View Full Version : As you think so shall you be

16th February 2015, 00:05
As you think so shall you be. The seven words spoken by Dr Wayne Dyer in the following video that compelled me to post it. In researching self-awareness and how to maintain it, I found myself almost mesmerised by the message in this video and felt as though he was speaking directly to me. I hope that you will too.

Wayne Dyer is a very well known self help author and motivational speaker. His online biography says that he was brought up in an orphanage in Detroit until the age of 10 and that he uses his own life experiences in his presentations. In this particular video he is not selling anything to us, except perhaps an awareness of our own power and the responsibility we have to think positive, empowering thoughts, which have the ability to lift us up and realise the beauty and potential which is inside us all.