything we know and sense comes into play.

But conscience is also essentially a psychosomatic phenomenon. Our response to moral issues runs deep. It overflows the distinction between mind and body.

It is almost instantaneous and all but reflexive. Our responses to moral issues are second nature. We wear our moral and ethical values like a second skin.

Conscience, then, has roots deep in our being. Moral issues affect us consciously and unconsciously, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Many of the so-called blocks that we struggle with are essentially moral in nature and origin. Many of our buried wounds are the result of moral wrongs committed against us or moral dilemmas we have not resolved. Repressed shame and guilt are also essentially moral in nature.

Any event that seriously affects our moral sensibility can bring these uncomfortable, even painful, thoughts and feelings to the surface. That can force us to interrupt or change our lives and do whatever it takes to process them effectively.

Maintaining our psychological equilibrium will probably be more difficult as we become more sensitive to moral issues at the level of collective consciousness. In fact, it might be our growing sensitivity to such issues in mass consciousness that has caused so many to experience such powerful and difficult releases in recent months.

I have not made a systematic study of the matter, but it is my recollection that these smaller bodies have been playing an ever more prominent role in recent astrological charts. They certainly are playing an important role in the Saturn Sagittarius ingress chart (http://on.fb.me/1K34CMS) that recently went into effect. See my status for December 31 (http://on.fb.me/1D0oaMF), also.


I have basically argued that the discovery of the asteroids with orbits similar to those of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto correlates with the development of the internet and efforts to infuse mass consciousness with a more refined moral sensibility, among other things.

The effect of these bodies will also put a strain on individuals as they adjust to the increased demands on their nervous systems made by a heightened sensitivity and responsiveness to moral issues circulating through mass consciousness.

Many of us are playing catch up. But eventually, we will get caught up and we will enjoy the benefits of an enhanced moral sensibility in society without suffering those difficult releases.

27th February 2015, 11:31
Astrology for the Soul, February 25, 2015
Tom Lescher
Begins within my heart.
The more I open to give and receive,
The sooner all others will start.
I know, I know, I said it wrong in the video, it is "open" not "learn" but you can use either. And that just goes to show what I was talking about in the video. While this is an excellent time for forward, creative enterprise, it is also very easy to get over excited, stumble, bumble, and make mistakes! I got so carried away in the video that I messed up the mantra..... how perfect haha!

So anyway, as for the aspects, indeed, today is the first quarter square Moon in Gemini to Sun/Neptune in Pisces, probably over by the time you get this. But the energy will be building all through this weekend as the Moon moves through Cancer and into Leo for the grand fire trine Sunday-Tuesday. While it is intense until then it is like breathe in, breathe in, breathe in, hold your breath as long as you can....... and then next week........ EXHALE...... yes! Know that feeling?! So take it in as much as you can so you can really let it rip net week. Injoy it all, it's all there is.... namaste

27th February 2015, 11:33
Europe's biggest solar eclipse since 1999 is on its way next month - and 84 per cent of sunlight could be blocked out over London
Total solar eclipse set to take place over Europe next month
London can expect 84% coverage with parts of Scotland reaching 94%
Total eclipse of the sun will occur in Northern Norway and Faroe Islands
It will be the biggest event of its kind since 11 August 1999
Astronomers said there will not be another total eclipse until 2026
March solar eclipse may cause power supply glitches across Europe
Solar power is now 10.5% of renewable sources, up from 0.1% in 1999


27th February 2015, 14:05
Astrology for the Soul, February 25, 2015


Some very good points here especially between 9:00-12:00 min. of the video.

1st March 2015, 13:18
Astrology Status for February 28, 2015
February 28, 2015 at 11:00pm
Deceptive Astrological Coloration

Everyone has doubtless heard of essentially harmless and vulnerable animals who have evolved to resemble dangerous and well-protected animals. Or you will recall movies in which information revealed in the final scenes (The Sixth Sense) forces us to rethink the entire movie. Something like that is happening in March.

Some of March’s most noticeable aspects seem to justify negative expectations across a broad range of issues. On the face of it, the bad news in March can be made to seem really bad.

Seeming Cause for Grave Concern

There is an exact Uranus/Pluto square on March 16th. Uranus and Pluto will both be direct during the exact square. This strengthens and sharpens its explosive, disruptive potential.

The negative potential of this square is further aggravated by the effects of Mars conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. Both will be exact on the 11th, a few days before the Uranus/Pluto square on the 16th (New York Time).

This powerful and harsh set of aspects suggests a sharp peak in abrasive rhetoric, repressive politics, confrontation, and, brutal and violent aggression. Realistically, we do have to expect some disturbing events in March.

Political and economic pressures will come to a head. On the individual level, health and employment issues, domestic and legal issues will come to a head.

It seems to get even worse. There is a total solar eclipse on March 20th, the Vernal Equinox, and a total lunar eclipse on April 4th.

These eclipses can trigger long-pending disasters or release destructive pressure that has been building unnoticed in the background of structural integrity has been compromised over a period of time. That is why, for example, bridges suddenly collapse or pipes rupture.

It is indeed likely that lingering Uranus/Pluto issues will flare up one more time. They might also continue to simmer into the indefinite future. On the individual level, employment, health or domestic issues can reach crisis levels.

Finally, the fact that all of this is happening close to the the vernal equinox on the 20th raises the specter of a very difficult spring, indeed.

About Face

However, the fact that the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square is the last in a series of 7 of changes expectations entirely. We have already absorbed the energy of 6 exact Uranus/Pluto squares.

So we have already absorbed and more or less neutralized the brunt of this aspect’s destructive and transformative power. The worst that the Uranus/Pluto square has to offer is now behind us.

We will still have to deal with the damage already done by the Uranus/Pluto square, certainly. However, negative Uranus/Pluto events will taper off sharply and existing Uranus/Pluto situations will stop getting worse. We can start the cleanup in earnest. And look unhindered to a better future.

Protective Coloration

The Mars/Uranus conjunction and the Mars/Pluto square on the 11th will, indeed, make the last Uranus/Pluto square on the 16th seem worse than it is. Don’t be fooled.

The new Mars/Uranus/Pluto activity simply does not pack the wallop and does not have the staying power of the fading Uranus/Pluto square. The troubling and attention-grabbing Mars/Uranus/Pluto fireworks can disguise, or camouflage, the fact that a lengthy, difficult and much more powerful Uranus/Pluto influence is ending. In reality, all it will do is set up those still committed to a dark and negative outcome for a fall as we head toward two total eclipses in a row.

The eclipses are not the universally, uniformly dark omens some might think. Eclipses can bring important issues to a head, ending costly debate and controversy. They can bring answers to longstanding questions and do all of the above in our favor. Eclipses can also remove unrealistic possibilities from consideration, leaving us to devote our energies to more realistic options.

Eclipses might not always resolve issues to our complete satisfaction. But by closing out old business, eclipses create fresh starting points, allowing us to move forward less heavily encumbered by the past.

Reversing Course

Saturn is stationary retrograde on the 14th. This is, in many cases, a solid plus. Many legislative, legal and bureaucratic issues currently seem to be approaching finality. In many cases, the most likely seeming outcome is decidedly unsatisfactory.

This is especially concerning since final votes seem scheduled to coincide with the highly problematic, conflicting, deeply troubling aspects of mid-March.

These conflicting and largely negative aspects make it all the harder to marshal our forces and stop the momentum. The upcoming eclipses deepen the sense of uncertainty and foreboding surrounding these outcomes.

However, with Saturn stationary/retrograde, all of these problematic legislative, legal and bureaucratic proceedings will grind to a halt unresolved and the issues will, of a sudden, be open to review. Their seemingly unstoppable momentum toward an unsatisfactory outcome will stall out and its once certain outcome called into question. Going into March, we could be looking at defeat. Going into April, we could be looking at victory, or at least an agreeable compromise.

The Eclipses Themselves

To get some sense of where this potentially very confusing mix of conflicting forces will take us, I cast a composite chart for the two total eclipses.

The power and negative potential of March’s aspects are apparent in the composite chart. However, you have to look closely to see them because the squares are concealed behind multiple, overlapping trines, including one loosely formed grand trine.

Netting it All Out

Recently, I have been reporting on signs of a major energetic shift. For a long time, hard aspects in cardinal signs have dominated the charts. I’m thinking of the Uranus/Pluto Square in Aries and Capricorn and before that the Saturn/Pluto/Uranus T-Square in Libra, Capricorn and Aries. Very difficult stuff.

We are now entering a period dominated by a much more forgiving mix of hard aspects in mutable signs (Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces) and a fire sign trine (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Leo, Sagittarius and Aries respectively).

Also, we are moving from an energetic set up that favored aggressive, disruptive, outer-directed action based on rigidly held views. We are now moving into an energetic set up that favors the kind of inner changes and soul searching that can fundamentally change the social, economic and political dynamic.

To me, the choice in March is simple. We can mistake the transient social, economic and political fireworks supported by Mars/Uranus/Pluto aspects for something much more serious than it actually is and completely overlook the passing out of the Uranus/Pluto square influence. Or we can look more closely at what is actually happening and see the dawning of different and much better times.

Do not allow a few admittedly hard and potentially destructive aspects convince you to abandon hope or to drop your plans for the future.

7th March 2015, 08:05
The time is NOW to be who I am,
Fully expressed as a woman or man,
Releasing the guilt of man-made religions,
To be an example for the next generations.
OK! This is the month when it all comes down on either one side or the other (perhaps both for some of us). Like a tropical thunderstorm some unnecessary attachments will go and some new realities will emerge! Between this full Moon (Thursday) and the next (lunar eclipse) we will see the culmination of years worth of work and intention and Life will show us just how on or off track we have been. The tension is mounting and staying calm and centered will be the trick.
Astrology for the Soul, March 3, 2015
Tom Lescher

"This Week in Astrology" Video Forecast, March 1-15 2015:

7th March 2015, 10:08
The time is NOW to be who I am,
Fully expressed as a woman or man,
Releasing the guilt of man-made religions,
To be an example for the next generations.
OK! This is the month when it all comes down on either one side or the other (perhaps both for some of us). Like a tropical thunderstorm some unnecessary attachments will go and some new realities will emerge! Between this full Moon (Thursday) and the next (lunar eclipse) we will see the culmination of years worth of work and intention and Life will show us just how on or off track we have been. The tension is mounting and staying calm and centered will be the trick.
Astrology for the Soul, March 3, 2015
Tom Lescher

"This Week in Astrology" Video Forecast, March 1-15 2015:

hi ria, thanks for reminding.

isn't there 80% sun eclipse lined up for march 24th, to be clearly observable for some 4 hours or so - i now remember reading somewhere.. i am using my small machine at the mo, but if you can find articles with links, please do so, somebody please.
from my very limited astrology knowledge, the sun eclipses bring about sudden changes for the better, and/or : new beginnings ..i would like to think for the better rather than just new beginnings, because i know the cabal and cabalists love to start new wars in the month of march..that's their favourite time of the year. fingers crossed, they won't pull it off this march around.

7th March 2015, 22:43
Are any of you here familiar with Augustine's commentaries on Astrology?

7th March 2015, 22:47
Are any of you here familiar with Augustine's commentaries on Astrology?


Videamus ergo quot gradibus beneficiorum Q. Metellum a primo originis die ad ultimum usque fati tempus numquam cessante indulgentia ad summum beatae uitae cumulum perduxerit. nasci eum in urbe terrarum principe uoluit, parentes ei nobilissimos dedit, adiecit animi rarissimas dotes et corporis uires, ut sufficere laboribus posset, uxorem pudicitia et fecunditate conspicuam conciliauit, consulatus decus, imperatoriam potestatem, speciosissimi triumphi praetextum largita est, fecit ut eodem tempore tres filios consulares, unum etiam censorium et triumphalem, quartum praetorium uideret, utque tres filias nuptum daret earumque subolem sinu suo exciperet. tot partus, tot incunabula, tot uiriles togae, tam multae nuptiales faces, honorum, imperiorum, omnis denique gratulationis summa abundantia, cum interim nullum funus, nullus gemitus, nulla causa tristitiae. caelum contemplare, uix tamen ibi talem statum reperies, quoniam quidem luctus et dolores deorum quoque pectoribus a maximis uatibus adsignari uidemus. hunc uitae actum eius consentaneus finis excepit: namque Metellum ultimae senectutis spatio defunctum lenique genere mortis inter oscula conplexusque carissimorum pignorum extinctum filii et generi humeris suis per urbem latum rogo inposuerunt.

7th March 2015, 22:53
What we have there...is not Augustine...so that'd be a....no?

11th March 2015, 10:44
Astrology for the Soul, March 10, 2015
Tom Lescher
Knowing that the ego,
Is the source of all my fear,
I stay within my Spirit Self,
Where all is calm and clear.
This is it! We have made it to the NOW! The last of seven Uranus/Pluto squares that began in 2012 is THIS WEEK. Give yourself a pat on the back, look behind you at how far you have come and how much you have grown. This can be week of rejoicing, gratitude, and thanksgiving for the gift of life that has been bestowed upon us.

For some who have strongly invested in the past, who stubbornly cling to the old ways, habits, beliefs and fears ingrained in them through countless generations, this can be a time of trauma. Just as the summer inevitably gives way to fall, the past will silently vanish into the future. May you embrace the new, release the old, and dance in the light of love. Namaste'
Published on Mar 10, 2015

26th March 2015, 11:27
Astrology Status for March 25, 2015 - - April 2015 - A Unified, Unifying Priority Emerges
March 25, 2015 at 11:48pm
April 2015 - A Unified Priority Emerges


In recent months, I have focused on several astrological themes.

Saturn entered Sagittarius, promising to bring more thoughtful and constructive approaches to the many issues confronting others. <http://on.fb.me/1K34CMS> 12/05/15

Neptune, Chiron and Nessus in Pisces will leave many dealing with intense, even crisis level emotional releases. For at least a year, now (dating back to about last June), the daunting effects of frequent astrological ups and downs were compounded by the release of long-buried anxiety and suppressed emotional trauma. The ego’s defenses were coming undone. This grouping in Pisces appears to be one more astrological cause, or indicator, of this kind of spiritual and psychological phenomenon. <http://on.fb.me/1D0oaMF> 12/31/14

A planetary grouping on the cusp of the 7th house in the Saturn Sagittarius ingress promises a transformation of relationships - personal, social and professional. <http://on.fb.me/1z4uP4N> 02/02/15

A new emphasis on the asteroids in the Saturn/Sagittarius ingress chart promises a dramatic refinement in the ideas and values active in the mass mind. This will almost certainly be a fertile source of controversy and conflict. <http://on.fb.me/1LoemRr> 02/20/15


A spectacular series of astrological events around the time of the vernal equinox in mid-March, marked the end of a prolonged period of especially difficult astrological conditions. The lingering effects of those difficult conditions are being compounded by ever more psychological and spiritual crises triggered by the newly emerging energies. <http://on.fb.me/18PSMXx> 02/28/15

In combination, recent astrological conditions have required us to cultivate greater inner resources as we overcame social, economic and political turmoil and move toward a more positive future.

The underlying challenge during all the trials and turmoil was twofold: Don’t let expectations based on past negatives determine your understanding of the present or your expectations for the future. And don’t let ongoing trials and inner turmoil undermine your relationship with your higher self or your efforts to strengthen that relationship.

April 2015

My take on April is based on a composite chart combining info for the New and Full Moons of April. I always use Greenwich, UK for the birth place because it is where days begin in the modern world. This practice has yielded compelling results for a number of years.

Two T-Squares are prominent in April’s composite chart.

In T-Square #1, a Pluto/Moon opposition forms the base of a T-Square capped by a Sun/Mercury/Uranus conjunction. Mars is nearby.

By one means or another, T-Square #1 will rid us of those patterns that lock us into narrow, fearful, self-protective and self-limiting lifestyles.

The Moon/Pluto influence will dramatically intensify feelings associated with these patterns and strengthen the force with which they come to the surface. The Sun’s involvement ensures that the resulting confrontations will bring these difficult psychological issues to the surface.

Uranus will make the confrontations and crises that result more intense - more electric - and hard to predict or easily control. Mercury’s involvement will ensure that thoughts and feelings become a matter of public discussion.

Mars will add greater intensity and an added note of self-assertion.

Ending Personal Disempowerment and Deprivation

In the composite chart for April, the angles of this T-Square are in the 4th, 8th and 10th houses, all houses connected to the phenomenon of societal power.

Consciously or not, willingly or not, we will very soon have to put newly learned lessons about ourselves and the world into practice.

We will see with increasing clarity that negative and self-limiting patterns not only disempower us, but they also deprive us of vital resources, material and otherwise. We will be increasingly determined to reclaim our power and the resources we surrendered by adopting those patterns.

All of the above will inevitably result in turmoil, both in our personal lives and in the world generally. However, we want to keep in mind that the Jupiter/Sagittarius/Uranus trine in fire signs will strongly support our efforts to find alternatives. The Saturn/Neptune square will deflect confrontation and keep us from adopting simple but deeply flawed solutions.

The Campaign for More Genuine Connections

In T-Square #2, a Venus/Saturn opposition forms the base of a T-Square capped by a Neptune/Vesta conjunction.

The astrological conditions of recent months have awakened a desire for more genuine connections with other people. Achieving such connections will become a guiding, driving principle in our lives. The Saturn/Venus/Neptune T-Square in April's composite chart will ultimately help us achieve such connections.

At first, though, this T-Square will impress upon us see the difficulty of achieving such connections and the flaws in our current relationship strategies. This will happen even as Vesta strengthens our readiness to sacrifice to achieve more authentic connections.

Accordingly, our desire for such connections and our understanding of the difficulty of achieving them will keep pace with each other. Inevitably, our efforts to create more authentic ties with others will accelerate.

The relationship issue is the core of a much larger, broader set of issues. Neptune will continually blur and tweak our expectations for the future across a broad range of issues. We will be drawn further and further beyond the expectations we start with, however visionary they seem at the time.

The angles of T-Square #2 are in the 3rd, 6th and 9th houses.

Given the house placements of T-Square #2, the T-Square will most likely work at the community and international levels (3rd and 9th houses) to bring about better terms of employment and just rewards for laborers (6th houses).

Taking everything into account, we will begin to understand the vital connection between the quality of our spiritual and emotional lives and the terms of our employment. We will want to harmonize our efforts at spiritual growth, our quest for authentic personal bonds and a more rewarding work life. All of this will likely emerge as a new global priority.

Prevailing astrological conditions will forge our spiritual and worldly aspirations into a single, synergistic drive for inner and outer reform - for spiritual, psychological, social, economic and political reform. And that will doubtless be yet fertile source of turmoil.


Both the inner and outer turmoil will continue. However, in the difficult cycle that just ended, social, economic and political crises arose from the misjudgment and misdeeds of political and financial leaders and the passivity and inattention of the public. But this new turmoil will come from a passionate, deeply rooted desire to reform ourselves and the world we live in. This desire will also arise from deep within us.

Astrology for the Soul, March 25, 2015
Tom Lescher
As I see the deeper meaning,
Of what happens in my life,
I let go of blame for all the pain,
As my growth is worth the price.
Easy to get swept away on the waves and winds of change these days and either avoid or distract ourselves from the feelings associated with making them. Well, this upcoming square Moon (Cancer) this Friday may give you that opportunity. In, and under these feelings (fear, loneliness, grief........) are teachings and meanings that our soul is seeking to learn.

While the majority of society may be distracting themselves with entertainment, it is the role of some to deepen, process, teach, and model the richness of a life lived with purposeful intention and powerful co-creation. If you have watched and read this far I am afraid you are "one of those" haha! Injoy!


10th April 2015, 09:31
Astrology for the Soul April 7, 2015
Tom Lescher
It's one thing to know,
Another to see,
But to change the world,
I must first change me.
So much to say in so little time. The main thrust of this mantra is born out of not only the Solar eclipse in Aries but most all the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) in the 1st two signs of Aries and Taurus. This indicates a time where we need to focus on integrating within ourselves more than out in the "transpersonal" realm. That coupled with this 3/4 Moon really emphasizes the need to reflect and modify our own behavior/reality. Lilith over there in Virgo is really pushing us to "get it together" and hopefully the stress associated with that process is not getting displaced onto others!

Lastly, with this firey Mercury in Aries having Sun/Uranus/Pluto aspects try not to blow your top too much but say what must be said and look to see what happens..... wishing you the best... fare well!

17th April 2015, 09:14
Astrology for the Soul,, April 14, 2015
Tom Lescher
With cool, calm, objectivity,
I examine what's going on,
To get to the truth, to get to the point,
So I'm not just wasting my time.

This is a test, it is only a test..... Just keep saying that over and over these days as the finances, among other things, challenges you to stay cool, calm and collected when you may be ready to scream! Some situations can come to a screaming halt after weeks of rushing madness,due to the money just not being there.

If you are experiencing lack during this time it is not necessarily a signal that you are off track so much as 1. Everything takes longer in life than in your imagination or 2. You are not a one person show and you need to enlist the support of others, or 3. Your timing is off and it is not supposed to happen until later.

There are many many reasons for financial difficulties and many of them are limited to old, patriarchal, worn out belief systems that there is not enough and/or "I don't deserve......" Saturn is going to help us get rid of those outworn belief systems over the next couple years but he may do it the hard way, by just letting you sit there empty handed until you get it!

Lastly, in terms of love, this can be a lonely week also designed to help you examine your relationship needs vs. expectations and "ground" your expectations in "reality." Saturn/Venus is serious about relating and is for sure helping us get on track with large doses of "truth serum or else." Not a time to be wasting time with folks who are not in their truth (and wanting to expand it)..Wishing you speedy processing and looking forward to this week passing.... Injoy!

17th April 2015, 12:19
I don't know much about astrology. I had a really interesting dream once where I looked up at my balcony and there was a large wheel on it with symbols around and a star like shape in the middle. It was slowly spinning and seemed to be made like a neon light. It shone in blue and purple. I don't recall the specific details and I didn't understand what I was seeing. Later I was reading about astrology and saw some charts that recalled this dream symbol. It would, no doubt, be a dream to go back into and explore the details more.

I'm a Libra, close to the cusp. A friend of mine told me recently that they changed the dates for signs. I don't know which "they" he referred to. I hope "they" haven't gone and changed my sign on me, I'm perfectly happy being a Libra!

27th August 2016, 07:26
Whats about current?? (August 2016)

The One
27th August 2016, 08:20
Whats about current?? (August 2016)

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2nd September 2016, 06:45
September, 2016

September is eclipse season, offering two fairly strong eclipses to help push us along our evolutionary journey. I'll be writing more about this on the blog but we can prepare for these magical events by grounding ourselves and finding a place of balance and openness. Eclipses open doorways of consciousness that are not always available to us, and just as with any transformational influence, remaining open rather than trying to resist and block will help to facilitate the change in way that is not always easy, but ultimately positive.


Major influences

The biggest influence in the sky right now is the dance between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn creates structure and inspires us to seek success and mastery of the material world - Neptune inspires us to move away from the material world and find the divine within. These two planets are antithetical by nature, and when they are in conflict as they are right now it can be confusing. This is the final stage of the current Saturn/Neptune cycle which began in the fall of 2015.

Any time we find ourselves in this kind of situation, with conflicting energies pulling us in different directions, it's crucial that we try to find integration between them. Here are a few ways to find balance between Saturn and Neptune right now:

Develop a routine and a practice (Saturn) for your spiritual world (Neptune).
Set a goal (Saturn) for your creative endeavours (Neptune).
Create an intention to find more flow in your life (Neptune) and less control (Saturn).
Determine to be open to experiences of synchronicity and magic (Neptune) without having to know the reason (Saturn).

Jupiter will move from Virgo into Libra on September 9th. Jupiter spends about a year in every sign, so this is a fairly major shift that will begin to expand the opportunities for taking relationships to a different level over the next year.

Pluto has been retrograde for about six months and it turns direct on the 26th which means throughout the entire month its motion will be at a virtual standstill. Pluto represents transformation - the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. Pluto at a standstill shines a laser of intensity on us throughout the month, asking us what in our lives we need to let go of in order to move into a brighter future.

September details

The first week of September is dominated by the energy of the eclipse. With four planets in Virgo and just coming off the Virgo New Moon, this is a time for attending to details including those having to do with our health and day to day living routines. This eclipse asks us to put aside our desires momentarily - to put our resistance and our rage on the back burner as we step back and look at the patterns of our life objectively.

Mercury is retrograde until September 22nd, making the first three weeks of September an excellent time to continue this objective self-examination and make changes where necessary. Re-vise, Re-visit, Re-model, Re-flect: these are all the types of experiences that are most effective when Mercury is retrograde. Oh yes, and make backups! When things go kerflooey you will want a backup plan.

Once the intensity of the eclipse dies down around September 5th or so, there are a few days of smooth sailing and easy planetary interactions. On the 10th we may find ourselves reminded of a painful memory that struggles to emerge and be healed, and our relationships with others can be somewhat problematic for a few days between the 10th and 15th, with the potential for power struggles and arguments. It's a good time to stand your ground and look for the lessons that are asking to be learned in these interactions.

This is a somewhat tense lead-up to the second eclipse of the month, the lunar eclipse on September 16th which swings us from the Virgo influence of the first eclipse to a Pisces-dominated Full Moon. There is a sense in this eclipse chart of something coming up from the past that needs to be healed, and the potential for confusion in a swirl of emotions that require greater balance. It is more difficult now to determine what we want from our live and how we might be able to achieve it.

The Full Moon in Pisces is a watery pool of magic through which we can see with greater intuition than ever before; however, in the process we may lose sight momentarily of the worldly details that keep us rooted on Planet Earth. Using grounding rituals to help us to keep that balance will be helpful.

The days following the Full Moon eclipse bring in fresh ideas and patterns of action as we find greater mental and emotional harmony that help us to forge new directions. The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd and immediately aligns with optimistic and confident Jupiter a few days later (September 26th) - this is a wonderful period of harmony and general good feeling and good fortune.

Venus (relating) moves into Scorpio on the 23rd which will intensify our relationships for a few weeks, and Mars (action) moves from expansive Sagittarius into diligent Capricorn where it inspires us to be practical and productive.

The first few days of October promise to be gentler and more harmonious, with a Libra New Moon greeting us on the 1st of the month. Stay tuned for more on that topic!

I hope you find this information useful!

Meanwhile have a wonderful month!

best wishes,




2nd October 2016, 09:12

Major influences

The dance between Saturn and Neptune is beginning to fade as the two planets continue to separate, removing some of the astrological conflict that has been at work over the past year.

Jupiter entered the sign of Libra on September 9th. Jupiter spends about a year in every sign, so this is a fairly major shift that will begin to expand the opportunities for taking relationships to a different level over the next year. This is also a time of increased interest in the arts and matters of beauty and fashion.

Neptune aligns with the South Node (the past) this month, awakening and releasing karma and pain from the past if we can let go of our guilt and shame. Neptune encourages us to open up to an experiential magic that surpasses all worldly experiences, but it can also bring out any areas where we would prefer to escape instead. As with everything astrological WE have the choice whether to take the high road, or the lower road of habit and history.

October details

The energy of the New Moon lingers for the first few days of October, offering an opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and stuck places of the past and find renewed balance and integration under the Libra influence. There is a strong Dark Feminine aspect right now which culminates on October 7th, and throughout this first week of October the dark aspect of our soul is calling out to be recognized and embraced. The Dark Feminine sometimes struggles against the Libran desire for harmony and general niceties; under this influence we need to remain aware of the dark and light sides of our nature.

Between the 3rd and the 5th there is potential for increased effectiveness and stability both personally as individuals and in our relationships, but around the 4th and 5th watch for impulsive reactions or hasty decisions which can throw us off our newly found stability.

The period between the 5th and the 10th brings potential for conflict. Our drives and desires are more potent during this period, and all of our feelings and intentions are amplified and focused. This can be a very helpful period for transformative work since the subconscious is spilling into the conscious mind and our drives and desires are stronger than usual. If you are a person who finds it difficult to know what you want, this time is great for you!!

Aries Full Moon/Supermoon October 15

On and around the 11th a grouping of harmonious planetary interactions help to ease our mind and create healing energy to surround our relationships and interactions with others. Enjoy this little break, because the week between October 13th and the 20th is filled with challenge and potential conflict.

The Full Moon in Aries falls in the middle of this period (on the 15th) and intensifies the stressful nature of the planetary dynamics now. This is a Supermoon - the Moon is closer to the Earth than at other times and its influence is more powerful. The psyche is deeply affected during the Supermoons, especially the Full Moons which tend to have a heightened abundance of emotional power anyway.

We can prepare for this infusion of warrior energy by becoming more aligned with our own warrior nature during the two weeks before the Full Moon. Increasing your physical strength, finding your centre of power in the solar plexus, listening to hear where you may be holding anger in your body and finding ways to express that anger and release it - all of these are important tools for getting the most out of this powerful period.

After the Full Moon the Sun and Mercury both enter the sign of Scorpio between the 22nd and 24th and we are more easily able to access the depths of the subconscious and the emotional realms over the next few weeks. The chaotic warrior energy subsides but the quality of the intensity remains. This is not a time for superficiality - important work is going on here.

Relationships are highlighted between October 25th and 27th, and this period is also a wonderful time for creativity and spirituality. The 26th is an especially lucky day, and the mind is sharp and clear on the 27th.

Watch for accidents between the 27th and 29th under a stressful aspect involving impulsive Mars - staying focused and remaining present will help to protect you from negative effects.

Scorpio New Moon October 29

The Scorpio New Moon has the potential to release creativity and magic thanks to a lovely trine to dreamy Neptune. Under the realm of Scorpio we can harness emotion in its purest form - raw, instinctive and potent. Neptune encourages us to open our hearts to a more transcendent magic. This New Moon comes at the time when the veil between worlds is said to be thinnest, at All Hallows Eve, and the astrology is perfect for a powerful shamanic journey.

Meanwhile have a wonderful month!

best wishes,



3rd November 2016, 06:49
Dear friends,

I don't know about you, but I will be very glad to see this election season (in the US) behind us. As I wrote earlier in October, the craziness of the election is only a symptom of the shifts and changes at work in the US astrological chart which you can read more about here. No matter who wins the election, US politics are in for a long period of darkness thanks to a number of Pluto events (more here). Pluto cycles can be intense, but the shifts that they generate can bring about a clearing of the air and a regeneration that promotes new growth and a fresh perspective.

Our evolving consciousness operates on a number of different levels of awareness and astrological influence, and all simultaneously. Our individual personalities are affected by planetary movements as the planets stimulate cycles in our own lives. The planets in the sky dance and move through alignments which create global change and influence us both individually and as a collective. Individual nations have astrological charts that are affected by global planetary cycles.

I believe that the Universe is always striving for balance, and that these astrological cycles help to locate sources of imbalance and dysfunction so that we can realign ourselves and our communities in order to grow and evolve into our highest awareness.


Major influences

Jupiter is in Libra now, and you can read more about that here. Although the dance between Uranus and Pluto, the two behemoths that rocked the world between 2008 and 2016, is waning, over the next six months or so Jupiter will reawaken the disruptive triggers that were beginning to fade as it squares Pluto later in November. This will affect us most deeply if we have significant planets in Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn and we may find ourselves needing to make adjustments so that our inner world can be expanded and awakened to new ways of thinking and living.

Neptune changes direction this month, meaning that its motion through the skies has slowed to a standstill in preparation for that turn and its influence is strong. Neptune asks that we remember that we are spiritual beings in a human experience, and demands that we get off the treadmill long enough to honour the divine within and in every living creature.

November details

The month begins just after a Scorpio New Moon which focuses a laser beam of intensity on our desires and stimulates new passions. This is the peak of the Scorpio season, and the rest of the month will bring lighter energies and more sweetness into our world.

The first few days of November are generally favourable, with a creative burst on November 1st making this an excellent day for artists and mystics. Between the 2nd and the 4th the doors of communication swing wide open. If you have important business conversations, or something personally important that needs to be discussed, this is the time to do it!

On the 4th and 5th something painful from the past may be exposed by someone close to us in order to generate healing, and we find that we react differently than ever before. You may meet someone new that has an important and lasting effect on you, or find yourself stimulated in new ways by someone you already know.

On the 6th and 7th we have planetary assistant to deepen our understanding in a new way - there is emotional healing that comes from the wisdom of acceptance and detachment and a renewed sense of empowerment that springs from deep within.

Three planets change signs from November 9th-12th

Mars enters Aquarius on November 9th and will remain in that sign until December 16th. With Mars in Aquarius we will seek experiences that help to define us as individuals and gain new perspectives as Aquarius is the visionary and brings a flood of new ideas. This is a disruptive force and coming so close to the US election, we will see quite a bit of the revolutionary behaviour that is the hallmark of Aquarius. But it's not all chaos - there is a brilliance in the wisdom of Mars in Aquarius that will help us break through barriers and blocks in our own personal lives so that we can make change where change is needed.

Venus enters Capricorn on November 11th, eventually stabilising our interpersonal relationships and financial markets, but first there is a day or two of intensity and potential personal drama on the 11th. If there is any hidden resentment in your relationships it will come out then to hopefully be recognised and dealt with.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th which will help us to broaden our perspective and gain greater understanding. One downside to Mercury in Sagittarius is the tendency to over-promise and sometimes to find it difficult to see another viewpoint than our own.

The period between November 12th and 15th offers some mild planetary dances that open the heart as well as energise us to take action where needed.

The Taurus Full Moon November 14th seeks to stabilise and build a firm foundation from which we can achieve peace and serenity. This is a time for grounding and finding comfort in the senses and the beauty of the natural world. With Pallas involved in the Full Moon chart. we may need to look to the wisdom of our inner senses in order to achieve this outer balance. A Chiron influence facilitates healing and letting go as the Inner Child is released and honoured.

The 18th is a dreamy and creative day which will not be ideal for business or any kind of pursuit which requires a sharp mind and organisational skills. This tendency towards creativity extends to the 20th or so with a Venus aspect that is wonderful for socialising with friends or just enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st and the remainder of the Scorpionic intensity that may have lingered will lift. The Sagittarius solar period is ideal for long range planning and creating your vision for YOUR perfect life. Don't wait until January 1! Sagittarius inspires confidence and the desire to find expansion and greater happiness.

This general positivity extends until November 22nd when you may find a period of greater contraction and potential conflict until around the 26th. Conflicts that arise now, whether they are within you or with others, are signals that something major in your life requires adjustment.

The intensity of this process begins to fade on the 26th with an influence that facilitates inventiveness and aids in the resolution of any lingering issues. Relationships are highlighted between the 29th and 30th just in time for the Sagittarius New Moon on the 29th.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, and the Sag New Moon enhances the expansive awareness that we have already seen with the Sun now in Sagittarius. This New Moon features the asteroid Juno (representing commitment and requirements of society) aligning with the Sun and Moon, integrating our duties and responsibilities to family and loved ones with the freedom loving journeys of Sagittarius. I imagine we will see a number of engagements occur at this New Moon!

Venus (relationships) is also featured prominently in the chart for this New Moon and any intentions that you create for this lunar cycle will want to include a focus on your interpersonal connections. "What can I do to create more harmony in my relationships and still retain my individuality" is a good question to ask at this New Moon. Don't expect to achieve instant clarity, however, Neptune will blur both the questions and the answers at the New Moon and a few days beyond. However, the information that you uncover will have merged with your conscious mind and will emerge when you are ready for it.

I hope you find this information useful! If you'd like to know more about how your own chart is affected by these planetary influences consider a personal consultation with me.

Meanwhile have a wonderful month!

best wishes,